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  • Oh and it's "only" 22degs and, I assume, probably one of the warmest places in the country. So I would think Bolton would be unlikely to make it's way to 24. 

  • I've heard the figure of 10% being banded around, but I think that if it is hot and sunny too then maybe you need to take into account the effects of dehydration and over heating so maybe a little less than that.

    It also depends on the swimmer.  It doesn't make much difference with me as I have good form without a wetsuit, and the wetsuit tends to make my form worse as I have too much bouyancy.

  • Good point. My technique isn't bad and I have a bottom end wetsuit that does restrict my arms a little. 

    I shall dip my toe tomorrow and make the decision. It'll be fun to do a non-wetsuit though! Really enjoyed my session on Thursday without image

  • My river was 24.5 degrees on Thursday.  Rivers are generally thought to be cooler than lakes so I don't think you can make generalisations across the country.

  • How much a wetsuit saves depends on the swimmer, their technique, how good the wetsuit is and how well it fits, how flexible the arms are etc.  I swim 3.8K open water about 15 minutes quicker in a wetsuit than without so with a wettie im about 20% quicker.  Im probably a more extreme case.

    My advice to anyone would be don't rely on a wetsuit or training with a pull-buoy, ive said this to Seren a number of times.  We all have time to learn how to improve our technique, relying on a pull-buoy is like someone saying they have to stop to eat on the bike, sort it out!  You only have to do a very gentle flutter kick to keep the legs up.

    I cant understand the concern over Ironman races being sanctioned non wetsuit but it will be what it is, you've still 2.20 to complete the swim which is loads of time.

  • What he said image

  • I'll agree with barley. Non wetsuit is about 15 mins slower for me and I'm a rubbish swimmer. For most people it will be less difference than that.
  • It does depend on the person.  My times aren't too much different with or without a wetsuit and in fact seem to be a bit quicker without the added restriction of a wetsuit.  Like caz I have a certain amount of natural buoyancy and often find my feet kicking thin air instead of water with a wetsuit! 

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