My name is ???????? and i am gonna seriously get my sh!t in one sock



  • Did a brick ride this morning avg 16.5 mph which I am pleased with as the traffic was horrendous so lots of stopping. Went on to run for 50 mins on fairly hilly (well for nottingham) route. I am feeling a bit more confident on the bike but am probably counteracting this by eating shed loads of junk.

  • I've rinsed my sock in chlorine and now I'm taking it down the gym for a beasting

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I was just thinking, and chatting to someone about this.  Some of the objectives are a bit loose.  Would it be beneficial for people to take a slightly more time based approach.  So, for example, aim to lose 7lbs by end of September?  (With an overall objective to lose 28lbs by xxx date?)  Or to aim to be able to swim 2km without stopping by Christmas?

    If you can't measure it, how do you know if you've achieved it?

  • image I agree Mouse, and weight wise i've got targets in mind, though i've not put them on here.  So now that you mention it I will!!

    Lee The Pea Targets
    Weight loss:
    18 lbs by 30th October (Florida holiday, hurrah!)
    30 lbs by end of the year
    43 lbs by end Feb.14
    54 lbs by end of April (Big Sur Marathon)

    I'll reassess as I reach the markers, though i'll obviously know if i'm on track every week. I'm aiming for 1.5lbs a week, but if it is a bit more then great.  I didn't want to overegg it though.

    In terms of other targets though, i've not got specific goals, partly because i'm not sure exactly what to aim for.  Well, i need to do a hilly marathon in less than 6 hours next April, but I need to break that down into smaller goals, but tbh i'm not even sure what to aim for as i'm not sure what i'm capable of, if that makes sense?  Weight loss will make a big difference to my run speed (i.e. I'm 2 stone heavier than I was and approx 2.5 mins/mile slower), but I don't know quite what to aim for as the weight comes off.  Further thought needed!


  • Here are my targets/objectives.


    2k in under 60 mins (No idea where I am at the moment so this may get changed)


    100 'Welsh' miles in one go by the end of the year. Currently up to 60 miles

    Running: This is my biggest weakness.

    5k by September 29th (My first sprint Tri)

    10k by end of the year

    Half marathon by March 31st

    Weight loss goals:

    14 lbs by October 29th (My birthday)

    28 lbs by end of the year

    This works out at just over 1lb a week so maintainable.

    I will re-assess end of October and adjust accordingly

  • image oh heck this is getting serious.

    Cake Target

    1. Be back to sub 5 hour marathon by end of sept.
    2. Be under 15 stone by christmas Was 16.10 at start of year now 15.8.
    3. Be able to crawl for 500 metres none stop by christmas.
    4. Have average on bike back up to 18 MPH by end of year in time for distance training in 2014.
    5. Clear garden and buy bookie some flowers. image
  • Rocco have your throught of parkrun's they can be quite motivational?

  • I have done them in the past again found them brilliant. I will try and start going to them again but haven't recently due to always being away or had commitments on a Saturday, excuses I know! 

  • Well sounds like you already know what you need to do mate get doing it or the witch will do bad things. imageimage

  • Cake wrote (see)

    Well sounds like you already know what you need to do mate get doing it or the witch will do bad things. imageimage

    Is that a promise? image 

  • Yes if youa re lucky she might use the handcuff's image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I was going to say SMART, Engineer, but didn't want to be all jargony.image

  • It works for a reason Mousey I spose  image

    I am not sure I have specific objectives, I want to be quicker on the bike and I would like to drop a few pounds, I suspect the two are closely linked
    I shall also continue to concentrate on my weights and my core

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    I was going to say SMART, Engineer, but didn't want to be all jargony.image

    I was just saying you're clever, innit? image

  • Okie dokie

    Red_Dog's targets

    Sub 11 hrs at Outlaw next year or as near as damn possible.. ok just beat my last time there so maybe 11:30.

    Be better on the bike- try and average 18mph consistently over 6 hrs.

    Conquer Brit championships next year- done this twice and both times ended up walking part of the run- Help me Joddly you kicked it's arse well and truly!

    I am an ok swimmer but want to cut some time off my 3.8k swim maybe 8-10 mins so try and get that sorted.


    Learn to love my tiny nips more


  • 10 mins off a 3.8k swim ?  What is your time at the moment

    Perhaps you should try and grow your nips?

  • Lol I think I would be more able to knock off eight-10 mins from the swim. I actually increased my speed from 1.8 to 2.0 miles ph over the distance, not massively fast but that's knocked 3 mins off already I am hoping to get some swim smooth coaching to knock the other 5 off. My time at Outlaw last year was 1:18.



  • OOh Actual real targets.

    I shall have a think about that! 

  • I took my sock for a run this afternoon and it brought a mate ....

    Swim earlier, back to work tomorrow for a rest image

    Red Dog, I think you have plenty of time to knock that time down .. given that Outlaw is likely to have been a quick time relatively due to lack of sighting et.c

  • Meldy, yes I hope I can, will try my darnest. But if my swim this afternoon has anything to go by- first my zoggs snap as I put them on, mwahha I have a spare pair so out of the pool back to my locker. Spare pair on off I go 25 metres in they are full of water. Now I remember why I stopped wearing them. Finally out to reception in just my trunks buying a dodgy pair for 3 quid. Managed to do 2 lengths before chlorine stings my eyes. Ok ill just do 2 speed lengths and empty the water. They hold for 2 more then the strap detaches aarrrrggghhh! I tie them in a knot so tight it feels like I am gauging my eyes out. 75 lengths of eye pain and I think sod it I am getting out. Feeling better now I have just troughed a full box of mateasers.image

  • Well my sock was stuffed last night - 22k bike to lake, swim in lake (2.6k), 22k bike home and 12k home to work and back again!

    Longest I have swum in OW before and I managed the 2.6k in 1hr14mins image and the best thing was I couldve done another lap around the islands at Bossie - except it the sun was getting low in the sky and I still needed to bike home!

    Will think about my goals this weekend and try and put concrete stuff down to keep me focussed.

  • Why do I swim in meters and K's and run and bike in miles ??   image

  • Meldy I do that too!!!

  • I get the feeling the majority do. Pool swimming promotes the metre and kilometre!

  • It does certainly and running miles are easier too but most bike courses are measured in k's and it takes me a whole IM to work them all out  image

  • I'm a kiwi I don't think in miles it hurts my head image

  • I prefer km for running now. Helps me pace a lot better. Bike uses same Garmin so that became km too.

    I'd like to say I want to swim a sub 7min 400 by end of year. But that wouldn't be achievable or realistic!

  • You can draft off me   image

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