Alistair Brownlee post race interview



  • I wonder what the commentators would have talked about if it weren't for the history of all the monuments and buildings the race went past? They also stated the Queen was at home as "the flag" was flying.... Oblivious to the fact that it was the Union Jack & not the Royal Standard therefore she was not at home!

  • I quite like the history   image

    Althought I suspect they mentioned 'Wellington' a little too often  !

  • No different to the tour coverage and Liggert and Sherwins Histories of chateaux and cheeses etc of the regionsimage

  • Don't get me started on Ligget & Sherwin, Max....fecking nora. I was just getting over the rage image

  • I quite enjoyed the commentary on the ladies race too, especially the "huge pile up on the bike" which was 2, and one of them got back on her wheels almost straight away image

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