Shrewsbury Marathon

Looks interesting! Anyone know anything about past races / experiences?


  • The website says it's the launch of the marathon and half.
  • Ah. I missed that. May be worth a go then.
  • I thought of doing the half but i might go the whole hog and make this my first full marathon...

    I'll make a deal with myself. If I can get my backside out in the howling wind and rain today and cover 18k i'll enter the full marathon image

  • Or maybe just partially wimp out and do 21k on the treadmill as I have just done. I know it's not quite the same but it allowed me bang the mileage (kilometrage?) Out 21 minutes faster than in the howling Guernsey wind 2 weeks ago.
  • Got a 20 miler in the bag now and got a PB in a half on Sunday at Scunthorpe (1.37). Happy so far.

    How`s everyone else getting on?

  • Just ready to restart training following a 6 week lay-off whilst undergoing physio for a long-term hamstring strain.  So, with just over 7 weeks to go it could be touch and go.  I've had to bow out of the Chester half so I'm determined to be ready for the Shrewsbury Full marathon distance.  Will step out at the weekend and see how the legs, and in particular the left hamstring, hold out.

    At least the weather looks reasonable.

  • I did the half at Scunthorpe too 'The Egyptian Toe' but you beat me, I did 1-46 but I too am planning to do Shrewsbury provided all goes ok at Edinburgh later this month.


  • RH - I just hope Shrewsbury is as well organised as Scunny!

    I`ve now got 2 x 20 mile runs done but too fast it seems. Took me less than 3 hours but ought to have been slower. Planning on 2 more but slower. Got Sheffield HM on Sunday but not `racing` it.

    Anyone had Shrewsbury race numbers yet?

  • Yes I'm at Sheffield on Sunday, I did a 22 mile m/t race a couple of weeks ago so feel in pretty good shape for Edinburgh, cant wait as now got lovely hotel booked with Jacuzzi, pool, steam room, sauna etc.

  • How`s everyone`s training going and anyone got their number yet?

    Mine runs have still been pretty tidy. Got a hilly 17 with 5 @MP in the sun yesterday and 21m scheduled for next Sunday.

  • I would love to do this but not entered yet - is it too late? Also could anyone recommend anywhere affordable to stay?!

  • yeah, where`s good to stay?

  • Right I am in... Just need to find somewhere to stay.

  • I`ve booked Premier Inn which is nice and close to the start I believe and price was good.

  • I'm entered now but aching after doing Edinburgh on Sunday!

  • Does anybody know whether how it works with the full & the half on the same day - is it ran at the same time?

  • Think full is at 9am and HM starts an hour later.

    Anyone had a number yet? Done me last proper LDR today - 21 miles.

  • Thanks am thinking of doing the Half and a friend is doing the Full, so was wondering if we could run together...obviously not if different start times.

  • Well, you could if your friend finishes lap 1 as you are starting ie. they take an hour to do the first 6.5 miles.

  • I've just checked their page and there's 1/2 hr difference in the start time - full at 9, half at 9.30 ..... think I'll be going solo image

  • Oh, sorry Adri! Didn`t realise that. So I WILL get overtaken by lots of HMers!

  • Nah you'll be way in front image

  • I Think entries have closed now but worth checking.

  • Race packs to be sent next week, I`ve heard! image

  • I entered today Richard, so still open for the moment image

  • Hope it's a good one, hope everyone's training going well. I've never done a marathon in laps before so will be interesting. Local knowledge required..any major issues with hills, traffic, parking etc

    Cheers, Brerimage

  • Nice one, It had said closing date 24/5 but glad your in!



    Anyones race pack turned up yet?

  • No. Hope it`s today! I wonder how many have actually entered the full. It said the race was near full in March but I reckon that was marketing cobblers.

    My 5 inc 3 @ MP were shocking last night. All part of taper madness . . . .!!?!

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