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  • hehe!! Got new climbing shoes aks Go outdoors and happy with them; from discussion it appears that you need to almost foot bind as time goes on but for now have a comfy, albeit expensive, pair of climbing shoes.

    Doing my first park run tomorrow...will report back !! How you all doing??


  • Going to park run except I have no car because mine's innards are laid all over the floor at the garage, which they forgot to tell me until 5.30 last night, so I have to jog down there first and borrow a car then hope it has enough petrol in to get me to Telford in time for the park run!  Will see whether a nice warm up jog an hour before the run helps or hinders me!

    Yeah I used to work in a climbing shop and the bloke who sold the climbing shoes used to say "what size are you?  ten?  We'll try you in an eight..."  and when the customer protested he would fix them with a steely glint and say "do you want to climb hard?"

  • I tried out my new Garmin this morning - managed to pick up a sale price 410 as they have discontinued them!  It's recording shorter distances than the phone. As it is supposed to be more accurate, I've been running slower and not as far as I thought!!! Right, need to get more distance in image

  • Back from my first park run in which I think I managed to be the slowest EVER!! 52.28 but I didnt give up (even though I wanted to!!) so lots of room for improvement.

    Worst bit was my lungs which hurt like Id smoked a pack of 50!! Was quite worried for the half though as at that rate I really will be with the road sweepers!!  Rachel just go gently and remember that you need to build up slowly...too fast and you will get injured image

  • Well done for not giving up - like you say plenty of room for improvement!  It's surpising how much quicker you  go the second time once you know the route and know the end really WILL come!

    My park run was A bit mixed, I don't think I was up for a personal best anyway what with one thing and another but I was cruising along nicely and then came upon someone who had fainted.  There were people with her but I'm a trained first aider so I stopped.  After a while one of her friends came past and said "oh, has she fainted again she's always doing that, she's got low iron levels, you may as well finish your run".  I rather think that if someone knows they have a medical problem they should run with someone who knows about it so as not to set off major panic, but having said that one of the people who was already there when I stopped knew her name, so maybe she had.  Never mind, there's always another chance at a PB!

    Had a nice walk with the teenager this afternoon to make up for it!

  • Checked the stats morris and think I possibly (ok, almost definately!) was the slowest EVER!! Having said that I was up until 4am (candy crush saga...driving me potty!) and drank a bottle of wine so the fact I did it at all was miraculous!! Will go for a run tomorrow but early night today!!

    Booky how is the garmin?? Have realised now that I only need to use my phone for nike+ so no more gadgets for me and really MUST stop spending so much and knuckle down to paying some back!! Plus did just spend on my climbing lusting after a pair of goegeous craghopper climbing comfortable!

  • MEL (I keep typeing myecclecticlife wrong..took me 3 goes for this one). YAY. you FINISHED!!!!  That was my worry for the first one I did. Would I finish.  think of the bright side. Every other one you do in the future is likely to be labled a pesonal best image

    I did my longest run ever this morning - 6 miles - without walking. So happy that I can mange to run around the 10k race next week. I'll be slow, but i'll be running

  • Now Mel, which are you going to feel better about?  A best score on Candy Crush, or a sub 50 minute 5k?  Because I will almost guarantee that if you switch that damn machine off, go out for a couple of runs this week and lay off the wine on Friday, you WILL go under 50 minutes on Saturday morning.

  • hey you can just call me ecclectic lol!! I know, I know just got sucked in (as you do after wine!!) and before I knew it it was 4.20am!! oops! The advantage of a long weekend though! Not sure if I will run today as a bit achy but do want to do a 2miler (walk run) this week before the 5k on sat...This afternoon is making cupcakes for a surprise baby shower for a friend! I run a knitting/crochet group and one of the girls is having her first baby so the girls have taken up the challenge...

    Re yesterday one thing I did find was my lungs killed...legs were ok but boy did my lungs this just a fitness thing? My friend thought I was having an asthma attack! (I dont have asthma!)

  • Did day 3 of week 8 this morning, I thought I was going my worst ever and would cover nowhere near my distance of earlier in the week, but I did better - 4.4k, the 5k is getting closer!

    I was really quite tired though, even though I didn't have booze last night (polishes halo!!) so no idea what was going on there...

    Once I crack 5k, I'm going to start at parkrun.  It's a bit daunting but I think I'm about ready.  

    In other news my running tights keep falling down.  I only got them last week so obvs got them too big rather than having lost lots of weight in the last week!

  • yay well done booky image I do wonder if I did it the wrong way round doing a 5k earlier than I could actually DO a 5k but for me knowing I can better my time (ie cant get any worse!) is an encouragement. Think it also comes down also to peer pressure and caring about what it looks like to others there. If Im honest it did slightly bother me but not enough to not do it iykwim!

    Well done for polishing halo booky..will have to be disciplined not drinking too as parkrun Sat am and going out sat pm...going for 2 miles today. Got a day off and training going to be a bit tight this week as have to work late and with climbing Thurs will have to be disciplined to get it in!

    PS PB on two counts...did 2.4 miles plus my fastest mile (14 min sommat) so chuffed indeed...shins hurt a bit after so will prob swim instead of run tomorrow but will see how I feel. Plus cupcakes feel ecclectic today!

  • Week 9 has started.  I am so close to the 5k it's agonising not actually hitting it!  I had a headwind yesterday - it felt like everytime I changed direction the wind did too, none of my route felt like I had the wind behind me giving me a boost! image

    But I did 4.5 and hope to make the 5 over the next couple of runs.  And if I don't I'll just keep going till I do!

  • Yay well done you. Of climbing this eve and a run tom before parkrun again on sat...


  • I'm ready! or first race today, the 10k in Ealing.I  have a race plan of sorts - a nice steady pace - and a target of getting in less than 70mins.  

  • I weighed myself in Boots yesterday and I've lost five pounds since the beginning of April!  This made me very happy because when I went in April I had lost nothing in a month and body fat was the same.  Body fat is now down 2 percentage points!

    It's cheaper than weightwatchers!

    Been doing lots of gardening too, and out dancing this afternoon, and did a good 5k on Friday without damage.  How did the parkrun go Eclectic?

  • So HAPPY!!  My watch gave me a time of 66.32, which completely beats my target time image

  • I went out to do my week 9, day 3 'graduation' run, utter disaster.  I was wearing the new shoes, having walked in them for almost 2 weeks, but once I began running I only lasted 12 minutes, it was so painful I thought I was going to be sick.  Really disappointed.

    I took them back today and the shop was really reluctant to take them back, but I was ultra-polite and calm and stuck to my guns saying that I don't care what shoes they are, I just want ones that work for me and he swapped them for another pair.  I totally get that he can't really put them back out but OTOH I've done under 5 miles in them, they aren't worn really and I can't be the first person this has happened to.  I don't know what to do now, I can't try every shoe in the shop, and I need to give them a run to see how they feel, AND I reckon the shop won't change them again, he doesn't really want to keep seeing me with yet another pair of shoes that give me pain.

    A bit down was supposed to be a day of "yay, I did it" and instead it was "keep walking, get home, don't want to be sick in the street"

  • aww booky poor you; thats awful and painful...well done for sticking to your guns.

    Well done Rachelglen! Good on you!

    No running here, parkrun or otherwise, as been poorly and recouping...hope to extra climb tomorrow as struggling with knots and need to get them right but they were lovely and got me on a starter class for free!

    How are other people doing?

  • PHEW!  I went out again today, slightly nervous that a 4 day break would have set me back but I did it, did my best distance - still not quite at 5k - and have 'graduated' from the programme!

    Next I think I'm going to work on increasing my distance to actually hit 5k and improving my pace.

    I did some new stretches today too, and feel nice and limber.  Pretty unusual for me, I'm normally a creaky old mare!

    Next run on Saturday, already looking forward to it...

  • How are people doing? Went on a run this am with best mate (who is doing the 1/2 with me). She is clearly fitter than me but was good about going slow but it did make me realise that I need to not miss weeks as felt krackered and chest very hurty!

    Booky how are new shoes?

    Rachel hows the time?

    Morris how you doing..been v quiet?!!

  • The shoes are not too bad Eclectic, thanks!  These ones are Saucony Progrid Ride 5, they're a bit more neutral apparently and they do feel better.  I went out in them this morning, and had a tiny bit of lower leg ache but I've had that the last few days anyway, and I'd laced them a tiny bit too tight, but they generally feel like a nice fit and are comfy.

    I've STILL not cracked 5k and think I've hit a plateau I'm having trouble getting past, and today it was too warm and I wasn't fuelled enough so I had to take a few short walking breaks, but my theory is that I'm doing more than if I'd stayed at home so it's all good!  It will come in time...

  • It will indeed! Just keep plodding but good the trainers are better as nowt worse than pain. Was meant to run  today but been shattered after busy weekend image Park run next Sat and hope to get out twice in the week...

  • Oh, I had a brilliant thing happen at the weekend, I won a competition and have a year's free pass to the leisure facilities of a local country hotel!  This means that I have access to all the stuff I need for cross training!  Even though I don't generally like the gym, if it's free it doesn't matter, it's not my money!  

    The facilities look pretty good actually - pool, gym, spa...I am chuffed to bits!

  • I've got a feeling that you might live near me Bookworm. Have recently taken up running again after a four month break due to a suspected hernia. Am still very much a beginner following the C25K programme and have signed up for a half marathon in March.

  • I'm in Norfolk Auranya! Is that near you? 


  • FINALLY I cracked the 5k!  I had breakfast, made sure my shoes weren't laced too tight and had a really good run - in the rain!  But the lack of heat was much better.  

    I'm actually going to go back to the running shop to say thank-you to them for being so helpful and to confirm that these are the right shoes, I know it's probably not necessary but I think it's worth it, just to show courtesy!

  • I went for a run today but it was a bit broken up because small person scooting with me got stitch, then had to be dropped off at his friend's house, then I carried on for a bit longer than I usually do and walked a bit because my guts were a bit churny.  Then just as elder child and I were having lunch I started having migraine auras which went on half the afternoon and were very tiresome!  Bit random really, was not an arduous run and am not stressed or overtired so probably goes in the catch all "hormones" folder!  MiL thought so anyway, she always says "is it your time?  is it just before, or just after? In the middle?  That'll be it then." Well that covers just about everything really doesn't it...

  • Went out again today, it wasn't brilliant as I had to walk a few times - my sister phoned just before I was going to set off so my pre-run banana had already started to wear off and I got tired, plus it was then warmer and I got hot, and I kind of lost the drive, but anyway, I still went and still ran the majority of it and had a burst of increased pace at the end to try and make up a bit!

    And I'm feeling a bit 'lady' so that was a contributing factor.

    Not great, not awful.

  • Well, I have downloaded Bridge to 10k - not that I madly want to do 10ks but to improve my distance and time a bit more, with some structure.

    First go tomorrow! 

  • Enjoy! I've been doing something similar, pushing distance

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