Asics262/Sub4/Sophie Ruffles/VOTE FOR ME!

For all those applicants to this awesome comp, and other savvy forumites, it looks like you're going to be pestered for your votes for the next week.  I'm starting the campaign now.

Having had the pleasure of meeting the other 3 in my category at bootcamp, and finding them to be lovely, I feel bad asking for you to pick me but that's the game.

I ran London last year and loved every minute of it.  I'd love to smash my 4:21 time with the help of the Asics262 team.

I love running generally having taken it up properly 5 years ago. Along the way I've seen some great places and met some fab people. 

My running patch is Bristol, often the downs and mostly with Hugo in tow.

If you want more in return for your vote, I'm all ears!

Vote now!!image



  • so first found the forums in april 2012 and got involved...............but then didn't post at all until this competition.......

    how can we know that you will post regular on your thread when you win......

  • Fair question Seren nos. I found the thread for support during my first marathon and it was great to find support and like minded people. I haven't faced such a big challenge since, hence the radio silence.

    Like the rest of the finalists, I see this comp as not only a great prize but a chance to engage with the running community as a whole. I think I'll enjoy the chatting about running as much as the running itself.  Knowing there might be people interested will be lovely!

  • Morning!

    This touting for votes is nerve wracking stuff ! Plus all my non runner friends aren't sure this isn't punishment rather than a competition!

    Am full of nervous energy and as I have some time this morning due to a dentist appt, I'll be coaxing my Jack Russell, Hugo, out for a quick run around the Bristol downs to see the sun rise over the city.
  • Hello! How did the run go this morning? 

    My non runner friends (and even some of the runner ones) would agree - but it''ll definitely be worth it!

    I noticed your marathon PB time on the finalists section yesterday - it's listed as 4:17. I remember you saying that it was 4:21 as it's a minute quicker than mine. Maybe a typo but worth getting corrected - when you get sub 4 you want to get the 22 minute PB, not the 18!

  • Ooh good spot keysersuze!  It's all about the time and the PB!

    I managed a 3.3 mile run this morning but I don't normally run on an empty stomach so it didn't feel too good.  Hugo wasn't keen either, he doesn't like drizzle so much!

  • I have since taken Mara Yamauchi's advice and eaten a huge bowl of greek yoghurt with banana and buleberries.  Greek yoghurt is my new favourite food...with honey!

  • Hi Sophie,

    Congratulations! You said youu have done some triathlons- what have you done, and what made you want to come back to running? how will you manage the time and commitment of training for a marathon over the winter?.

  • Hi Clive gold rings

    I have done a few sprint triathlons and managed to smash some PBs as a result.  I'm still a runner at heart as rather than drop my running I've just added in swimming and cycling as well, so am generally fitter all round. Probably explains the PBs!

    I've found by swimming before work or at lunch and adding 2 bike rides/spin classes, I can squeeze it all in.  I think tri is more of a summer thing though so while I'm keeping my base swim/bike fitness ticking over during the winter, I won't ramp it up until after the marathon.

  • I have a question....

    Is Sophie Ruffles your actual name?

  • Pudge. It is, does it sound made up?!

    I'm getting married next year and I think my other half would like me to change it.  No way Jose!

  • Well, it kinda does, but I think it's a great name.  You're right not to change it when you get married.  

    If you have kids, make sure you call them Ronnie, Robbie, Rupert or Ruby.

    Oh, and you get my vote, as long as you're not in the same category as that cross dressing Malcolm chap, as I've already promised him my vote. image

  • Thanks Pudge, I do get a lot of comments on my name.  Makes for an easy nickname too!

     Am safe on your vote then, Malcs is way faster than me.  Am in the sub 4 group!

  • Done image

  • Thanks Pudge!

  • How to make yourself even more tired after a pre-work run? A post work spin sesh with a brutal instructor! Apparently I burnt 480 calories. Maybe that was just sweat? I've undone your good work already with a caramel biccie and haven't even hit the shower yet!

    on a plus point, am pretty sure spinning has made me a quicker runner. Just maybe not tomorrow!

  • I'm going to decide who to vote for by asking one question and the person with the best answer gets it.

    What's you favourite Star Wars character ??

  • I'm sure you'll judge but Hans Solo all the way!

  • Ah, sound answer

  • Does that mean I get your vote Flat Footed?

    If anyone's interested, I am sitting down to coffee having almost swum 2k in an evil swimfit class.  Apparently swimming has no impact on running, so there'll be room for a nice run this evening.  Which will be fun as it's blowing a hooley!


  • and you can swim as well.....going off anyone who can swim.......swimming is cheatingimage


     Even i am running this evening image

  • I can't swim image. Is that why I didn't get through??

  • I still find it strange that adults can somehow make it through the schooling system and not know how to swim. Surely swimming (at the very basic level) should be mandatory, if only doggy paddle so you can at least save your life.

    Its impossible to get through the Australian schooling system and not know how to swim. It couldnt happen.

    #justsaying .....image


  • Not sure if the coaches cared about swimming, I'm just the oddball that thinks this approrpiate cross fit not a fan of the gym!

    The real Mr I, I think most of us leant to swim at school but prob with poor technique.  I had to have lessons recently and it made such a huge difference.  Will still never be a "swimmer though", running is far less panic inducing (well most days!)

  • Even if I don't get through, the support from RW and a lot of people has been really positive.  People at my work who rarely speak to me are "coming out" as runners.  I've agreed to start a lunchtime run group...

  • first time I've made a kid scream while running tonight. I tripped down a kerb covered in leaves and scared the hell out of child. Made me chuckle for the rest of the run!

  • Oh no! Is the kid alright?? image

    I assume you're alright, as you chuckled rest of the way image

  • He'll probably never be a runner, scared him for life!

  • Hey Rufffles....congrats on getting this far. I hope you're managing to sleep through the voting process!

    You say you're eating Greek yogurt after Mara's advice. How's you diet in general? Is there anything that you would change? I thought my diet wasn't too bad until Ruth got her claws in to me last year!

    Best of luck.

  • Hey Shady_Ady just about. I was just about to look at your posts from last year to see what I might expect if I'm lucky enough to get through.

    I'd hope my diet is fairly balanced, not too much junk, way too much muesli, an over reliance on bananas...but it would be interesting to get some advice on it. Any simple tips that stayed with you?



  • Shady_Ady just had a quick peak at your thread for last year, great stuff. It was great to see the nerves at the beginning where you had to put your faith in the coaching ream, and being able to see that you snuck under 3.30. Nice work!

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