Cotswold 113 goes long in 2014



  • Hi All

    The date is still very undecided yet.

    We basically have two options ;
    1) go early in the year around end may/early june where there's not an already established large scale long distance race

    2) Go later in the year, and be up against the larger, more established events (think IMUK,IMWales and maybe challenge henley if it runs another year

    We've had early mtgs today with the guys at the lake and they're keen on a later date, but we'll keep you all posted

    I'm certainly super keen to hear what you guys think is the best time of year and whether starting training early in the winter is really a blocker.
    I've done early season Ironmans where I'm logging long boring base miles in dec and it's sucked, but at the same time, I did IMUK in 08 where it was mid Sept and I was ready for the season's main race to be over by August..

    Let us know what you think and thanks for the feedback so far

  • last year the spring was wonderful for training and the summer was wet......

    this year the spring has been variable to say the least...

    you never know what the weather will do so you just need to get out there

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    No.  No no no no no. I'm having a year off next year.  I am.


  • I'm thinking if i commit in my mind to this i will stop my mind going off tangent to do some silly long stuff

  • I would like an early season event, or one in August, but on balance would prefer May. As stated above we live in the UK so all bets are off! Capture the gap in the market. Plus like the idea of a more athlete centered approach
  • If I survive Outlaw this year I really fancy this, but May would put me off because I'd like to get a spring marathon in and still have time to recover for the iron tri, so July or Aug would suit me more ... It'd also give me more time to practice in OW as well
  • July/August would win me over .... May would put me off

    Dont clash with Le Tour tho  image

  • May would definitely put me off. Winter training and cold water!


    July/August is much more civilised image

  • I would definately be up for this - but on a purely selfish note would have to vote for later in the summer too!

    Mrs MTH is in the early-mid stages of planning her walk from LE to JOG for next spring (I think this could be even more expensive than IM - we are looking at camper vans for me and the kids tomorow!!!!!) so early season training for me is going to be limited as will be in full support mode.

    * How do you keep two pre-school kids entertained for 6 weeks in a camper van if the weather is awful? *

  • I like the cold , used to live in Canada though ! August is still good and DEFINITELY don't overlap with the tour de Yorkshire
  • Late August would be difficult as that's holiday season for those with School age kids.

    September is too late and it starts getting dark early and light late.

    July is currently too crowded with IM events, and May does feel too early.

    So June it is then image

    I'd like to get it done in June or July then leave the rest of the summer to relax!!


  • Thinking about it, you could have it around the June Equinox and call it "The Longest Day..."'s been done?? image

  • June is UK half at wimbleball, let's just agree to August 11th!!! insert cheeky grin icon (can,t use this phone)
  • I think late May is perfect...

  • Or late May
  • End of May bank holiday wouldbe good, an extra day to recover before back in work

  • End of May BH sounds good - it means people could stay over Sunday night too. It's the 24-26th May next year.

  • Package deal would be good as well, Olympic then 113 then 226

  • Should be more packages!
  • Just had an update on my FB feed that the provisional date for this is 10th Aug 2014  image

    I think it would be really good to have a contingent from PSOF there image 

  • Im interested, best for me that my A races are in the school holidays. 


  • with outlaw 2 weeks earlier its a tad close for me........image

  • Seren -  do the Feed Station at Outlaw and do the 226 image.   Outlaw is old hat nowimage 

  • I want the flat course for a quick PB image.I believe i can go sub 13 on outlaw on a good dayimage

  • Reading back it sounds like the Cotswold 226 will be pan flat, or is that now changed?

  • with the outlaw bike there are hundreds of people for me to pick off and overtake....I race better when i can see loads of people around me...

    am interested in this though 


  • I can understand that. I would expect if they are so close together Cotswold will have to compete on price compared to the Outlaw and it's excellent reputation. 



  • Like Schmunks, I live in the general area. On the half, the 52 mile bike was predominantly pan flat, in the area of the lakes (usually flat) and Fairford airfield (flat), just reaching towards a little biddy incline for a hundred yards or so. The run around the lake was a bit congested and not suitable for larger numbers or running in the dark. The lake is great, and it's clean. You can check its temperature here:

    The bike feed station was excellent though.

  • If I enjoy/survive my first IM in Oct I'm in for this one.

  • Not being a local my concern would be the cost of hotels compared to Nottingham (where I got a family room for £19 a night!). I have stayed at the Four Pillars on business which was very nice but not cheap. 

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