Reading vs Bath Half Marathon



  • nah, best way to get thermal blankets is not to finish at all. I got actual hypothermia and they gave me about 5 of the things.

  • There were plenty of rules you had at the time that the organisers may have put in place - maybe you walked a couple of steps or stopped which would have removed the entitlement to the blanket. I would have been disqualified yesterday under the DF3 rules.

    Oops - another tangent.

    Which is flatter / faster.  Reading isn't without one or two speed bumps which put a little dent in my early progress last year. I know nothing about the Bath course.

  • is there a lakeland in either Bath or Reading? im in need of some baking trays and a deep sided roaster.  could tip it in the favour of which half i run next.   thanks

  • There's a lakeland in Nottingham if you're still here... Independent kitchenware shops sound even more exciting though. I vote for Bath.

  • Damn - I have left Nottingham already. I will have to wait until next year, and be content with some online kitchenware porn . It's not the same as handling the merchandise though.

  • Bristol also has a branch of the independent kitchenware shop, so you could do Bath in the spring and Bristol in the autumn for a double kitchenware shopping hit.

    I'd say Bath is a nicer course than Reading, but that may simply be that I have run 2 big PBs at Bath and am therefore sentimentally biased.  I hate the last few miles at Reading on a tough day...

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Dean - yes, there is a Lakeland in Reading.  We also have a Clas Ohlsson if you're after some Scandinavian kitchenware, which I'm sure you are.

    Since you come from Stoke though, you should be able to manufacture this stuff yourself.  I thought you all could?

  • I could do with some Lint Rollers (bloody dogs), a new security light, packs of pocket tissues, and some hangers. Maybe Reading would be the better option, what with Clas Ohlsson being on hand. Uumm, got me thinking now; planning races is a tricky business. I do like the idea of doing the kitchenware double in Spring and Autumn following Jools recommendation, and I'm not sure I'm up for those last few miles in Reading again.

  • Should have hung around here a bit Also-Ran, we've got a John Lewis.

    I'm leaning towards Reading now for the Scandinavian kitchenware though.

  • literatin wrote (see)

    Should have hung around here a bit Also-Ran, we've got a John Lewis.

    I'm leaning towards Reading now for the Scandinavian kitchenware though.

    You  also used to have a 'Knobs and Knockers' which always made me laugh when my parents took me into Nottingham

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    literatin wrote (see)

    nah, best way to get thermal blankets is not to finish at all. I got actual hypothermia and they gave me about 5 of the things.

    Lit -- I vaguely remember you saying on another thread that during another HM you nearly passed out and fell in a river...  How many have you actually completed?

  • Never mind all this kitchenware, what's the best pub in Bath for the post-race roast?

  • Taxi driver - don't worry, that was the same one. And it wasn't Reading or Bath either! I have completed* all my other races.

    *and also run them, in case Mr A. was wondering.

  • Remind me to ask some carnivorous Bathonians for you nearer the time, Phil.

  • Cheers Jools!  image I've actually been to quite a few pubs in Bath cos my brother was working at the uni some years ago, but the last time was the night before we headed to Glastonbury in 1995 and to be honest I really don't remember much about that evening...

  • also ran - i like the idea of a lint roller.  i was given an electric wok as a gift one yr.....a wok you plug in!  couldnt believe such pointless technology existed.  its gathering dust with a cow shaped breville toastie maker and a electronic cupcake maker.  with this known i think im leaning towards Reading HM.

  • Glad I could help sway the decision Dean. Clas Ohlson will prove to be a gem of a shop for picking up the obscure and unnecessary to add to your collection.

  • PhilPub wrote (see)

    Never mind all this kitchenware, what's the best pub in Bath for the post-race roast?


    Haven't eaten there yet, but Bath Ales have a place right by the station caleed Graze.


    Best pubs in Bath are probably the Star and Old Green Tree, but there are plenty of other good ones


  • As we are off piste - the Thermae Spa in Bath after the half marathon is lovely! I know in theory warm water makes the joints swell after long exercise but the warm spa waters and steam rooms are just toooo tempting.image

  • I have done Bath and loved it. Great support and friendly BUT I am pretty slow and it got crowded in places. If you are looking for  PB would say Silverstone better. Dull course (unless an F1 fan like me then it's fantastic!) but it's nice and wide with no bottlenecks. Little hilly but not bad.

    Senna ton -  I'm an F1 fan so will take the racing line and name the corners as I go image Also looking for a PB so Silverstone for me.

    Bath spa is a worthwhile treat afterwards but book time slot before the day.

    Getting in & out of Reading easier than Bath. Reading parking is easy to get in and away at end. I'd recommend the train for getting into Bath As obscene parking charges even on a Sunday 



  • Recommend park & ride for Bath - hassle free


  • +1 for the train into Bath.


  • Bath seems very expensive (unless you get a free place). 40 quid for club members. Reading is also pricey at 36 pounds. I've never paid this much for a race, not even a marathon. I'm sure the Brighton half was cheaper when I did it last year but I may be completely wrong. Silverstone is a bargain in comparison at only 18 pounds.
  • Depends where you live slowKoala.

    If you live in Bristol that 40 quid price seems very cheap compared to the 18 pounds of Silverstone, unless of course you know some magical place where they are selling fuel for 2p a litre.


  • It's true that if your looking for a flat half marathon in south-west, in the spring, you haven't got a lot of options. I assume thats why Bath as a mediocre HM sells out early every year. £40, however is still bloody steep for a yawn-worthy two lapper. It is definately not very cheap, or even slightly cheap!

  • Also did both Reading and Bath last year.

    Reading was a great course, big crowds and fast, fantatsic stadium finish.  The last couple of miles aren't the best through as they are a long out-and-back just as you thought you were at the finish line!

    Bath is a popular fun-runner's/charity race but is also well organised and the course is great fun.  Mildly undulating which I like.  There are large crowds in most areas of the course but you do go out into the outskirts a bit as well.  2 laps for Bath.

    I've chosen Bath for 2014 (yes it was a tough decision!!) as I wanted a weekend city break and a chance to relax in the amazing bath spa for a few afternoons and have some tasty sally lunn buns in the local cafe image

    Wish these 3 races didn't clash with each other - I still want to do Silverstone and haven't been able to yet!

  • Bath is a brilliant city to run through, just a shame the HM course doesnt show you any of these on the course except the minor bit at the start/finish.

    crowd support is great, having marshalled the race in previous years and been a supported I have taken the plunge and decided to do Bath, purely because its on my doorstep!

    There is somewhere you can get ostrich burgers in bath (not sure if schwartz still do, but a Pub not far from the finish does them).


  • Hi guys.

    Bath 2013 was my first HM and although I really enjoyed it, having now completed a few more I tend to agree with one of the previous replies re the fact that it doesn't take in much of the City due to it being a two lap course.

    That said, I will probably run it again in 2014 so I can hopefully gauge my improvements over the 12 months.

    Reading is definitely on my 'to do list' I understand that it finishes in the football stadium.

    I also ran Bristol HM this year. I was informed that it was a good course for a PB and it didn't disappoint. What I particularly liked about Bristol though was the fact that the course winds back on itself in quite a few places meaning you get to see the elites going past on the other side of the road and other club members along the way to cheer on etc.  I will definitely run it again in 2014.

    I do find it strange though that they put on two reasonably big HM's (Bath and Reading) on the same day. A shame too as I'd like to run them both !

  • Well at least they do not clash with Hastings for a change, so many runners can now have a good day out at The Seaside at Hastings,and enjoy the fish and chips afterwards. Good opportunity to help Celebrate the 30th Hastings Half.

  • I also understand that the Kenyan Athletes are not happy with this clash,as they would prefer to have two pay days instead of one.

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