Ballbuster - Saturday 9th November

So, who's up for a bit of Box Hill pain?

Quick 8 mile run round the Box Hill Loop (start at the car park at the top, finish with a sprint up the zig zag), jump on your bike for 3 quick loops, then hop off for another swift 8 miles and a scenic dash for the line up Box Hill zig zag once more. 

Simples, no idea where the name came from! 

The Engineer
Goblin Princess

Wimping out
Golden Boots

Joddly's not got anything else on round then to focus onimage so she'll probably rock up for another AG podium!




  • Possibly... For the lols... What's more too like hills and pain

  • You make it sound so easy Gladys...

    ...for that reason, I'm out.


  • Think Cat needs adding to the list of Wimps

  • Flat Footed wrote (see)

    Think Cat needs adding to the list of Wimps


    I'll be there with a cow-bell and a mocha-choca-latte waiting for you lot to avoid the over busy roads with irate locals and thick thick fog.

    But I'll be there in March to race.

  • Tempted......

  • Another quick whizz up Mincing Lane  ....  I think I am washing my hair

  • What have I deserved for this abuse?

    I won't be racing as I won't have a bike or anything after just moving back. Will hopefully be there to join Cat for a latte!

  • looks like my type of race image

    Unfortunately it's my twin son's birthday and I've promised them that I won't be doing anything except parkrun image 

  • Wabby, just tell them your parkrun may take a bit longer than usual, no problem.

  • I could be tempted to join IronCat for a hot chocolate and yelling at people.

    The fog did make it more challenging, but I think the locals are resigned to the cyclists now, although still do not understand the principles of overtaking safely.

  • bhflyerbhflyer ✭✭✭

    GB you can borrow my old bike if you want.

  • I'm on for the hot choc and shouting option wimping out for me image


  • It's OK thanks BH... I'm just making excuses image I also haven't trained for 18 months / poorly ankle / washing my hair (delete as appropriate)

  • GB, I could lend you my fixie, man of your calibre and all that.

  • haha

    Let me repeat - the bike excuse was just that, an excuse image (and not entirely true!)

  • bhflyerbhflyer ✭✭✭

    No training for 18 months GB? not according to your FB posts image

    Anyway you'll still leave most of us for dust!

  • haha... no proper training. More arm bends in the pub than anything!!

  • So the day is nearly here, who is injured/ill ? Any more spectators expected?

    I plan on going for a swim first thing then parking at the bottom of the hill and will walk up as my exercise, so should arrive by the time most have done the first run (8.45am), followed by at least one hot chocolate drink.

    The warning signs for the locals have been out for about 2 weeks so expect them to have forgotten it is on and drive like idiots along with other cyclists just getting in the way.

    Weather forecast is sunny with showers, or showers with sunny bits.

  • House move was delayed until tomorrow so I'm out. Shame,  but I'll be there in March. 

  • Ah crap, hasn't this been cancelled...better go get some kit sorted out.

  • Time for taper then FF   image

  • Is Joddly sandbagging this one again ?!!

  • I might go and shout at people.

    In a postive, affirming manner obviously  image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Mrs F, you are a wonderfully positive, affirming shouter, and we love you for it!

    And no, Melds, I'm in no shape even to start this one unfortunately, and I'm particularly gutted as the hoodie is especially nice this timeimage.

  • Why spoil the fun Mrs F ... give 'em hell !!

  • Flat Footed wrote (see)

    Ah crap, hasn't this been cancelled...better go get some kit sorted out.

    Bon chance. Humanrace recommend a front and rear light so the locals can target you better in the thick fog.

  • Oh Joddly  image  seriously??    I am sure you could turn up and blag it and even enjoy it

  • Don't worry Joddly,  sounds like Melds is looking to race under your numberimage


    Planning on turning up to drink coffee and shout at some stage,  probably when the bike leg is underway,  thanks for the reminder CJ as for some reason I had it in mind that start time was 9am not 8am!

  • Properly crapping this one. If I make it through the first run (alreay further than I have run in recent memory) then the bike will be a good test of survival. 

    I don't even want to think about the second run. Might need a lift from lazy, non-racing, Pirates to get me round, so start biking/driving the course from about 11am and pick me up when you see me in a heap at the road side please! 

  • Have wangled a day off tomorrow.  The hot chocolate sounds very pleasant and any chance to shout at Gladys is an opportunity too good to miss. image

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