Team triathlons?

I've had a look on some of the tri websites mentioned but most of the events listed seem to be duathlons, and I have no idea about which events you can enter as a team...

Mildly curious about entering a tri sometime next year as a team with my little brothers. Youngest brother v keen (his team just came 7th/133 in Portugal, and he thinks he's a 'triathlon god' at the moment) older one not so - but can be replaced with boyfriend!


  • do you mean
    relay: one event each
    relay: all do each event consecutively
    time trial: all do each event together
  • Ironbridge Tri ?

    Team Darkside trampled* all over the opposition at the last one.

    * kinda
  • Here in Germany there are lots of events where teams can enter to do a relay - there's even a relay class in the Challenge Roth IM distance. I've done a few and they are quite fun.
  • Have a look at

    This is the Milton Keynes Tri Team (I will be joining shortly), they have event listings on the website.
  • The longest day takes team entries.........
  • [snigger]
  • deal tri does a team event where you all go together and help each other. its only short and is great fun. or southwater relays usually in september are good, you go one after the other with an open water swim first.
  • Just about all the tri's I've entered and seen have relay options... even sprint ones...
  • London Tri does teams
  • thanks everyone (esp Juliejoo for her extremely valuable contribution ;-) )

    I meant one event each, though I wouldn't mind doing a whole tri myself at some point.

    Only thing that puts me off is the outside swimming, particularly the London Tri. I used to row on the Royal Docks, and the number of injections we had to have before we could go ON the water has really put me off going IN it! And besides, I know what the rowers do there ;-)

  • Still just about any tri will allow relay teams..
    Go for it!!
  • There's a Tri in Manchester held where the world cup and commonweath ones. It's the 14th December I think and that can be entered as a team. There's no Swiming though it's the 3k Row, 15k Bike, 5k Run format
  • ooooh, I like the row, bike, run thing a LOT better! Are there any other tris that are rowing instead of swimming? December's a bit early...

    I might even have a go at a whole one myself then... if we entered as a team for a row, bike, run, I'd end up doing the rowing and the swimmer (my boyf) would do the running. Might end up higher-placed though :-). I can out-row blokes, but not out-run them!

  • I likes the sound of that one too. Is it proper bike or gym bike though ?

    Anyone have the details ?
  • If it's a tricycle, give me a call.

    You could use a Trike Jj - no rule against it !
  • Well - I did see that man at Windsor with his shopping basket on his bike!
  • Oooh - a baguette as a mid race snack. Great idea !
  • Agecroft RC!

    I'm not going anywhere near it. Their rowing machines will crash. Their boats do...

    Saw one of their Senior Men's VIIIs do the most spectacular crunch I've ever seen in the Head of the River Race about 6 years ago - hit the black buoy at Putney, just seconds short of the finish line... It must have hurt like hell, luckily loads of people around to help them out.
  • Well I'm not sure how as ergo can crash. It's a real road bike race and the running is outdoors too. I did it last year.

    For anyone who is interested the winning time last year was 1.01.** not quite sure but I did it in 1.03.48 and I'd never really run and I'd never been more than 2 miles on a bike before the event.

    I'll be there again this year as well.
  • Oh, the majority of people last year did it on mountain bikes like me :)

    It's probably a good novice race to do as all sorts turn up

  • :-)

    I can't make this year's event, but it does sound good. Mountain bike? What else would anyone do it on? eek, hadn't even thought about that! Just assumed a bike was a bike...

    Will definitely think about it next year though...

    Are you at Agecroft then Rob? Not in that boat, I hope. I was just amazed nobody was seriously injured. We had been neck and neck with them for the previous 2 minutes; it looked like the cox was turning round to see where we were and accidentally pulled the rudder strings...
  • Blimey - 1.03.48 ? What were your splits Rob ?
  • I'm at Agecroft yes but not that in that boat, I've only been rowing for 3 years.

    My splits? I've only ever done one tri in my life and that was the one. Do you mean What did I get for each one?
    I think it was something along the lines of Rowing 9.10 (I took it easy as I'd never been more than 2 miles on a bike before) And the run was just under 24 minutes so i guess that makes the bike about 30 minutes, I had a little time taken off as I was sent the wrong way after the first lap, something that will not happen again. The row part was only 2.5 k last year and it was the bike where i was thrashed by the people who won.

  • Wow - I reckon I'd be about 15 mins for the row, 22 for the run, and Bike should be about 24 mins-ish.

    So I'm not gonna come last anyway. Not looking forward to a 15 minute row though !!

    Cheers Rob.
  • Seriously with them sort of times you should be looking to win the event. I was the 4th fastest on the run last year and the quickest bike wasn't 24 minutes I'm sure. Are you sure you'd be that slow on the rowing machine? Get a little practice in and you should breeze it. Is anyone else going to do the event then?
  • 8o0

    Cougie - you gonna WIN?!?!?


  • ¦o)
  • Awww phooey. No pressure then eh ?

    Anyone else playing ?
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