Swim around the world?


Do you think this is possible?


  • Why - you going to try and beat him to it?

  • URR . . no . . too vague . . he "hopes that boats and coast guards will help deliver water and food supplies" . . not a good basis to start from . .

    . . and why can't he pay the plane fare like the rest of us :-)

    G'nite Emer . .

  • LOL I am happy when I can swim 2m.

    "... will cross seas and oceans via the shortest routes possible"

    He doesn't say anything about currents and "hugging" the coastlines can be suicidal (sharks).
  • Sharks are generally quite harmless. It's the salt water crocodiles he ought to look out for....
  • didnt he already fake a round the world run?
    so faking the swim should be a doddle
  • Think I'll give this one a miss. I'd drown
  • He could only manage 70 miles in a 24 hour challange.

  • Tuh.

    What a wuss.
  • He seriously couldn't hack it apparently.
    Do you remember Ian Champion refereeing at Tooting? Well he oversaw that challange too and reported back that RG didn't pace himself evenly, didn't behave at all like someone who'd run miles and miles like he claimed.
  • Was Ian Champion the silver-haired chap who saw off those silly teenaged girls?


    And a mate of mine interviewed RG some time ago. 'Hmmmmm' is all she said afterwards...
  • Probably, didn't notice any silly teenage girls though. Bit busy at the time!!
  • 70? pah.

    re teenage girls...
    apparently there were some watching (in awe not doubt) who were after some drink from the drinks table... the people manning it said they had to run round if they wanted some... so they did.. but whoever had said that had gone by the time they got back..

    ..anyway.. they thought it was squash and pulled faces when they tasted the rather dilute energy drink (wotever it was)
  • we did warn them! LOL

    They were behind the fence where we were sitting, giggling and calling out for a while - we told them they had to run for their drinks, and couldn't believe it when they did come in!

    Night life in Tooting must be awesome...
  • lol.. we had some guys encouraging us on from behind the fence at about 3am :D
  • I saw a report about that guy who failed the ultrarunner test. Robert Garside? The ultrarunner association/body asked him to run on a track. He started way too fast and his drinking/eating was not right. Didn't really understand his motivation why he was running around the world.

    A french swimmer crossed the Atlantic very exhausted in 73 days. He trained 5 years for that.
  • Garsides putting in some serious training, 2 hours a day at his local swimming pool, wow, he's bound to do it !!!!
  • You mean he says he's putting in 2 hours a day.
    What happened to his Antartic idea then?
  • All I can say is pah!!!

    If he really is only training 2hrs a day tehn no that's not enough.

    As some of you know I am training to swim the channel in 2004 and am already training more than that, and my swim is "only" about 25 miles.

    Plus, guys, this loser is wearing flippers, wetsuit etc - not marathon swimming as I know it!!

    What's the scandal with his round the world run then? Did he not really do it?

    Dr Nic
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