• Nice to see that you're on the mend Dusty!  

    Good shout Schmunks!

  • Hurray! Good stuff dusty - and yeh, what schmunks says. image

    You ain't half going to itch when that brazillian grows back lol. image

  • Good to hear you are ok Dusty. 

    Recover well 

  • Good to hear you're back, and managed to stay away from the lights!

  • Great News Dusty

  • good news DB, rest up and recover well

  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    back to racing next year.


    One step at a time, eh mate?! Great attitude, glad to hear you're doing well. image

  • Just joined forum but hope recovery all goes to plan.

    drugs are great / drugs make you feel weird or worse tHan the cause.

    take care and rest & recover quickly.

  • Nice one Dusty

    Good to see that pirate interest was more about your Boyzillion than the procedure itself image with friends like us.....................

    Deffo up for a gentle pootle as per Schmunks idea when you're ready........and we do mean gentle!!!

    Take care

  • Fuck that. 30 miles on the rivet is what you need. Kill or cure.

  • WoW!!!!!

    The lesser spotted Bassy image

  • Oops sorry Lee. image

    Glad you're doing well DB!

  • Dusty, get yourself down Isleworth Pool when you're able...then you can make funkin lose count again image Hope you are up and about soon.

  • Glad to hear youre on the mend DB, see you on a beginners ride as soon as your spick and span.

  • Glad all going in he right direction image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Good news. Keep up the good work, recovery in your case is a form of training.

  • Good to see you on the mend Dusty, recover well  image

  • Just hijacking Dusty's thread, as it turns out two of us were in St George's last week - I had a blackout 300 yards into a run last sunday and spent the last week there for various tests, including a milder version of the 'tube in the artery and into the heart' that Dusty had.  The cause isn't nailed down yet but I'm having a monitor implanted and 'de-training' (their words) for a while to try and rule out one of the worst case scenarios.  If we can rule that out then I'll be back, if not then there might be some tri kit going begging.  First come first served!

    I wouldn't suggest everyone rush out and have ECGs and MRIs, but if you get a chance to get checked over it's well worth doing.

    I have a RoadID but for whatever reason didn't have it with me, so I had no ID on me at all.  Fortunately I came round just as some lovely people were pulling off the road to help, but I could easily have been carted off to A&E and my wife at home wouldn't have known for hours.  Take some ID with you, folks.

  • blimey CD hope you are OK and it turns out not to be anything serious

  • Good luck CD. Good point about ID and I hope its nothing serious for you. 

  • DB and CD strong  healing vibes to you bothimage

  • Good news Dusty, hopefully it's done the job and we can get out and try to find some hills in the new year image

  • That wold be nice

  • Good lord CD keeping fingers crossed for a quick and full recovery. 

    DB glad to hear things went well. 

  • CD, I really hope it all works out for you, hopefully youll get the all clear and it was some unusual situation that wont re-occur.

  • CD, I'm sorry to read that, must have been scary. +1 to Barley's hoping you'll get the all clear and that what they've done already will sort it out.

    Take care both.

  • Blimey CD that must be scary, hope you recovery well and they find out what it was.

    Hopefully Dusty is well on the road to recovery now


  • Blimey CD! 

    Hope the fund the cause soon and you catch DB up on the road to recovery 

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