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    Maybe I misunderstood Shelly, and her first language isn't English. Joyful Shelly didn't compute with:

    Shelly2 wrote (see)
    I am looking for research articles on when and how Energy Gels work? I want to know if they work in a few minutes or in 30 mins.


    Shelly2 wrote (see)
    Where are you getting your information? I am looking for proof. I want data. Where is the research?

    This wasn't you finest moment in introducing yourself, and then pleasantly asking for help.

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    Too many variables anyway, some one FB's or my size can metabolise a beer quicker than a midget, I expect the same is true for a gel..

    How long does it take you to digest a midget?

  • depends if it's been cut into pieces or not - if swallowed whole, can take some time image

  • I find gels work best if I actually take them.  There's one on the table in front of me and I can't feel a thing.

  • Hi Shelly.

    It takes around 30minutes for carbohydrate to be absorbed into the blood stream. It is important that you plan ahead when you will take it as you should take it before fatigue sets in.

    Hope this helps


  • Shelly you've made me LOL reading this thread. Well done.

    Surely you use the boards to get runners , who have tried these gels, opinions , they won't be backed up with scientific experiments they've personally conducted .

    For facts and proof, as others have said, use google .
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