Shrewsbury Marathon



  • I read somewhere 2,500 entered split two thirds for the half and one third the full, so that's around 800 for the full.



  • I emailed them on Wednesday and they said the packs were being sent out Tuesday & Wednesday, so should be anyday now hopefully  image


  • Inspector - that sounds healthy. If 800 are entered, I`d guess 600 toe the line!

  • Race pack arrived today.

  • Mine came this morning.

  • Mine didn`t! image

    Anything in there about the quarry section?

  • It has a diagram of Quarry path, but only a basic one. Should I be worried about a Quarry?

  • Alleged to be some killer switchbacks there.....?


  • Mine's not arrived eitherimage

    Last long run before Shrewsbury for me tomorrow..a marathon-yeh!

  • I`ve got a nice 10 planned tomorrow after swimming with kids; doesn`t even sound like a long run now!

  • Might be being a bit thick but what do you mean by 'killer switchbacks' ? I did 10 miles long run yesterday. Will be out a few more times this week but shorter ones.

  • My number still not here but GFs half number has arrived. I did 10k PB this morning so nice easy week planned now, just 2 or 3 short slow runs.

  • Adri - switchbacks are when you kind of go back the way you came with a sharp turn, near to 180 degrees. I`d imagine they`ll be very painful on the later laps if they are harsh.

    Richard - where was the 10k and what time did you get?

  • Did Owston Ferry 10k just South of the Humber in 47.38

  • Done that one! Was it windy? I ran one of my worst ever races there but it`s a nice place. There`s a half at Axeholme nearby that is organised by the same people.

  • No, no wind it was very warm, in fact caught the sun today! Yes saw that last year but was committed to a different race,  I will probably do it this year Its on 29/9 I think

  • Has anyone else not received their marathon number? Only 6 days to go & nowt received here!

  • Good morning all, this is a local one for me so if anyone wants specific knowledge ask away.

    hills ? Yes !! 

    Im doing as a half but know the route very well.

    hope everyone gets their packs today.

  • I hoping mine arrives today Ivan!

  • Three of us coming up from Sussex - none of us received our race numbers yet image

    How hilly is the route Shrek?

  • I got mine today! It says flat on course description?

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    It's not flat but it's not that hilly either.  A couple of gradual climbs and one shorter steeper one on each lap

  • 4 hills by my calculation on every lap, 2 gradual climbs an. 2 shorter steeper ones.

    lots of turns to stop the boredom. The hills are not too bad but not so suraha out that after a few laps !


    Shrek - I too have received my race info and I'm horrified that there will be 2,000 runners in the half marathon starting 30 mins after the marathon start.  Unless the roads are mega wide (I do hope they are) that means the marathon runners will be jostled and almost run over by the half runners, especially as it's 4 laps.   Even in a 2 lap route there would be some problems with that many runners.

    So how wide are these roads?

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Shades they are just ordinary 2 lane roads so not mega wide but they are all 2 land apart from in the Quarry which will be where the worst congestion will be I reckon 

  • What time are you looking for Shades? I`m hoping to be 3.45-4.00 and so I`m thinking that only the sub-1.30 HMers will come past me and that`ll just be in the latter part of our second lap. It ought to just be a distraction for 20 minutes or so. Is that right? Maybe we can catch some of the straggling HMers !


    I will be about 4.50 to 5 hours.  But I'm seriously thinking that this race was a bad idea, I did wonder why anyone would choose to put a race over 4 laps, but then to run a half at the same time.

  • Yeah then I guess it will be a bit mad but maybe it`s better than us being out in the countryside for most of the race - ? Plenty of support and stuff to look at. I reckon there will be 500 doing the full which could be pretty thin if we were on our own - ? Also, I asked the RW psych and he said it could be positive as we can easily `chunk` the race and even get into a routine; we`ll know where the drinks are, where the tough bits are, maybe have a self-check at the same point on each lap, or eat at the same point - ? Just trying to find positives. image

  • I did a 6 lap marathon with a half incorporated of similar but slightly smaller size & actually found it helped having people running at different speeds to chase down & focus on & also found that people soon got very stretched out so I doubt congestion will be a major problem (Well hope not anyway)



    I've done several multi lap marathons (even a 40 lap one but without hordes of other runners) but would always prefer a single lap route into the countryside.

    I think I have made a mistake entering this race, usually I don't enter marathons on their first outing so the organisers can sort out the cock ups.  I feel very sorry for the faster runners who will catch the tail end of the half marathon runners and have a hell of a job to fight their way through the slower runners.

    I've just emailed the race organisers to ask for a link to view the course as the info is not available unless I register with MapMyRun or change my privacy settings on FB.

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