Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Hope the pasta was tasty AF!

    I am hoping OH will get home early today so I can have a run in the daylight. If not, I might leave the run till tomorrow morning so I can go offroad in the daylight which is so much more enjoyable than plodding round the streets in the dark.

    Happy New Year everyone, I am hoping for a better 2014 in terms of injuries/events etc image Hope everyone has a good new year if you are having a party or not (I'm not). 

  • Afternoon all

    Well done on the extra miles AF....superb and MC for swim and turbo session.

    I have not been running just don't seem to be in the mood just now. Should be doing the 4 mile promathon tomoz but  probably won't go as weather to be horrendous plus I aint done any speedy training to speak of so will WIMP out and hope to get back into my proper routine once all this Christmas/new year  malarkey is over and done with.image

    We are not partying tonight either...don't really like new year Prefer Christmas

    Have a good one everyone and hope next year is a happy and healthy one image

  • Well the pasta was a disaster! Won't be making home made ravioli again- it all fell apart.

    Went for my last run with a few from the club 6.5 miles before the heavens opened.Managed to run my last mile for the year in 7.30. Just worked out that I ran 1804 miles in 2013 which is 58 more miles than last year.Will aim to do a similar amount next year.

    Happy new year to everyone.

  • image

    Good Mileage AF much

    My total for the year is a measly 925 miles.....much less than last year.image

    But better than no miles at all image

  • Franny fingers crossed that we can do some mileage together if/when I come up to Edinburgh on May 26.

  • That's a date AF image You will love the Pentlands Hill Run for that I am sure image

  • Evening everyone

    AF - sorry to hear your pasta didn't work!

    I'm delighted to be able to announce that I actually did a run yesterday image First one in 12 days. Felt wonderful despite the very steep hill. Today was just lots of walking including night time walk with two of my daughters through the woods which was great fun. We head home tomorrow but I won't get back into any kind of training routine until they go back to school next Tuesday.

    But I have started the new thread! image


    It's over on the beginners forum. See you there!

    Happy New Year everyone. xxxx

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