No race number?!



  • Chapeau sir


  • Now that is funny!

    Things can be confusing when you are new to races!

    Hope it goes well. I did it last year & there were nice mementoes.

  • Make sure you pin the number the correct way up. Otherwise the event photographs will not be able to pick out you number!

  • Not just me then, I can see myself doing this great post, hope the race goes well 

  • still laughing, sorry i shared it too, can see this thread going viral hahaha 

  • Best thread!


    good luck in your race

  • Made my day! Thanks! And good luck for your race - just enjoy yourselfimage

  • Great thread.

    I've worked for a race organiser and have packed up and sent out race packages etc. but i couldn't get my head round what had gone wrong here. It did make me laugh.... image

  • and nearly as good as this  .....  image

  • Well, I put a link on my running club's facebook page,,, and I won't be alone.

    You'll definitely be a celeb on the day image

    Good luck. Enjoy the race.

  • Classic, and made me laugh out loud!

    Good luck for the race, and enjoy the support on the way round, am sure you will get lots image

  • Just choked on my cornflakes! Brilliant......

  • Saw this on Facebook, you have brightened up my morning. You can be sure it's going to get lots of looks now.

  • Good story Ant. I'm going to have to nick it for my blog I'm afraid, but as you've fronted up and admitted your cock-up I'm sure you won't mind!   image

  • Thanks Yeo for that link.  Dragon Breath's comment about the train journey has had me howling in the office; better save the rest of it for lunchtime. image

  • Ant Knee.  During the race on Sunday, if you see a piece of paper at the side of the road with a single downward line on it, that means you've gone one mile.  Then there will be one with a downward line and a circle: this means you've gone tem miles.

    You might also see one with two downward lines: that's eleven miles down. After that, it gets a little more complicated.

  • I will be watching the Lichfield half this weekend so will watch out for 1111 !!!

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    "I am not a number, I am a series of downward lines"

    But seriously, all the best on Sunday

  • imageShould have said - all the best!!  I bet no one will get a reception like you.  This has been shared so many times on fb!!!  image

    Will be looking out for you image

  • Oh, dear...  That's really made my day!  Thanks!

    I use a serif typeface for my races because I like the look, but now I can see it has the added benefit of being easier to read...

  • Ha ha hilarious... Fair play for owning up
    This thread is going viral.

    Best of luck in the race.

  • This is one of the funniest threads I've ever read. Well done for fessing up. Good luck in your race. L E G E N D !

  • well..they don't look like number ones do they,.so can see his point of view,.still funny though image

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