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    Liversedge lesley2 - try different socks and check your shoes.  Did you get any blisters during training?  As it was hot, did your feet get sweatier than normal or wet with water?  That can cause blisters when you've never had them before because the moisture makes the skin softer and more prone to blistering.

    On the double posts.  It happens on my android phone too.  Don't refresh the forum page, but go back to the followed threads or your bookmarks and reload the page.  It takes longer but saves you from repeating yourselfimage

  • Radar Sal wrote (see)

    oohhhh, Mr KeyserSuze!!!  So he's finally caved?  He'll be running paris next yearimage

    lol, on the runner/s.  Looks like they both finished in the photos, must have been a double number stuff up.

     Yes! I think he just might be on the marathon trail, woop!

    I thought that too, but the legitimate numbers have #boost underneath (you know, you've got one!)  and Aunty Lynne's...doesn't. Well, you can't see it, anyway. Fascinating. 

  • Radar Sal - Yes I did have them a little during training but could manage easily with the blister plasters.  My feet did get much warmer & sweatier though in Paris. 

    Can anyone recommend any socks or anything else to try/

  • Some really interesting viewpoints on goal setting and achievements.....

    I'm in benignmurmurrings camp now, and it reflects how I felt on the day and what I'll do next year......though i'm by no means having a go at those that want to hit those round numbers, After all, I've got a 1:57 Half PB image, but I think it was Eggy and TD that also summed it up nicely by saying it's sometimes those round numbers that are unrealistic and we should just aim for the best we can, in the given conditions on that day. Whether that's a 4:15 or 2:07 is entirely personal - just ask Mo Farah......(by the way I thought Fosters and others commentary on Sunday was appalling - I would take his time on a marathon debut image )

    benignmurmurring wrote (see)

    I think that I have the opposite feelings about those big goal markers from many of you; I'm moving away from caring about ever getting a sub-4. I had hoped to do my debut marathon in 4h15m, then got injured and revised the goal to 4h40m which I hit almost to the second. I ran it all slow and even and didn't especially suffer in the last six miles. In fact I ran the whole of the second half in on an endorphin fueled high. I loved it. I feel I could have played it a bit less safe and got a slightly faster time but I not sure I would have sacrificed how good I felt the whole way round to achieve this.

    However, I've still got ambitions for next year. 4hr15m still has its allure and I'll train with that in mind. But I want the hard work to go into injury prevention and the training, not into running so hard on the day that I miss the thrill of it and risk ending up disappointed.

    I'm usually more interested in the process then the end goal. I think that this probably makes me a much less serious runner than many of you image

    Amazing how much you learn on the day of a marathon, and in the days afterwards. I'm loving reading everyone's reflections

    That poor guy that died at the end of London Marathon on Sunday was same age as me. I gave up ice & rock climbing for something safer, sometimes it doesn't feel that way.image

    ....anyway......did someone mention next year?!

    Mrs Jo is still hobbling so we have revised plans and have entered Cardiff Half (thanks Weedy image) on 5th October. We are definitely entering Paris again and have both put our names into the ballot so pretty much guaranteed a place. Looks like Jo will need a good 6 weeks off though, so a summer build up with some Mountain Biking and maybe a climb or two then back to it over the Winter.

    Anybody else in for Cardiff? I believe YerMaj is from those parts, looks like a well organised run?

    Must admit, Paris was a great motivator to get out the door on those long winter days and as you all know Jo has unfinished business there. Bring on 2015!

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    Steve - Well done. Amazing effort to do two marathons so close together.

    Defenderken - Glad to hear Jo's experience hasn't put her off and that you'll both be back to have another go at Paris.

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    Liversedge Lesley2 - try injinji. I use the medium weight socks for anything over 15miles and a small bit of vaseline. What are blisters?

    Superb, well done - Steve Ayling

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    'got the photographer's permission to put the links to these albums online..Lots of Sub-3 runners here

    LL2, I had a long history of blisters after an unsuccessful trial with orthotics. The only thing that helped was using anti-friction plasters inside the shoe...not on my feet. I used  Engo this

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    Tmbrntt - what was your race number?

  • Defenderken I will prob be doing Cardiff as it is my local run x did it last year ( with ITB problem) amazing atmosphere great course just watch the speed bumps at about I think it is mile 10-11 one lady went flying and had loads of stitches x


    def agree with run for the enjoyment x for Paris I wanted to enjoy it do by best and savour the atmosphere and I think I will do this for my next one in July and not aim for a time x 



    Can you put me on calendar for Tenby Maration July 14 th please xxxxx



    any one else doing this x very hilly x

    off to running club later can't wait x


  • ATM - looking at those pictures, Jo is dead chuffed she got exactly the same medal as Bekele....... imageimageimage

  • Nice 15k low threshold run for me this evening. Good to get the HR up a bit, bit not too strenuous.

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Cardiff is my local HM as well, I've done it 3 times.  All depends on whether or not I do the Chester Marathon this year as they are on the same day.

  • Well done all who ran London! I'm being slightly glib when I say that it's just as knackering spectating as it to run it, but I am shattered today! It was amazing to watch - I really wanted to pour the energy I had into all of the runners we saw, especially at mile 23. All human life was there - exposed and vulnerable and just really beautiful, actually. I wish I could have run with them, to promise them they can do it and they are doing it and they're going to do it!

    Stuchbury wrote (see)

    Oooo rubbish website!! I wrote a long soul searching post and it crashed. Crux of it was.. I want a sub four, I am capable of one. If I don't achieve it at Stratford, I'll give up on the dream (how long for I don't know) and run some HMs and 10Kms.

    There -saved you all some reading time!


    Tricky-Dicky wrote (see)

    So close... eek. I thought I'd be satisfied when I broke the hour barrier. Turns out I had enough juice to beat it twice. Not sure what it really means though. Have I truly done my best? Did I unwittingly sacrifice other more important stuff on the way? Could I have pursued more satisfying goals instead? Did I damage my health on the way? Who knows? Anyway, I know I am the sort of person who thrives on goals and a sense of self-improvement and believe that tenacity is a good thing.

    Good luck to you Stuchbury image

    Stuchbury, I completely agree with you - I want a sub four, and I know I am capable. I've knocked exactly 30 minutes off my marathon time from the first to the fourth (4:42, 4:22, 4:32, 4:12) and have a half PB of 1:50. I can do it. After seeing the sub 4 asics plan get at least three people to not only a sub 4, but low 3:50s, I'm following that for Loch Ness. I had been fortunate enough to get to bootcamp for asics 26.2 but hadn't got any further, and, if I'm honest, had decided not to follow their plan as I thought I could do it on my own - yaboo sucks to them! Now I'm over that, I'm going to give it a go. 

    Trying in Paris was brilliant but it wasn't coming together and I remember thinking: "Not like this". I didn't want to slog my guts out all the way round to get a 3:xx and not enjoy it, or worse, injure myself by running/shambling horribly. I still managed a ten minute PB and loved running it again - the company, the route, the crowds. 

    TD, that's exactly what I was thinking. Once I get a sub 4, I'll want sub 3:50. It's the same with half marathons - I wanted a sub 2. Then I got three and wanted sub 1:55, then I wanted 1:50. Now I have that, I want sub 1:50! That's the beauty of running. There's always something to aim for. I guess I just have to remember to enjoy it along the way. 

    On another note, my friend who did Paris in 5:40 and was so down about the difficult run he had he refused to wear the medal, did London yesterday in 4:57! He wore the t-shirt and the medal to dinner yesterday. What a difference a week made!


  • Steve - I don't know if you ever saw us on Sunday but we were trying to track you round. Great job on finishing London even faster than Paris, when you weren't even sure you'd be able to run either of them.

    For those who are thinking of setting new targets post Paris, remember goals don't have to mean faster - they can also mean longer ...
  • Longer? Longer than 26.2 miles? Are you mad?

    When are you heading to Boston RR? Any targets, or is it a training run for Comrades?

  • It's a training run for Comrades. Sadly, I can't afford to push eyeballs-out for a PB because it would take me too long to recover, I need to be back running again the following week. I'd like to get a similar time to Barcelona (ie just under 4) but if I feel I'm having to push too hard to get that, I'll ease off.

  • Tricky-Dicky wrote (see)

    Accusations of level-headedness from a person who in his profile picture appears to be wearing a one-piece whole body lycra bathing suit seductively unzipped, with his hair bleached blond! Pfah I say!


    I object to that statement.




    It's a two piece.

  • KeyserSuze wrote (see)

    Stuchbury, I completely agree with you - I want a sub four, and I know I am capable. I've knocked exactly 30 minutes off my marathon time from the first to the fourth (4:42, 4:22, 4:32, 4:12) 


    That's an incredibly impressive progression, Suze. Consistent and smart.


    Personally, I want a marathon PB as I know I can do better than 3:22 (London a few years ago on a very hot day!). I'm capable of a sub 1:30 half and sure the cardiovascular endurance is there, but I've not been able to get long runs in for a long long time. Paris 2010 was the last time I committed solely to a running training plan, and it shows. I'm thinking that next year I could do a late season marathon instead of IM.... decisions decisions!

  • Cardiff is a lovely race. Ran it last year and I found it really well organised! Would be running it again this year but I'm targeting the other side of the bridge in Bristol for my A race this autumn.

    This targets thing is a really interesting discussion. Has anyone ever used the term SMART objectives? Its about setting goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. I think its really important to use this philosophy with your running goals.

    You will always want to run further, faster. You'll always set new PBs you want to achieve. But making them Achievable and Realistic is the key I've found. If you go out saying you want to run a 2h30 marathon, when your current PB is 5h, its not very realistic. However if you then time-bound it and said "By 2020" thats a different matter. Then you can set yourself 6-12monthly targets in more achievable chunks.

    Setting a less aggressive achievable realistic target that you meet, is much more gratifying when you achieve it than it is to miss out on what, in hindsight, may have been an unrealistic goal, which can have a really negative effect on your running.

    Just my £0.02!

    2 runs in post paris. Getting into the 10k mindset is difficult after doing so much distance!

    4 easy miles with the missus on monday and 6 x 60s hill sprints last night at sub 5k pace. Missed a couple of my splits by a few seconds but was pleased with the session as its still a speed I never thought possible pre-mara. Only bad side is, I seem to have a case of plantar fasciitis. My heel/arch "joint" is sore to walk on. image

    Going to see how I get on with tonight steady 5 miler.

  • Thanks TheEngineer - if I were superstitiously mathematical I'd say my next marathon will either be 4:02 or 3:52! We shall see - Loch Ness in September, my first Autumn marathon. 

    Good luck in the marathon PB quest. I was talking to a fellow club runner last night about my sub 4 ambition - I know that when I get it, I'll almost immediately want sub 3:55 as the same thing happened when I got my first sub 2half marathon. I've genuinely enjoyed the training campaign for Paris though, and I think that's important too. 

  • PS I didn't mean to double post above, forum glitch on refresh, I think. 

  • Take care of that foot Matty. Roll it on a tennis ball or something similar.

    On a similar but different note, my foot is benefiting from the strapping put on yesterday. No w to see how it feels after work. image

  • The Engineer - I could be fgalling into this same trap but don't have enough evidence yet to make any realiable conclusions. Having switched 50% of my training effort on to the bike, I think I am losing out on my top end VO2Max and flatter lactate curve. Translating into slower running.

    I've consciously avoided the reall hard running training in order to protect my knees - and that has worked. I am running pain free these days.

    But I haven't yet worked out how to do really hard workouts on the bike. I do some really tough hill circuits, good for power and I am certainly developing good endurance. But somehow I have a feeling this is not effective for my fitness as running 7x a week was using a highly structured programme. Mmmm, stuff to think about here. I feel like I need some new goals. At present they are centred around being able to do really long sportive rides (240km+ kind of rides simulating some of the classic races) but they are not really individual goals, because it's so different if you group ride as opposed to going solo and so much of the performance depends on those around you.  So I can't do purely individual performance comparisons which somehow is less satisfying.

    Anyone can go longer if they go slower... but I like going fast, be it running or biking. Like I said, stuff to mull over here. What sort of athlete do I want to be?

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    Matty - could be a case of things loosening or tightening up a bit after all the distance you've been putting in, key is to stretch it by doing some heel raises to relieve the feeling but not too much, don't overstretch it, it'll pass and sort itself out quickly if you don't aggravate it. That worked for me after Amsterdam last year. However, I'm not a physio...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Engineer, we need you back in Paris- fact (never mind this tri nonsense)

    Well I sneaked under 3 hours twice now and  can say for sure I don't aspire to go any lower- it wouldn't do me any good physically and I don't think I could motivate myself to even try.  


  • Cheers guys, will give that a go!

  • And I have sneaked under 3:30 once, and I am happy with that as a lifetime best. I worked bloody hard to get there, and I got there...

    Loch Ness is my next and will be a different type of race. Hillier, much less support, less congested, very unpredictable and tempremental weather....

    I am still aiming for 3:30 but won't lose any sleep if I miss it. I really want to try and enjoy the training, and the race.

  • Couldnt get hold of a ball shaped object on my lumch break, but did get an empty 500ml fanta bottle and filled it with water. Makes a perfect foot roller! Already easing the discomfort image

  • MacPerky wrote (see)

    And I have sneaked under 3:30 once, and I am happy with that as a lifetime best. I worked bloody hard to get there, and I got there...

    Loch Ness is my next and will be a different type of race. Hillier, much less support, less congested, very unpredictable and tempremental weather....

    I am still aiming for 3:30 but won't lose any sleep if I miss it. I really want to try and enjoy the training, and the race.

    HILLIER?! Crumbs. Might need to rethink the training... The elevation profile looks decidedly downward, at least for the first half.

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