Daily discussion: Run commuting

What do you think? Should we all give up on cars and public transport and run to work or is it too much hassle? 

I've just started run-commuting and so far love it and find it a great way to fit training into the day and avoid the tube. But have found hazards include wayward bikes and pedestrians. 



  • I'm about to start part-run commuting!  Planning to drive the majority of my 15 mile journey, park at a friends, and then run the remaining 3 miles into work. The last three miles in the worst traffic of the journey too, so it actually should take about the same time to run as drive.

    Planning to do this once a week, and take a change of clothes with me to work the day before so they are ready waiting for me after I've ran in. Haven't actually given this a go yet! 

  • Nice if you have the shower facilities at work but I don't fancy sitting at my desk for 8 hours a day with 10 miles worth of sweat dried on to my body image 

  • I sometimes do a part-run commute, unfortunately running the entire 8 mile route home gives me the choice of either running alongside a busy dual carriageway for a couple of miles or through the town where all the guns and drugs live - so I prefer public transport for that bit. Might change my mind when I get further in to marathon training ... could get some good speedwork done! image

  • I have started run commthis in the past month, don't have a shower so tend to take the morning miles easier than the evening. It is actually the most reliable way for me to get to work, no traffic jams or unpredictable public transport to make me late! I got a great light weight karrimore bag to run with. I'm loving it so far!!

  • I am a big fan of run-commuting and even when I work from home, I still try to simulate the run commute with a 45-60 minute run before breakfast! It is the best way to start the day. In fact I wrote about run-commuting on the Guardian running blog recently - http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/the-running-blog/2013/apr/26/how-start-run-commuting and I look after a website all about the RunCommute at http://www.theruncommute.com. I think that running to work is a really excellent way to get fit, save money and do the environment a good turn!

  • i do it occasionally, 6 miles into work but I get the bus home. I usually just cycle.

  • I've just started to run commute as well, I've only done it 3 times so far, as I think I have to build up to doing it more frequently (it's 9 miles one way).  I love it, and feel so much better for it than when I just get the tube.  I agree with Harvey though that if we didn't have showers in the office I don't think I'd be quite so happy!

  • the problem is when to have breakfast...very hard to run on any stomach...and don't want to get up hours earlier in order to let a meal go down.

  • if I don't run to work I run before going to work anyway so breakfast isn't an issue. (usually on an empty stomach)

  • Big fan of the run commute, especially at the end of the day; you have to get home so you might as well use that time effectively. Plus it helps me relax.

    Agree with Harvey, shower facilities are pretty key for morning runs and a good bag also makes a lot of difference. I don't like running with a bag so finding the right one was tricky. Using a Berghaus Limpet 20 at the moment and that's proving to be really good.

  • Yeah, finding the right bag is key for sure - I use the Innov-8 elite 16 litre and love that - it is so light!  If I run before work or to work, I also do that on an empty stomach so it does make that much difference to me either as skotty says.

  • I work from home, so my run-commute is an out-and-back image 

  • At 16.5 miles each way that's a bit much for me at the mo. In the future maybe, but for now I think I'll stick to the motorbike image

  • I'm very tempted to do this, I have run home on a few occasions, but with no shower at work it limits my options, I have purchased some waterless wash stuff so am getting prepared for the full to-and-thro run commute. 

    Only 2 things stopping me, other than fittness!! 

    1. Lack of showers at work
    2. Time, in the morning only. its a good hour run, plus time to wash (as best as you can without showers) and cool down looking at hour and half, means setting off 1 hour earlier than I currently do and I'd rather spend that extra hour in bed! image
  • CC82CC82 ✭✭✭

    I'd love the luxury of run-commute, but at 40 miles from my office, it isn't an option.

    Part run-commute may be an option as I already run before breakfast, so leaving for work earlier and then running part of the way to work could work.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I did it a few times before the kids came along.  Now it's hard enough to get everyone out of the door in time in the morning to even consider it, and it's a mad dash at hometime to get to the nursery before closing time.

    Lunchtime is the only chance I get to run these days.

  • I would, but it's an hour's drive on the M60 for me, and we don't have showers at work, so apart from the fact that the run in would half kill me I don't fancy sitting at my desk all sweaty and stinky for the day - not sure my colleagues would be too thrilled either. image

    I'll have to stick with the car I think, but fair play to those of you who do run-commute.  If I could, I would.

  • Have been run commuting since training for my first marathon in 2008. We don't have showers at work so I rely on wet wipes instead. he main thing is to make sure that the right kit is in the right places ie shoes, jacket coats. I aim to arrive at work for 6:30 so I have time to cool down before getting cleaned up and changed. I don't eat before running but cary an awful lot of sandwhiches in my OMM 20l back pack. For those that don't want to run both ways then maybe alternate journeys with a bike.

  • Would love to run home every evening but 60 miles is a push. I doubt I'd ever want to run to work unless there were showers - I sweat far too much!

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    occasionally - its an hour plus on the train (45 miles) but have done the 'get off a stop (or two) early' routine before, and often run from the station to the office.
    Breakfast not usually a problem, as eat at home, get the train for 45-50 minutes and then run the last 4 or 5 miles into work.

  • I think that it is very good mentally aswell as physically. I often get the bus to work and then run home (6 hilly miles). However, the bus didn`t turn up this morning so I was late into work! image

  • Have considered it. I have about 9 miles to the station, so I think 18 total would make a good midweek mlr. Thing that puts me off is that I usually need to carry my laptop.

    Could anyone recommend a running bag for carrying a laptop?
  • I've been running the 8 miles to work a couple of times a week for over a year. I take a change of clothes on the other days. I don't shower at work as I don't get too sweaty and I wear  high wicking poly... base layers. I also eat breakfast when I first get up, which goes down while I get ready and take my dog for a walk (also a good warm up for my run!), but I usually eat not long before I run as I can't run on an empty stomach and like to take on valuable fuel.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I live around 300 meters from work image not really great marathon training 4 x 300m sprints daily. (4 because I go home for lunch).

  • I couldnt do all my training without doing it as commute.

    Have to be a bit organised and take lots of changes of clothes at start of week then home on Friday.

    35min train then run 35-60 minutes (depending route). Shower & breakfst at office. I'm at desk earlier than when I lived 5 minutes from work and used to try and run before going to work.

    I'd have to get up ridiculously early to do it outside of my commute. Or conversly I certainly wouldnt want to be getting home and then thinking I need to do my run still.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I don' work anymore but when I did I cycle commuted as I don't drive. Most recent job was 10; 11 + 13 miles depending on where I was working. As my shifts could be only 6 hrs i never fancied running to work on a regular basis. i used to do my hill training on a Weds morn after a night shift though. Had a hill i used on my commute home. 
    Did occaisionally run to and from work but found that I didn't really have the energy for 2 10 mile runs back to back.

    If i ran to work on a regular basis then it would have got in the way of the rest of my life / training so not really very practicable in real terms.

  • Hoping to be able to do this in future - current work location too far away.

  • Never run into work but regularly take bus to work and run home at least twice a week and its only 4 miles so never really effects any evening plans .

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I would love to but things are in my way at the moment:

    - There's no shower at work or facilities close by

    - My commute is 70km on a good day on a motorway.

    I've tried looking at going through the villages/smaller paths or riding to work on my bike but it's just not feasible.

    Our office is quite 'closed in' and you can smell anything really easily (whether its aftershave/BO/food) so I dont want to risk it.

  • I can't run in to work(lack or showers) but I run home once or twice a week. Main problem is getting all the clothes home again. Especially in the winter when Sammy coats slowly end up in my office! 

    I run accross parts of central london but bikes and pedestrians not actually much of a problem if you plan your route right. 

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