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  • I'm well excited! roll on race day!

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I'm excited about my giant post-race Sunday roast.

  • suffered calf strain on last long run on Sunday, limping yesterday but slightly better curently more filled with tredipation then anticipation...fingers crossed for a reasobable recovery...image

  • Awwww I want a Sunday roast.

    Slimfast, I have fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

    I am a bit nervous too as although I have done the miles I have not done so many with my added weight so my Teddy is having a bit of Liposuction and being refilled with a lighter stuffing.

  • I'm excited image

    Anyone know how long it'll take to get from Southwark to Mudchute??? Just wondering what sort of time ill need to set off Sunday.
  • I have no idea Claire, I'm sorry image

    literatin - a huge sunday lunch sounds divine - shame I'll be finishing around tea-time! I think I'll be heading to Chandos if anyone is going?

  • For the first time I'm feeling really excited and a tiny bit confident. 

    Some friends are lining up ten pints at the finish for me, but they drink one for every 2 mins I'm over 4 hours. 


  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    Vixx76 wrote (see)

    literatin - a huge sunday lunch sounds divine - shame I'll be finishing around tea-time! I think I'll be heading to Chandos if anyone is going?

    Not actually having it exactly AT lunchtime... have to get home for a shower first or no-one will want to sit next to me. Sadly won't be able to get to Chandos, because when your whole family wants to buy you a giant roast and loads of wine you can't really say no.

  • TheStone - How cruel!!!! What happens if you get caught up in the sheer volume of runners?!

    Literatin - I think I'll be having either Steak and Chips or curry - not sure which yet. It'll depend on which vision gets me to the finish image

  • After a month of hell at work I now have a life (of sorts) back and am very excited about Mudchute image

    Pink fizz, jelly babies, jaffa cakes... here I come!
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭

    Mudchute is what I'm really looking forward to. Got the "Look" sorted. Macmillan Vest, Letters for what passes as a manly chest so people know who I am,  Possibly Green Hair, Collecting Can, Olympic Torch but need lots of Jaffa Cakesimage

  • I'm really looking forward to it and it will be great to meet up with some runners and supporters at Chandos afterwards.  Everyone is welcome.  We take over most of the downstairs so just come along and introduce yourselves if we haven't met you before.

  • And please please please can some of the supporters put their names down to bring stuff or do Expo trips.  I'm coming down by coach so won't be able to bring everything on my own, even with the lovely Claire Hardman bringing a lot of the stuff for me

  • I can do an Expo trip and bring one rucksack's worth of stuff to support table (as long as I leave myself enough room for a few cans of Bear's own preferred energy drink image).

  • That would be fantastic BBH.  Any particular day or time?

  • *piles onto thread*

    I'm over 2000 miles away right now!

    What did I miss?
  • SuperCaz - can go almost anytime from Thursday afternoon until closing on Saturday - only limiting factor, as said previously, is how much I can actually carry. 

  • Claire - check out the Group 2 thread for the answer to your question image
  • I can do an expo run on Friday and Saturday if needed.
  • Thanks guys

    Thursday - Running Rodent, LouiseG
    Friday - Running Rodent, LouiseG
    Saturday am - BBH
    Saturday lunchtime - Claire Hardman
    Saturday pm - Katb
    Saturday closing - SuperCaz and XFR Bear

    I don't expect anyone to take more than they can confortably carry to Mudchute, bearing in mind that you will also have other supplies and your own food and drink to carry too.  If you can't take it all then just take what you can and leave the rest for the next person.  If there is anyone else who can help out then please come along at any time.  Lots of hands make light work

  • A week today Expo opens.  I'm quite excited!

  • *bounce, bounce, bounce*

  • Eeeekkk!!!! Can't Wait image
  • image

    Surely we can't be the only two excited people???

  • Three Vixx!

    Can the supporters aim to get to Mudchute by 9am?  If you can't make it that early then just arrive when you can but there is a lot of work to do so the sooner we can get going the better.

  • Four! I can't wait! image

    I'll be there bright and early but don't make me go near the balloons!
  • Has the tapir made an appearance yet this year?
  • I'll be there by 9 at the latest, and if all goes to plan, I'll have gas.
  • I'm ok with ballons, but I don't do pressurised canisters, so I hope that some of the others can take charge of that bit.  Becks and I will bag up the jelly babies instead image

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