Green Man Ultra...

Hi all, i'm doing this as a long training run this coming weekend...

Anyone else doing it or done it? I've heard it's a quite a tricky one to navigate? just wondering if anyone who is going back there wants to team up on navigating / getting lost / etc etc...

cheers image



  • Daz is doing it, good luck keeping up with him though
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Nice to see a thread up.  Thanks again Lirish for the loan of the watch.  

    Superglue, its a lovely route, I cant wait to run (back/groin willing) it again this weekend.  Whats your pace (mara tiime)?  My brother is doing this as his first Ultra.  I'm lending him my OS maps (marked), and he's got print outs of step-by-step and map overview.  Best taken them all....just in case.  It's a bit navigational difficult yes, but if you follow the guide and/or have a gps watch then it will be fine.

    I don't think anyone can run it without occasionally stopping to check the map, but its reasonably well sign posted.  Just watch the person ahead of you...unless you're in the front of course.

    Great thing is you have the view of Clifton Bridge, and then a small detour to green man headstone this year.  Best at dusk




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  • Hi guys, my mara pb is 3:19, but i'm not in that kinda shape at the moment. I'd like to think i'd be somewhere between 8-9min/m. But really don't know how i'm gonna be doing on the day, i'm not tapering and i've come off a few lengthy injuries. So it'll be a kind of suck it n see scenario. But as it's a long training run for me i'll take it as it comes.

    Would like to finish between 7-8hrs, providing i don't get too lost. But maybe closer to 9!?!

    Got the maps provided and the written instructions all ready. Will try n get the gps route on my Garmin, but i've never done that before, so not sure how easy that is...

    I'm not actually entered, but i've emailed the chap and he said come down on the morning and he'll sort me out an entry (i just wasn't 100% sure i was doing it, still not really).

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Steve's a top organisor.  some great races if you like off-road and views.  This is my second green man and i'll be doing the malvern ultra for third time in may.  I actually think

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  • Just been on their website again... and that's you that won it last year then?

    Nice job matey!!! image

    Yeah that Steve seems great. Esp' allowing me to be flexible on entry.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    For some reason my last post was cut short and I cant get it on (see if can get it below here).  Yeh thats me looking a bit rough lol



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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    oh dear I cant post beyond "think" lol

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  • I'm down for this as well - but on tired legs after a busy few weeks with C2C, TT50, London 50k and Born To Run 40 recently - so it's just another long run/walk training session with benefits image

    My marathon PB is also 3:19, and I was thinking it would be nice to get back for 5pm, so under 9 hours - aside from the possibility of getting lost the route doesn't look too hilly, just a few nice walking opportunities.

    Looking forward to it, I've never run around that area - sounds like a decent route!


  • Hello..................

    I'm in this one but in two minds whether to run it, pulled my calf muscle 9 days ago and basically not run to much. Am toying with the idea of running the next couple of days and seeing how that goes. If I feel fine I will start this with the view of reaching our house near Warmley half way and then re assess how I feel whether to carry on with the view of protecting myself as the TP100 is my A race of the year....................

    On the issue of hills Guy it's the Somerset south side of the race that will be hilly, basically your running the start of the Mendips, the rest is pretty flat.

    Also the finish should be pretty spectacular in terms of scenery!!

    Hopefully see you all on Saturday at the start and not the bit that goes round our house....................image

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Yes the southern part of the loop is where you'll find most of the mud and hills.  Around Dundry is the worst from what I remember, which is why I'm hoping it's chilly to start with so we can run (in part) over the top of the mud.

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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    BTW, if trying to pace to a milestone time, leave something in the bank for the final 5 miles because you run gradually uphill, then a steep drop on to the bridge.  Final 2 miles uphill and into prevailing wind.

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  • It sounds like you've all sorted this already - but just incase, I've uploaded the Garmin track to my account here if anyone wants to look at it or download it.Less than 2000' of ascent for a 46-mile course is pretty low...! Fellsman has more than that in the first few miles up Ingleborough image

    The hilly bits look fairly obvious image Doubt I'll have much left "in the tank" for the last 5 miles, I'm normally running on caffeine and the promise of a pint by then!

    Hopefully see you at the start on Saturday lm, running the first half sounds like a sensible approach to me with TP100 looming...


  • Looks like everyone's using this as a last long outing for the TP100... me included !

    See you all there image

  • Superglue Boots did we meet on the train to and from Oxford for the TT50 ?? I'm the one from Bristol drinking San Miguel

  • Is ur name Rowan? If that's you yes of course i remember. Yes i'm Keith, i had a can of something too as a nice recovery / reward drink. I missed the train by 30 seconds, saw it driving off into the distance and had a whole hour to wait til the next one then, so had to do something to ease the aches n pains.

    I remember talking to a few people, esp on the train journey home. Will be nice to have familiar faces at this event then. I won't get lost alone image

  • Yes Keith it is a small world image

    Even tho I'm local there is plenty of scope to get lost in out there !! (if that makes sense??)

    See you Saturday

  • Cool, i thought so! See you Sat' Rowan image

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Good luck and see y'all down there!

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  • Ok, anyone know how to get this gpx file onto my old Garmin 305, never done it before. I'm trying on a Mac, using the software Trailrunner and Loadmytracks. Not seeming to have much joy.

    Anyone got any solutions?

  • Do you have Garmin connect? I'm not sure how the 305 loads, wireless or wired?
  • If you follow this link you should see a button that says "Send To Device" just above the map. Click it and the next time you sync your Garmin it will send it over image

    Have just eaten some of my compulsory kit - D'oh, that's why I don't keep chocolate bars around!

  • Cheers, i have done that. Seems ok to the point that, it's transfered the route to my Garmin Training Centre software. But can't seem to find it anywhere on the watch itself...!? I go into routes and there's nothing in there...

    I should have done this a little before now hehe.

    Then using it will be another experiment :-/

  • Ahhh... I don't have a Garmin any more, but when I did the "Send To Device" used to communicate with the Ant+ agent to transfer the route to my 310XT...!

    My only suggestions are:

    • Does the 305 have "Routes" and "Courses" - have you looked in them both? I can't remember what the difference is between them!
    • In Training Centre, if you "right click" on the route does it allow you to send it to your 305, or is there an "Sendto Device" option in the memu - I seem to remember something like that

    Good Luck!

  • NIce1 GeeeM, there is a courses section within Training, rather than the Route section with Navigation... it was in there!

    Now to work out how to follow it tomorrow morning haha. cheers again dude image

  • Well superglue... Hope you had a good day - I didn't see you again after a few miles in! Admittedly I struggled through the first half and have never been closer to dropping, but managed to plod through in 9:16.

    A tough old course, rough underfoot and quite difficult to navigate - GPS helped and hindered me in equal amounts I think! Nice and sunny at the end, and the jog over the Clifton bridge was spectacular.

    Louismaxy - good call, I wouldn't want to be running a 100 in 3 weeks... Thanks again, milky bars are on me after Cardiff 50 image
  • Well done for toughing it out Geeem. Agree with u on the footing n nav. Was almost glad when a bit of road came up.

    Think I finished round 8hrs n also think it was top ten, so gotta be happy with that. Got in a good group, with some locals who knew the route too so stuck with them.

    Yeah was amazing view to finish!

    Well done Daz for another win n great time!!
  • Well done everyone who finished!! Superglue was good stay with someone who kew where they were going. Good luck witth the hundred in three weeks. I'm now drinkng beer for a week solid before training fo GUCR.

  • Yeah nice1 Mark. Sounds like u have a solid plan there! image
  • Cheers GM.......................never a prob !! Looking forward to Cardiff again happy dazes and all image

    Superglue Boots hopefully will bump into you at Richmond. Decided that even attempting to run half way to our house going through the bumpy section was always going to mash up my calf. With three weeks to go I have to keep my eye on the prize. Rethinking my goals for TP100 from sub 24 hrs to just finishing (whilst crossing fingers for a sub 24) see how I feel on the day then night then day again hahahahaha


  • Yeah def louismaxy. Very apprehensive about the TP100 myself too, but done enough again to get to the start and will see what happens.

    Came out of the Green Man feeling ok and almost recovered now, gonna try a little recovery run later.

    Got the Grizzly this Sun then it'll be a two week ish taper... Hope it's enough.

    Take it easy n see u at the start in Richmond image
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