Just A Little Bit Further 2013

Happy New Year to you and welcome to the 2013 thread of the Cake Runners Athletics Club (CRAC) image

As the title suggests we are here for anyone who just wants to go a 'little bit further'. Several of us have been together for a couple of years but we always welcome new members. So whether you're aiming to increase from 5k to your first 10k or training for a marathon or Ultra, please feel free to come and join us.

The CRAC team (virtual world and only on this thread) started a few years ago because we realised that along with running we seem to have an equal passion for cakes and puddings image. Our club team colours are the Battenburg and we reside in the CRAC Tower.  I'm sure all the regulars will soon be calling in to introduce themselves and claiming a seat on the sofa in front of our roaring fire.

On this thread you will get lots of laughs, support, encouragement, food and hopefully a bit of running knowledge image Very occasionally we even manage to meet up at a real race or training day!

So please come on in, grab a cuppa and a piece of carrot cake from the tea trolley, make yourself known and join us in running 'Just A Little Bit Further' in 2013!



  • hi everyone

    I love carrot cake, thanks chiliimage

  • Never say no to a bit of carrot cake. image

  • * comes in and settles down by the fire* Mmmmm I love Carrot Cake. Thanks Chilli and yes,everyone is welcome.

  • I bought some new tea in the sales today. It is orange and Christmas spiced scented and really beautiful. Smells lovely and tastes good too. Anyone want some?
  • Anyone tried 'Tennessee Toffee Pie'?  It's hard to explain exactly what it is, others have likened it to cheese cake, but I don't like cheese cake so surely it can't be that!  Our local pizza place used to have it all the time, but they haven't had it in for ages now and I have no idea where to buy it in shops.  Hopefully it'll come back at some point, it really is luvverly!

    I reckon my aim for the first part of next year is to get back to 15k again, and push towards 20k and beyond in the remainder of the year. image 

    Edit:  Just found an image of it:




  • Looks scrummy RR. I have made far too many puddings this week. I do have a lemon drizzle cake for our CRAC meet up tomorrow with Rocker and his lovely lady. image

    Haven't weighed myself in a while. Guess I will do that tomorrow morning image Wonder how many pounds I'll have put on?

  • Same here - weighing time tomorrow morning.  I've been doing the HIIT for the best part of the month though, so I'm hoping to see some come off..

  • *. Crashes in again and fixes up x pole for Franny and I *

    ????... Hello my name Is loula and I have a problem being addicted to running and men????... Erm no. Just running ????

    Welcome to 2013 friends.... We have work to donznd cake to eat- sergeAnt looks is on the case.... Lets go!
  • Sergeant Loula I meant- I havnt been drinking boss- honest !!!!!
  • ***takes seat to watch the show*** imageimageimage

    Happy New Year, friendlings! 

  • Cake cake cake, GIMME CAKE!

  • *enters CRAC towers and trips up fallin on face" Who put those tassles there LOULA, have you been pole dancin again?

    Shorry Bishters, far too mush booze and I sheem to have losht the Cake.*goes off to find it*

  • Morning

    Rubs sleep from eyes

    WAKEY WAKEY CRAC towers....yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I found you

    Fanks loula for putting up the pole image and big hugs to you ((((((((hugs and kisses))))))


    Hope there is not too many sore heads this morning.

    I am off to work now...another busu busy day looms.

    Godd luck in your race Boss

    Speak soon later folks

  • Morning all and Happy New Year from Turkey!image

    Gosh CRAC towers looks like a bomb's hit it.  You lot had fun last night!!! 

    No work today!! May EVEN go for a little run (need a determined-looking smiley here).

    Had a lot of chocolate cake last night ...and baklava....image

    BFN xxxx



  • Can I join if I only like carrot cake?  Oh and Christmas cake.  And mince pies.  And sticky toffee pudding.  And running?

  • Welcome Louise and Blisters. Please do join us.

    Loula & Ecky partying again! Tut tut, this place is a mess image

    AF - have a great race this morning.

    Anyone made any interesting New Year's Resolutions? Or what about running goals for 2013?

    I had a great 2012 and whilst I didn't quite manage to do my first Ultra I did thoroughly enjoy all the marathons and long distance trail runs. My aims for 2013 are:

    1. Outlaw Half-Ironman Tri in June
    2. Continue working on my 100 T-shirt at parkrun with my girlies
    3. Cycling weekend in Berlin with my brother in Sept
    4. Hopefully an autumn marathon as yet unidentified.

  • Blisters what are you doing over on this side? Have you lost the route to the tri threadsimage

    Happy nooo year all. Where are my shooz I'm sure I had some..... *climbs down from pole*
  • Hi Louiseimage you will be safe as safe with us lot* cackles manically *

    Well my aims are after now knowing I like ultra world are:

    . To improve my 50 mile time

    .push to do a further distance

    .continue to run and train with my lovely friendies from here

    . Never lose the fun factor in running

    . Get my miss llb to bike some miles to b her mums crew!!
  • Thanks for the welcome image

    I would have had 'injury free 2013' as a target but too late 'cos I developed peroneal tendinitis on Friday so am celebrating New Year with foot in bucket of ice.  But anyway - no more injuries!


    ultra (have already entered Two Oceans in Cape Town but may have to ask for deferral if foot doesn't recover super-quick)

    I'm a 'slowbie' but would quite like to crack 55 minute 10k

  • morning all

    welcome Louise and Blisters

    well, I started the year with a little 4 mile run, (ok, run/walk) - still building up and trying to get over a knee injury

    we are taking reluctant kids out for a walk in the forest this morning - it is  beautiful morning here although a little chilly so better find my gloves and fleece

    oh, I would like to crack a sub 60 10K this year, and do a marathon and survive Outlaw Half just to prove to OH that it isn't going to kill meimage

  • Welcome Louise and Blisters!

    Just back from 5 miles in the village.image

    My resolutions are:

    1. Keep calm and try to be happy.

    2. Not make any running plans because I won't be able to stick to it and that will make me more stressed.

    3. Be supportive to hubby while he is looking for a job even if he doesn't look like he is trying very hard.....

    4. Be thankful for all the wonderful things in my life.

    5. Keep running and enjoying it even if it doesn't happen very often.

    AF - Good luck today!



    Welcome Louise. You are in the right place cos we love any cake on here. I must admit Ultra's scare me a bit but our Loula loves em.

    *wonders why head hurts soooooooo much*

    Right time to throw out all the old and start eating well again. I drank most of my leftover booze last night cos I just couldnt get rid of it. Good job I'm on a rest day.


  • I didnt have any alcohol in the house ecks!!!!
  • mC!!! Doing ever do a run event to prove to someone else you can do it- has to be for yoooooooo
  • I was going to put a nice hunky man pic here to start us off but I can't coz no lappy yet- but I have a planimage
  • Oh well done everyone on runs today. Oh and I spoke to our lovely phantom yesterday- he's fine just so so tied up with work but he wil b back image
  • I'm glad our Phantom is good. I miss the old crew. I always wonder what happened to our old Boss, Spartak.

    Yes Loula, we need our man pic fix for 2013.

    *hops off to get porridge and paracetamol*

  • Spartak!!!!!!! Aw yes !!!
  • I keep going to last year's thread by mistake.

  • Hello and welcome Blisters and Louise

    Just a quick check in as I am at work.

    Well done to those who have managed their 1st run of the year

    My hopes for this year

    Main one No more injuries

    Sub 4.15 mara sub 4 in my dreams

    To get s parkrun Pb

    And as ever sub 50 10 k

    Going to in laws for new year dinner after work
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