Tadworth Ten



  • Ebbisham Lane suddenly looms large - Gulp!
  • Ran down Ebbisham Lane yesterday. It was lovely!
  • Hi Guys,
    Need to do a bit of a run to burn off all though calories.... did this run last year cann't remember any hill though.
  • Believe me, you could never forget Ebbisham Lane!
  • chatting to a runner in the gym this afternoon and he said it was a mile and half uphill ? !
  • You'll certainly use up a lot of calories doing this one!
  • As Steady would say, 'It's gonna be interesting'.
  • I've got a few more words to describe it and you'll probably hear them tomorrow :-)
  • not "additional clotted cream on that do-nut please waiter", is it?
  • :-))
    How's the New Year weight loss programme going? Stop fantasising about donuts!
  • hoping to lose another half pound by 11.50 a.m. tomorrow - sub zero temps + Ebbisham Lane x 2 (must remember to take crampons)should be good for c. 20,000 calories.

  • No. No. Snoop Dogg. The weather is not going to be bad at all, cold but dry. Enjoy the run everybody. Let me have some follow up, on any subject. See you on the start. J.B.Sec.
  • temperature tomorrow could be a whole 4 degrees see you at the start tomorrow
  • I didn't do this last year but my time two years ago was 1:36:25, I will not be pleased unless I get at least 10 minutes off that even in my current slobby state!
  • hoping for sub 70 even allowing for hill
  • I will enjoy watching you lot run this tomorrow. I ran it last year but have not prepared this for it this year. I hear the bacon butties are good from the snack hut!
  • Tiger where is the best place for parking
  • Sub 70! Hope you're successful Angelis.

    I shall park in the car park at Tattenham Corner, aiming to get there around 10am. And the snack hut Louise refers to is very nearby!
  • see you there
  • ..........that hill :-O ! . It was a bit of a tough one. Louise that's no excuse, I didn't prepare myself for the run, only decided to do last week. Sorry I didn't meet up with anyone, was anyone wearing the club vest ?
  • Hi TB, that was tough!
    I've left the others in the pub ...
    88:36, Snoop was just behind me :-)

    Don't think I'll go for another run today! Angelis hope your 15 miler goes OK this afternoon ....
  • Hi All,
    That was pretty hard work on a loop that seemed either to be uphill or downhill and virtually no flat.
    I managed a 1:19:19 by my watch and wondered how the course might compare with a flat 10-miler. Any ideas how much the hills added to the time? I'm trying to predict a flattish 1/2M time.

    thanks in advance
  • Brian, I crept just under 80 mins at the Cabbage Patch 10 in October which is pretty much flat, so 8 1/2 minutes slower here ...
  • Tiger - nice to see you again and yes just back from second run of the day of 16 miles
  • Thanks Tiger, it's useful to have some reference points. I started running mid-2003 and today was my first '10' hence my question.

    Did you feel like you came into the race with comparable form to the Cabbage Patch, or like myself, were you struggling to shake off the mince pies? ;^)

  • The results are up guys. Brian, you were 187th out of 450 in 1:19:44.

    Congratulations on surviving Ebbisham Lane!
  • Still pinching myself after coming in in 1:11:37.... 5and a half minutes better than I managed last time I did this race!

    Now feeling that a sub-1:30 1/2M is within my grasp this year.
  • This was c. 9 mins slower than my average 10 miler, due to:-

    a) lethargy/sluggishness due to the post Chrissy timing.

    b) undulating terrain (and how!)

    c) didn't run at hardest - treated it as the first pre-marathon training sesh of the year.

    It's a cracking good way of getting over the Chrissy indulgences - timing just right!

    Surprised not more Allsorts and Oddballs there as their local race.

    I'd say, keep the race as it is, don't change anything, although that last mile competing with the GTV boy racers and Sunday Rover drivers is a bit dodge.
  • BTW - the content of the goody bag was novel and intersting.

    It reminded me of the last time I ran Tadworth, about three years ago, when I was given a running hoody in that material (I can't remember what its called) - very original.

    So 100% to the Tadworth organisers for originality and usefulness - great value for £6!
  • Stephen R, Thanks for the info.
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