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  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Popsider - I've just bought a pair of New Balance 765s - bought them over the net, without trying them on, which sounds dodgy, but I read about them and they seemed to be what I needed (supportive, but not too cushioned),

    Love 'em! done speed sessions and long runs in them over the last week and they're performing well.
  • I'm a big fan of 764s, they were the second shoe I ever bought, and pretty much all I've worn since. They're pretty different from Skylons though Popsider, you could always try NB 830s (I use those for races up to 10m and trackwork sometimes).
  • TT & Mrs TT, very well done yesterday.

    What: V. easy 5M this evening
    Why: Still just inching up the mileage
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Club run tonight

    Maybe 6 miles steady, maybe some intervals or hills.
  • afternoon all

    what:just back from 4 mile run on treadmill at the gym and upper body weight training.
    now:absolutely famished so trying to resist a pig out which would make gym today bit pointless
    so:it'll be a big banana then!!

    happy running all
  • Afternoon all.

    What: am 5 miles on the cross trainer, gym session and 20 minutes swimming drills, pm 1 hour spinning session.
    Why: Knee is playing up again and needs some rest.
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Sunday

  • Hiya

    What: easy 4 miles at lunchtime (8.3-10m/m)
    Why: stretching out calves post-weekend hills (prepping for a hilly Feb 10k - my first hilly). This morning's run scuppered by public transport probs, so will try to get out tonight instead.
    Last rests: Thurs/Fri

    Enjoyable weekend posts, as always!

    Have a good day all

  • Hello, all. Back after unscheduled and extremely frustrating one-month rest. Turns out I had a crack in kneecap I thought I had just bruised. Then got really bad cold which turned to chest infection and then bronchitis. Could hardly walk to the car, let alone run.

    Feeling OK now so tried tentative 2-mile jog yesterday with no ill effects - hooray! Looks like I'm back, although I guess my fitness (such as it was) will have suffered somewhat in the last 4 weeks. Luckily my goal is GNR, which is 10 months away!
  • Goodness Jill that sounds horrible painful. I think coming back after a month from that is really good going. Hope you enjoyed your two miler and good luck with the return to training
  • Afternoon all,

    What: 6.5m steady run
    Why: BT
    Last hard: 22 days
    Last rest: 5 days
    7 day cumulative mileage: 27m

    Felt sluggish today and it told in the run as I ran at 7:45 pace.

    My mood wasn't helped when I crossed Hammersmith Bridge to see the River Police fishing out a dead body. Yuk.

  • Good afternoon all (has it stopped raining yet ;)

    What: Rest
    Why: Part of schedule

    I sometimes think rest days can be as hard as hard days. It's soooo tempting to sneak out for a run but being a relatve newbie to marathons (training for second one) I'm going to follow the schedules as best I can.

    Am looking forward to this week, I pickup my shiny new Tri bike on Wednesday and start swimming lessons on Thursday (can swim but need to improve technique as I am slow slow slow)

  • Dark already and its only 4 o'clock.

    What: just over 4 miles in 45 mins.

    Why: base training.

    Last hard: yesterdays x-c, although I wasn't that fast.

    Last rest: Friday.

    I just wondered in cross-country races are "track" runners more likely to do better than typical road runners.

    Happy running.
  • Quick change of plan - 'raced' a 2.2 mile route which I did all the time whilst still in running 'L' plates, but haven't done for almost a year. Came in 1'14" faster than my old best. Knew I'd beat the old mark, but still good for the ego!

    Lovely day for it - there's a tiny bit of daylight left, so get out there if you haven't yet.
  • Afternoon everyone

    What - 8 miles, mostly off road, steady

    Why - easy monday after the weekend

    Last Hard - saturday

    Last rest - friday

  • im resting
    feel lazy and CBA
  • what: rest
    why: planned - road to recovery still

    well done racers posting yesterday - Stickless and TT stand out.


  • Evening all,

    Congratulatiosn to Stickless and the family for yesterday.

    Venom/Hilly - how do you find out more about how to register for a coaching course. Something I would be quite tempted to do if I could fit it in on flying visit to UK.

    BR - how did you find the strides this am?

    What: 5 miles steady this am and five miles steady this pm with Mary

    Why: Gentle day after weekend

    Last hard: Saturday

    Last rest: Friday

    Off to lakes for a couple of days tommorrow so probably no posting until Saturday unless I get up very early tommorrow.

  • Nice to have you back Jill after your troubles.

    Jane M, I don't think it makes a lot of difference at club level.
    When it comes to International XC the courses are so flat & smooth, it definitely suits track runners better.
    In the usual XC [what we do] it's often the lighter runners that can skip accross the mud better. Then in longer XC races, the strenghth comes in so suits endurance athletes better [i.e Me!]

    No rain! No wind! Nice temp!
    Perfect conditions to run well!

    So I did, everything came together, I
    felt strong, breathing was easy, pace was good & my legs just ticked over & over. Effortless running is the only way to discribe it!
    I love it when I feel this good.
    Total recovery from my marathon achived.

    Don't think I'll bother with base training ;-)
    I need speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Evening folks.

    Hey POPSIDER ( dont mean to shout but wanted your attention )

    Read your post on shoes, and I wear the Skylons ( yellow ones ) and have only had them about 5 months maybe and I have lost toenails on both second toes, how strange is that, but I dont have any problems or pain in them, infact I love them, probably weraing them to much as I also have 2 pairs of Kayanos that I should wear.

    Managed a second session today, only 5 miles but it puts 8 in the legs for today.

    Enjoy your evening
  • Day of rest for me today

    Reading BR's thread yesterday made me decide to cut back on mileage every 4th week. Not the my weekly mileage is anywhere near BR's standard but nonetheless 24½ miles last week about 23 and 22 miles the weeks before that, maybe i'm being cautious but .....
    So this is my 4th week
  • Pammie
    I nearly always use the 3 hard 1 easy approach.
  • Thanks BT

  • Evening all!

    Did a great circuit session tonight-1 circuit of 30 exercises each lasting 50 secs. HR was certainly up!

    Venom-I really enjoyed the course. We had a very good tutor who made the practical sessions very good, especially as we had to do them all indoors due to the non-stop rain! I hope you enjoy your course as much as me!

    I'm doing the level 2 in Feb concentrating on Walking and Running for Fitness and the Endurance module. I might do others later.

    SiT-I found out about the coaching awards from the UK athletics web

    The Regional Education and Training Administrator for Yorkshire (I assume that's the area you would want to do the award) is Bob Schofield and his number is 01482 645272. Hope this is of help.

    Speedie-you should go for it if you would like to. The courses seem very popular and are useful on a personal level as well as to use for others.

    Bexleyheath Runner-I had improver lessons just over a year ago to take up tri's and they were one of my best moves! Can now swim reasonably well, when I couldn't even put my face in the water until the lessons.

    I'm also going to do my first summer of tri's next year, having done just a couple in the past year. I too got a tri specific bike (by chance!) which I love!

    Jill N-what a 'mare of a month for you! Good luck with your running and staying injury free!

    CT-how awful to see a body being dragged out of the river! And very sad for whoever it was and their family.

  • A double post for me as the rest of my family took over the pc yesterday!

    Stickless - Great race report yesterday, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Hilly - Yes, dynamic stretching is great!

    What: 14 miles in 2:26, HR 125
    Why: Long slow run for the week

    What: 2 sets of 5x600m at just under 6min/mile pace, HR 146-156. Last one in 2:05, HR 160.
    Why: Monday is track day, 600m makes a change from Yassoo 800s.

    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: Saturday

    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    6 miles easy, legs a bit tired after yesterday's xc race.

    You seemed a bit down this time last week Stickless, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself yesterday.
  • Evening,

    BT, great to hear you sounding so happy & recovered.

    Chip, that sounds horrible, sorry you had that experience.

    Can't remember what else I was going to say due to brain being completely unscrambled at the club.

    Thought I had bomb-proof excuse to miss session but this was nevertheless blown apart so I sloped off to find the coach dishing out death by hill reps. (club ladies team did well at Sefton, prob 2nd place, seniors. Everyone who went was gripped by the quality apparently.)

    What: a mere 7 * long hills up pitch black country lane "start by the first bush on the left", jog down recovery. Did the first 4 too fast but pride made me not want to drop back in the group; hence started final 3 reps with hr already at 80%, propelled along by exquisite nausea. Actually felt dizzy during the warm down which explains why I heard myself agreeing to do 10K race in 2 weeks time.
    Mike S - it will at least benchmark my Helsby aspirations!

    Feel utterly wrecked now, esp after 4 hrs sleep last night and 60 lengths in the pool this am, how do you lot do this twice a day training lark all the time??

  • Thanks Hilly. Will have a look and maybe give Bob Schofield a ring.

    Popsider - i have six pairs on the go at moment. New balance 1022 for the long runs (cushioned neutral shoes); Mizuno Mercury for recovery (hate them so opnly use them for short runs); New Balance 830 for the fast tempo work (basically same as Skylon) and i also have a pair of NB X-country spikes, the RX Terrain for off road/fells and the NB 150 for racing in short distances.

    Of them all really like the 830s but also liked very much the Skylon.

  • Thanks Big Tim for answering my question regarding x-c. I don't think I have the basic speed to do well at x-c but will continue to do them for experience. The reason I asked is that a couple of runners who normally run 800s and 1500s on the track seem to be running the 3 mile races I am doing.

    Laura HR may have dropped too quickly when cooling down, hence feeling dizzy.
  • Laura - by feeling utterly wrecked most of the time. I go to work for a rest.
  • Hilly - cheers, you've lifted my enthusiasm quite a bit now. Sounds like it could be a good day - I'll post a report at the weekend.

    Change of plan today, as I might not get a chance to run tomorrow. So it was actually 11 miles at easy pace. Feeling quite good building up these longer runs at the moment.
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