The Biggest Loser USA marathon

Has anyone been watching the current season of The Biggest Loser USA on Sky Living, where their final task will be to run a marathon?

Think the actual episode with the marathon is 6 weeks away, but anyone fancy sticking in their predictions as to how many will complete the marathon quicker than DF3?

There are 15 contestants, and their starting weights ranged from 239lbs to 447lbs...



  • Is it really wise to ask extremely overweight and unfit individuals to run a marathon? OK, they may walk most of it but walking for that length of time is not easy.

    Anyway, I think that at least one willt DF3 to shame.

  • I watched them in a running challenge once and watching fat people run is alarmingly more interesting than seeing Olympic athletes

  • I love the biggest loser. Esp Bob image

  • Hopefully by the time the marathon comes round they should have lost a significant amount of weight, and presume the docs will check them out before they are allowed to take part... It will even re-inforce DF3's statement that anyone can complete a marathon...

    FBJB - I understand why all the contestants wanted Bob as their trainer, but think I would have been pushing for Anna Kournikova! image


  • Well the fastest biggest loser USA marathon so far finished in 4:02. So they're faster than me.

  • Phew that's a relief, not faster than me. I can get back to my doughnuts.

  • Another watcher I'm afraid image

    don't know why I watch it as I have enough weight / head issues to last a life time but it is quite compulsive and I do like "journeys"!

    I would have liked Dolmet (sp?) I think this year...........but have also (to diverge slightly) had a soft spot for The Commando (Aussie BL I think)

  • The commando's gone a bit moley for me.
    I'm a Bob and Jillian fan, it's a bit mean to send any other trainers up against either of them now as they've done it for so long they really are the experts on it and it seems now one else can get the same results.

  • I usually watch it but couldn't warm to this latest group so gave up (really don't like Anna as a trainer and that other guy - love Bob though)

    I did love The Commando in the Aussie programme but went off him slightly when he and that Michelle had a fling and cheated on their respective spouses...image

  • gingerfurball wrote (see)


    I did love The Commando in the Aussie programme but went off him slightly when he and that Michelle had a fling and cheated on their respective spouses...image

    Oh I didn't know that naughty naughty image

    Quite like Shane from the Aussie one.

  • Oh dear - I didn't know the commando had been naughty either image  shame!

    Yep Shane's ok image

    I didn't get into the current US series for a while and there are some characters who really wind me up still in but now I've got a bit more tv time on my hands so will be trying to be a regular!

  • Is everyone willing Bonnie to be eliminated from the current US series? (Haven't see Monday's episodes yet, so maybe she already has been?)

    Thought she should have gone week 1, when she turned on the tears and the sob stories...

  • They would beat DF3 before losing any weight, never mind afterwards image

  • I'm not keen on Bonnie either - seems to be a right whinger and whiner - she's one of the ones who winds me up!

  • Agh! Bonnie drives me nuts!!  I feel sorry for anna... she's not got the whole PT and motiviational prompting thing down yet, don't think she'll be invited back for another series.

    I love the other guy who's not Bob though, he's fab!

  • Glad it's not just me who's taken a disliking to Bonnie!

    So who's everyone's bets on to be the series winner, given that any of them could make it to the final if they win the marathon?

  • I reckon Jessica or John will win it.

    Bonnie had another lucky escape this week.  The other teams should get a pound advantage for every time she blubs.


    Wow!  Other peeps that watch The Biggest Loser.  No one I know watches this, but I completely love it.  Have even managed to like the Australian version.

    Can't wait for Jillian to come back, 'Unna' is annoying the crap out of me. 

    As a fellow fatty, I am always inspired by the transformations.

    Another Bonnie hater - he keeps bagging on how she is doing so well for an old person.  I don't consider her old, just useless.  Can't believe how patient the others are with her, but maybe they don't consider her to be a threat, so to keep her in is gameplay.

  • Ummm, I watch it too. Only of course because I'm a loving husband and wanting to support Mrs C, no other reason. image

    Bonnie, don't get me started. How she has remained in for so long I really don't know. Maybe it's game-play and no-one sees her as a threat? 

    Commando & Michelle? Didn't know that, disappointed. Prefer the Aussie one generally to USA. The British one looked like something my mates and I cooked up after a very heavy night down the pub. 

    My list of preferred trainers:

    • Shannon
    • Michelle
    • Commando
    • Bob
    • Jillian

    Forget any others, they are just poor imitations.

    Oh right, OP. Err, my answer is all of them......  image

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Bonnie goes in week 9. John wins. 

  • Not sure about a winner but I think it will be one of the blokes......... image

    So long as it's not Bonnie I'll be happy although flicking this afternoon I saw a bit I'd previously missed when they split them up where Jessica was banging on about how she hated being separated from her original team mates as she depended on them and them on her.........

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I wonder if she realises that in the real world she'll have to stand on her own two feet and that this is good practice?

  • Yes, John wins. This is a fact, not a debate. Watched it 2 years ago in the States. 

  • FFS Chappers.....

  • Chappers not happy with youimage

  • We could have googled who had won, but guess what, may be we didn't want to know.  Do you hand over christmas presents and shout out what is in them before a person has time to unwrap them?

  • There's always one who has to ruin it for the rest!

    Still intrigued to see who wins the marathon and how quickly, but no doubt Chappers will come and let us all know that too!! image

  • Oh that was so kind of you Chappers I really wanted to know that image


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • I love watching Biggest Loser and was just reading this thread.  Rather disappointed to see who wins image

  • Yes - it did rather take away the suspense last night when John was at risk of going home..............

  • Yeah, Chappers do you really not know that internet etiquette dictates that you don't give spoilers without a warning, or are you just a cock? :P

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