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Hi all, I am new to these forums and I am going to (not hoping to) complete an iron distance triathlon in 2014 image I completed the hathersage hilly in 2007 but then stalled and stopped.

This time is different as I gave up the booze just over 5 months ago and now have the determination to succeed. Giving up alcohol was the hardest thing I've ever done (even more so than the tri). I reason that if I have the determination to give up booze then I can train for a complete an iron distance in just over a year. I have been training for just over 3 weeks now and I feel amazing.

I am currently reading Andy Holgate's book 'Can't Swim Can't Ride can't Run' and it is a real inspiration. I have also started a blog as I think it will really help my motivation.

I'm hoping to meet some like minded people on here, as nobody I know has any interest in anything that involves effort image




  • Mike If you did haversage are you local to that sort of area? There are a few derbyshire  and yorkshire types around the threads I'm a sheffield lad who lives near stocksbridge if any help.

    There are a few threads you might like in the tri section and a sheffield social thread in the clubhouse you might meet some nice folks in as well. If you want some races for this year to get back in the swing of things I've stuck some links below Welcome to the mad house. image



  • Hi Cake, I'm actually Leicestershire based but likes the look of Hathersage Hilly because it looked hard! lol

    Thanks for the links, I quite like the look of the open water swims as that is something I haven't yet done. 

    I'm thinking that my first one this year will the City of Birmingham Triathlon (Olympic Distance) in July. Just need to wait to get paid to be able to pay for the entry image

  • Oh, if anyone is interested, this is the link to my blog.

    I'm sure these get posted all of the time and people are sick of them but here it is anyway.

    And just for the record, Ironharris is in no way a cheap take off of Ironholgs (ok ok, I couldn't think of anything else and I thought it sounded good! So sue me! lol image)

  • Just wait til Holgs agent gets after him image

  • A fellow newbie! Hi, the ironman bug must be catching! I'm also looking at completing one by the end of 2014. I was thinking about a blog to record my training! Is it useful?

  • Gulp, I think I'm more scared of a pirate than an agent. Unless the agent is also a pirate..??!! image hehe

  • Hi Blue Steel, I only started mine today so I'm not sure yet. It did feel good to unload though. Give it a shot, it's free after all on wordpress image

  • the end of 2014 is a LOnnnnggg way off 


  • LMAO - Well the ones I'm looking at are in August and September next year so not that far off, although I suppose with enough effort July wouldn't be out of the question. I'm wanting to do a half ironman in the first half of next year which should give me a good base

  • Snap! It looks like we have the same plan. 

  • it's only May, what are you going to do for this year ? 

  • A few sprint tri's this season, Chester marathon in October and east to west coast ride in August! That it so far image

  • Loads of free time then 

  • Good, some other people considering the same sort of schedule as me!

    A couple of sprint tri's this year, half marathon end of the year, half IM in early summer, then rouding off the year with either Outlaw or Henley next summer image

  • I'm going to be doing the city of birmingham olympic distance tri in July which will be my first olympic distance, then hopefully 2 more olympic distance tri's before the end of the season. Not sure which ones yet though. 

  • So then.

    If you can't swim, you'd better learn. You have loads of time, but none to squander.

    If you can't bike, you'll be needing to buy one. Use it regularly until your arse doesn't complain.

    If you can't run a marathon, you're loading up your plate with challenges. Being a running forum, I understand that this is most people's entry from on here. Expect a bit of bias, especially from me. (wink;). First year runners pull injuries. The physio is your friend. Well, they certainly will be quite soon. Having said that, one of the most technical reference books on the subject referred to the IM marathon as being more like a long hike.

    It's a long haul, it's not easy, and I know jack sh-t. I'm a wannabe too. My training "plan" was 18 months and the summer has arrived mighty quickly.

    Come on in, join the mad house, the water is lovely.


  • Blisters wrote (see)


    Come on in, join the mad house, the water is lovely.


    Well unless its open water then its just plain scary!! imageimageimage

  • I can swim, just haven't got a great technique (yet). I have my first coaching session tonight with one of the best TI coaches in the UK. Luckily he lives in the same town as myself which is perfect.

    I have a bike, it's only a carrera virtuoso road bike but it will do for now. I did a 17 miler on Sunday and 12 miler yesterday so I am slowly getting there with that one. 

    The last half marathon I did I completed the day after I was made redundant (granted, this was 4 years ago now). I had only trained for about a month and I got well and truly p****d the night before. It was an afternoon race and I woke up determined that I was far to hung over to do it and had a pizza for breakfast / lunch. An hour later my mate came and picked me up which meant I was doing it. I ran it in 1 hour 35 minutes, which considering the lead up to the race was less than 'optimal', I was actually quite pleased with the time. Running is my best discipline so I'm pretty sure that with a few months training, I can easily do a marathon. Now a marathon at the end of a 112 mile ride, after a 2.4 mile swim may be another matter entirely image

    I have also just realised that I have said that my first tri was 2007 when in fact it was 2009. I have done this both on here and my blog! Quite where I got 2007 from I do not know, what a numpty! lmao image

  • Hey Gravity....The Full Boar events are in the shire - just around the corner if you will!! They do a sprint, an oly and a HIM distance between June and September.   

  • My awesome piece of advice for you would be too ride your bike everywhere and do some big rides, also using a turbo trainer (buy one) is helpful even for times when it's not raining as it can improve pedalling, as well as specific interval training which is easier to do in a controlled environment.

    dont fall into the trap of thinking a ironman is easy to do, it's hard, I've done them so have plenty of other people, if someone says its easy they are lying, it will push you physically and mentally (more mentally in my opinion)... consitency with training is the key, and keep manageable goals.

  • Thanks Jamie, I am increasing my cycling incrementally as I don't want to over do things too soon. My work is a 25 mile journey each way which I did a few times a couple of years ago. Not sure if that would be too much at the minute though as I have only been back in the saddle for 3 weeks. What do you think, should I start doing this again now or would you wait for a while?

  • ironman - easy image

    i was a fat bloke, did a bit of training for a 7 months, got pissed the night before and hey presto, ironkebab. a few days later doing ultras.

    your mileage may vary

    dont let people tell you its hard, its only hard if you are after a sub 12hour. its all in the head, once you got it mentally that you are going to do it, do the training and everything will be goodimage


  • Suckitupbuttercup - I just looked at the full boar events and I quite like the look of the wild boar. It's in September though which is only 3.5 months away. I am very familiar with bosy water park though and I can't help thinking that actually, 2 laps around the lake isn't a huge distance. The bike section is a lot longer than what I have done so far  but it should be achievable in that time and the run is just the run. I shouldn't have a problem with that. I might even do the little piglet next month as a good open water tester. Why did you have to go ans show me this stuff!!! My wife is going to kill me!! lmao

    DK - I like your attitude (it seems that all you pirate lot have a similar mindset). I'm not sure if I believe it will be easy but I have a strong mindset which I believe can take me far. As i'm a skinny short arse, I've always said, what I lack in strength and power, I make up for in determination (or pure bloody mindedness! lol)

  • A ironman is deffinantly a hard mental challange but the rest is easy easy image As long as you do the training and have good mates helping you out and you've just found them. image

    Some more links you might find interesting. There are a few folks from around these parts doing it this year you might find it useful to come by and see what the fuss is about.

  • Cake - I think I just beat you to it image. See my post just above yours. I think I'm gonna do the little piglet next month, and then the wild boar in September. 

    I'm loving the whole pirate thing, how do I become one? I've looked at the site but can't see how to become a pirate or how to get kit. Do i have to complete and ironman before I can become a pirate and get the kit?

  • No you don't have to complete the race or anything like that... You just have to put your name down on the order list image I've only done sub 11:10's and so far they all hurt a lot image

    the main thing to take away is enjoy the training, 25 miles each way training is a lot mate don't forget to factor in fatigue I would suggest only doing it a max of 2-3 times a week so you don't cause yourself to fall into the overtrained/fatigued state and don't underestimate the importance of other sessions!

  • GingerG wrote (see)

    Good, some other people considering the same sort of schedule as me!

    A couple of sprint tri's this year, half marathon end of the year, half IM in early summer, then rouding off the year with either Outlaw or Henley next summer image


    Ditto Ginger G! I'm hoping to do Henely, providing it's still running! OD tri's this summer and a spring marathon are my only plans currently. image

  • MedicGirl wrote (see)
    Ditto Ginger G! I'm hoping to do Henely, providing it's still running! OD tri's this summer and a spring marathon are my only plans currently. image


    Is there a question mark as to if Henley will be running next year?!?! I have entered the VLM ballot for next year but doubt I'll get a place so I reckon the IM tri will be my first marathon... Eeeeek! Which OD are you planning on doing?

  • I've entered the VLM ballot too! Not holding my breath, but I might get the OH to agree to a Rome trip if I don't get in. There are loads of awesome spring marathons, although I don't reccommend Edinburgh!

    Well the locals were really annoyed about the event - saying stuff about triathlete's not spening enough money (unlike the regatta) and the bike course causing a whole host of problems. The organisers managed to sort for this year but I *think* there was talk that they may not host again. 

    I'm offered to volunteer at Challenge Henley this year and I'm hoping by then they'll have an idea of it it will be running next year. 

    I think I'm probably being unduly pessimistic - it would be my first choice because I'm less than 10 miles away - we'll just have to wait and see!

  • OD: Two at Eton Dorney (it's mega local to me!) - one in July and one in September. Swanage in August - to test my nerve in sea swims and to have a mini break. 

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