2014 Liverpool Half Marathon

Does this course have PB potential? 



  • didn't realise that liverpool had a half will look it up.


    Alan.I thought you have a lot of links with Liverpool.   so i am confused by your post..are you involved with this race 

  • The half marathon has been going for 22 years now and yes Iam involved with race.

  • Alan, I think if you want to advertise your race you should go through the proper channels and not try to do it for free by spamming the forum.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    sounds like your better placed than many to answer your own question then??

  • so why start a thread asking if its a PB ......looks like you were pretending to be a normal punter.......looks like you were trying to decieve usimage


    if you are going to go for free advertising at least be open and honest with us and not try and treat us like fools

  • All Alan's been very upfront before about being the race bloke thinking it's just assuming everyone would already know it, He's quite well know up north through run liverpool.

    If any good I've done this race the last 4 years and it's a good one will almost definantly be doing it again next year. Partly to meet friend's from around those parts and partly because enjoy the race. It's slightly undulating in places but the local's support the race a lot and it's got a good medal. image  Worth the trip if anyone is fancing it.

  • I'm not pretending to be a punter at all. I'm asking a valid question if those that take part think the course has PB potential. Quite a few people go on these forums and moan about Race Directors not enagaing with runners but I do. I always have and will continue to do so.

    Happy to stay off the forum and you can talk amongst yourselves.

  • If you weren't protending to be a punter why not mention you were the race director......I'm sure you got enough feedback from all the runners over the years to know if it is a PB course or not.... you must know the courser back to front.....

    If you wanted feedback read the feedback or post a question here asking for feedback..

  • I wasn't pretending to be a punter. If I was I wouldn't have put mey real name. The course has changed last year with a new start and finish but given that you didn't know Liverpool had a half marathon you wouldn't know that. Hence the prompt.

  • image Seren carm down Alan comes on here all the time to talk to runner's to help inprove the course and the other races in and around liverpool and has for years been a very good egg. Don't believe there has been any intent to spam.

  • It is a good race and its well placed as preparation for London. Race Liverpool and it will show you what shape you're in for London.

    It's not the fastest course - but it's not the slowest either.
  • Thank you Cake / Coughie.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    what date is it out of interest? Looking for a well timed half for VLM and might be a nice change as always seem to do the same ones. Oh and what time does it get going as with a 90 min drive that would have to be a consideration!

  • 23rd March. Er Morning time... but plenty of hotels in the city or on a train line.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I assumed it would be, however there is a big difference in a 9am start and a 10.30 start. I wont do hotels, cannot sleep in them so would just be awake all night!!

  • DT19 - it's a 9.00am start. Might be a bit early for you?

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    yeah, think that would be, particularly as I dont know Liverpool in terms of getting to right area etc.

  • Looking forward to this one- it'll be my first half marathon, definitely attracted by the course route. Even though I'm only based in Manchester I'll most likely stay in a hotel (Not that I sleep much before a race day!)

  • It's a PB half marathon course for me.  Took 7 minutes off in 2011 and another 3 minutes in 2012 image

    Tempted to have another crack in 2014.

  • I think Lpool is my PB race - but it was the one year that the London Marathon people organised it ? 2006 I think ?

    I'm not entirely convinced that course was correctly measured. It is a completely different course now.
  • It was correctly measured by Brian Grice, official course measurer. All BTR courses are accurate.

  • Was that your course Alan ? The one that started in Sefton Park ?

    Can't remember where we finished.
  • No. In 2005 and 2006 the London Marathon Company tried their hand at delivering races in Liverpool. Only lasted two years before they packed up and left.

    (I assisted in the lead vehicle and then got left with the event once they withdrew).

    It started and finished on Croxteth Drive just in front of St. Hildas school. I'm sure that particular course was pin accurate as Hugh Jones measured the course.

    You may find the attached image link reminds you of the race?


  • Cool ! I was actually that fast ! Cheers Alan !

    I cant quite make myself out on that pic though !image
  • Start and finish on a World Heritage Site, runs through the city centre past Liverpool ONE and the Albert Dock, up past the Anglican Cathedral, around and through Sefton Park, along the river front, through the Liverpool Marina, past the Liverpool Arena and Liverpool Museum.

  • I was so impressed with the whole event (first timer 2013) running buddy and me are already in for 2014, everything about this run/race is excellent and I can't recommend enough. 


  • Dannii best advice is just enjoy it and don't get to taken up with worries about what times you get for your first one. image

    At the start a lot of people always head off at warp speed many of them will be very good quick runner's but a lot will be people who like you are doing there first one. You will run past them after a couple of miles as they have set off to fast and knackered themselves out. So unless you know your fast stand back a bit at the start line. Won't effect your time as the chip mat does that.


  • DanniiW - great that you are coming to Liverpool for the race. You'll probably get caugt up in the excitement of the day but just take it easy from the off. The 'hill' at Parliament Street is not as daunting as you imagine and it is just after the 1 mile point anyway - so quite early on in the run.

    Keep a nice steady pace that you are comfortable with and enjoy the day.

    The rest of the course is relatively flat and the last four miles are along the river front heading back toward the city centre. Enjoy!

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