Brecon Half Ironman distance event


I am new to the forum but have been an active runner for a few years. After running in the London Marathon this year I have turned my attention to all things triathlon. I am never going to be a speed merchant but would like to take part in a long course event such as an Ironman because I like the mind over matter aspect of an event when you can really challenge yourself.

Although I am a regular runner and road cyclist I am let down by my swimming which I am working hard to improve. I am aiming to compete in an Ironman distance race in 2015 but would like to enter a 70.3 distance next year to test the water. I have been told that there might possibly be a new event next summer in Brecon but can't find any info on it at all. Can anybody help?




  • Hi macuk.....

    there was a tweet the other week about this race but no follow up yet..

    they mentioned the 7th June and it will be based at Bryn bach parc near tredegar on the south edge of the Brecon beacons.......

    no other information realised....but i am waiting for more information as well as i fancy it

  • That would be great if it comes off as it's only a few miles away image

    failing that can anybody else recommend a similar event as my first half ironman 

  • What about the Little Woody near Chepstow in August. Only 60 quid for a half.
  • bala is good 8th June a bit hilly image

    there is also a good one in the cotsworld water park the cotswold 113 I think in june.... flat 

    i am waiting until the info come sfor the beacons one 


  • Will have to give it some serious thought if it does happen as my parents live in Merthyr so it would almost be on their doorstep.


  • Every time I see the title for this I read it as Bacon HIM and think yup that's a tri I could get on board for - finish and you get bacon image

  • It seems we are easily influenced by the thought of a good feed after a race, I only did the Wild Boar cus I was promised Ice cream image

    I'd be well up for the Bacon HIM, even if its all up a mountain, the smell of sizzling bacon would keep me going, sorry veggies image

  • Just had a look at the little woody ( cant think of a better way to put that image) and it looks perfect. The dates match up with my leave and 60 quid looks like a bargain. 

  • Woody entered image

    It's the inspiration I need to keep working hard at my swim training through the winter,


  • The Little Woody is a great low key event, and was my first half ironman race. Still hover over the entry button for next year, but not too sure how it'll fit in with other plans.
  • its one I want to do but never seems to fit into my schedule image

  • I ahve wanted to do the woody but never seems to fit into my schedule image

  • just in the beacons middle has got a new date after consultation with welsh triathlon.......

    it will be the 5th july

  • I still like the idea of going for the Brecon event although the 5th July might be a little too close to the woody 

  • they are weeks apart.......i'm doing ironman races closer together than will be fine...image


  • for how long do yu run such a race?


  • 5th July is making this sound even more enticing as I'd have been in the area around then anyway.

  • Can I hold you to that seren, everything takes it's tole these days image

  • macuk.

    I believe you are just a bit younger than me so no excusesimage

    i have swam in bryn bach a few times should be warm in july image


  • Is there a website for this race, being on the doorstep it would be rude not to do it
  • Where do you get your info Seren? Obviously better sources than me. image Still not seen or heard anything more about it, apart from the organisers having a meeting with the managers a few weeks back, but heard no details at all. Is 5 July definite now?

  • Slugs...........i was trying to work out my races for next year and i want to do this one so i emailed them 


    and the reply was that they had changed the date to 5th july.....which will fit in well for me......

  • Cheers MT, passed that info on. Cracking bike course, comes right by my house twice image. That 3 mile climb back up onto the Moors is a corker as well. Shame its got to go through so much traffic to get there though, although it'll be fairly quiet on the 'out' leg. 

  • thats goiong to be a tough one ........even the run is going to include that hill several times

    can't quite picture the whole bike leg


  • Cor, that climb out of llangynidr is going to be testing. Good warm up for IM Wales though  image  

  • Oh it is. Road sign on the turn says 'Beaufort 6 miles' That's home for me, but it feels like the longest 6 miles out there. Better get a few training rides up it.image Hope the ice cream man is waiting at the top on race day!

  • are they going from llangynider straight up the switchbacks......

  • That would be a great route!  I trained on that road for Lanza ... or at least when there wasn't snow at the top image

  • I'm not sure why i'm looking at this and the blaenavon tri when my ironman races next year are on the flat

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