When is a Chav not a Chav?

following on from another post and a comment made about people with tattoos being chavs (thanks DF3 image), It made me start thinking what constitutes a chav? I mean most of us can spot them when we see them, but is there a series of definitive characteristics? or are there degrees of chav-ness?
Surely none of us here could be included?
but funnily enough - Wikipedia (who's word of course is gospel image) says "The stereo type of a chav includes wearing branded designer sportswear. Stereotypical attire might be accompanied by some form of gold jewellery, otherwise termed 'bling' "
Hmm - sounds like a load of runners after finishing a race image (branded sportswear, medal. . . .)
so is it attitude? IQ? clothing? or a whole smorgasbord of stuff?





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