Beachyhead marathon

mordomordo ✭✭✭

I have been away for 2 years due to injury but will be back to eat some food and bark (lovingly) at the piper before reaquinting myself with the 7 witches. Who's in this year?



  • Yep, entered a few days ago. image

  • I've entered, but thanks to new finishing time I really am not looking forward to it.  If anyone wants my place they're welcome to it.

  • Okay I'll have it then. What is the new finishing time anyway?

  • Right, maximum finish time of 8 hours and no early starts. They want you to finish before dark. I'm kinda with them on that but I don't feel I own this event. I'm just a tourist. wouldn't mind giving this one another go and the entries are still open.

  • WiB - you're a pretty good runner aren't you. what time do you expect to finish this one in? I'm hoping to run it the whole way. And that's no easy target in this race!

  • It's just that the original event was the Seven Sisters Marathon and was started by a walking group with runners welcome.  It has now morphed into a primarily running event with walkers tolerated.  The finishing time of 6pm is still daylight and if there was a proper sweep everyone should be near the finish by then. 

    It really means that a lot of the old - and I do mean old - regulars will probably not enter, or if they do then I would think for them to trying to beat the deadline would be far more dangerous in terms of potential injuries than just being on the Downs at twilight.

    SR if you're serious with your offer pm me - not that notification is working - note to RW Towers if they're not too preoccupied sorting out quarrels on the tri siteimage.

  • No real idea on time SR. It is the weekend after Amsterdam so I will be happy with as close to 3 hours as my legs let me go! Its very local to me so just fancy running it.

  • WiB with a time around 3 hours, you may have a certain Stuart Mills to contend with.. Just sayingimage

  • Would be good to run with him... Are you doing it pmo?

    There's a few good marathons on the South Downs but have never done them! Beachy Head, 3 Forts, Steyning Stinger... Need to start ticking them off!

  • Nope, I don't like the course enough to do it again. Smashed myself to peices on the 7 b*tches a few years ago and don't plan to go back. Though I did enjoy the sausage rolls... image

    I'd go back for the 3Forts and Steyning at the drop of a hat. Isn't Sleaford another one for the Downs?

  • Doing Beachy Head for the first time and a bit scared tbh. Only done flat marathons so far but am doing plenty of hill training. I am a bit of a plodder and not worried about a time so finger crossed image

  • I'm in again - my favourite race of the year image

  • I'm entered.  Not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.  After the Great South Run - which I hated from start to finish - I swore I'd never do another big race.  I know this is a different scale, but I'm not sure if it's going to be too busy to be pleasurable.

  • pmo - I like the 7 Sisters. Ran over to Eastbourne yesterday morning. 20 miles in to a marathon they will sting a bit.

  • WiB - My hip flexors just gave up on me after the first two image - obviously I didn;t manage myself well enough, I knew they were coming... The course just didn't float my boat really, it's pretty an all - just a bit..... meh.

  • Peronel - this is (or was) much more of an LDWA style event- everyone friendly and chatty, and very low key. Not sure what effect the new time limit will have on the field though.

  • Fair enough pmo... we do it for fun after all image

  • mordomordo ✭✭✭

    Peronel, beachyhead is as pleasurable is it gets, good food and lots of oportunities to chat while walking up or down some of those hills, you are guaranteed never to be alone as we all share our pain together

  • I'm in too. Been over some of the course, and have decided I am just going to do what I can to both finish fairly intact, and most importantly, enjoy the day and the company image

    Anything above that will be a bonus!

  • I'm in.

    Been living in the Netherlands for the past 20 years so I'm not used to hills. I hope the views live up to my expectations. And that there's some decent British cake available.

  • I did last year as my first marathon and am going back again this year - it has a great atmosphere and a great range of food/drinks around the course including tea/coffee, sausage rolls and fruit cake.

    The 7 sisters are painful, but it is well worth it (IMHO)!

  • Hi - Does anyone know if the race is full?

    The entry link seems dead

    If it is full, does anyone have a place they want to sell/transfer pls?

  • Yes - you can have mine if you want.

  • Entry link is working. Try again.

  • Can anybody tell me a bit about what it's like on the day? I'm looking at booking a B&B or a hotel, but there does not seem to be anything within quick walking distance. Using Google Maps, there seems to be plenty of parking spaces along the sea front, but how far away could I end up parking?

    My (Dutch) girlfriend will be coming along for the day and a walk along the the Seven Sisters, but she's never driven on the left-hand side of the road (and would rather never have to). So if it's busy, I've suggested she drops me off and then parks further away before putting her hiking boots on. But the idea fills her with trepidation.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  • There's the Grande Hotel. A short walk to the start.

  • Thanks, but The Grande is a bit out of our price range.

  • The seafront is almost completely made up of hotels, just take your pick.

  • I'll have a shovel. Yes, I agree. I looked last night and there were loads to choose from and plenty only a short walk to the start. Or a quick drive. 

  • B&B is booked thanks. May still want to save a bit of energy and take the car in the morning. If anybody knows what the parking is like on the day, I'd appreciate some info.

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