Beyond #asics262: life after Target 26.2 for sub-3:30 runner Malcolm



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    Thanks Minni and RRR! Early days yet image

    Angela - cheers! You can have one of mine, I much prefer a Mars Bar to a Medal image

    SupermanRuns - I was supposed to be doing 400m recoveries in 3 mins but I struggled to jog slowly enough. As a result my recoveries were 2:45, 2:28, 2:32 and 2:14. 

    DS2 - thanks! Hmm tricky one. I don't really feel qualified to suggest anything. Maybe Steve could help?

    Hi Steve - many thanks. Intervals were 3:23, 3:26, 3:26 & 3:25. 

    I did the start and end miles at about 9mm pace.

  • Very nice going Malcs. Did you do these on the track? If so, which one?

  • Yup DS2 - I think that's part of keeping their costs down too... online entry means they have to charge a bit more, so you enter the old fashioned way.  Bare bones, but really, £6 or £8 for a 20 mile race is awesomeness!!!

  • good consistent times an excellent early session - in the Yasso 800 theory when you can do 10 of them at that sort of pace then there is a good chance of a sub-3:30!

    Essex 20 quite an old fashioned event and hence the cheque and post system.

    DS2 re the training, you could follow the sub 3:30 schedule for the next month - it isn't that different from the 3:15 one and it's mostly just a case of slightly quicker intervals and long runs and a little bit more mileage but the fundamentals are the same. If you find it too easy you could easily just up it in January 

  • Minnie, we'll be thrown off the thread if we mention adidas again!

    Steve the Coach - did you used to run for Cambridge Harriers? Think my old man used to train with you (many years back!) same first name as you, surname Birkin!

    DS2, I ran 3:29 last year but am not speedy enough to go for 3:15. So just aiming to go sub 3:29. Will have to see how it goes.

    I'm doing the Finchley 20 in March. Good, flat race but a tad boring as four laps.
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    Thanks Steve, I was quite surprised as I haven't done any speed work for ages. Four sets were fine. Ten would be more of a challenge at this stage certainly but I'm feeling confident I can get there.

    DS2 - thanks. No, not on the track - I found a nice flat-ish loop round the houses I can run here. It's about 1K in distance. 

    Slowkoalaimage image

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    Good point SK.  No more mention of Adidas.   I don't know what you've done between getting your 3:29 and now but it would seem perfectly reasonable for you to aim for a fair bit quicker next time.  3:30 is such a psychological barrier but once you've broken it it seems to be much easier to go a fair bit quicker.   Maybe low 3:20s?

    DS - don't sell yourself short. image





    Adidas  image 






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  • Minni - forgot you would read thatimage

    Steve - that sounds sensible. 

    Angela - I'll dig out my chequebook!!! 

    Malcs - that's handy! I can never decide if I prefer track for intervals or not. I'm cheating and going gym tonight, but partly because it's softer on my knee. I think I'll do a similar session to Malcs today.

  • Thanks DS2 & good luck with the training! image

    Malcs I am off for a few days, will catch up with you over the weekend. Enjoy the training and I look forward to seeing a bumper lot of posts on this thread when I get back. image


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    Nearly forgot my schoolboy error of the day.

    If you are going to go for some "racing shoes"

    Make sure you do a couple of long runs in them and also test them out in the wet.

    I very rarely suffer from blisters but my racers seem to give me them only on long runs when it's wet.

    Nice to see everyone getting stuck into their training.
  • This forum is too fast for me, im a humble sub4 wannabee. Will catch up at work tomorrow!
  • Decent session tonight. Did the same session as Malcs, but on the dreadmillimage. Ran the 4 x 800 in 14.1, 14.2, 14.3 & 14.4kmh. Theory was run the first at 90 minute half marathon pace and see how it felt. Felt ok so ran each progressively quicker without going mad. Legs felt good and generally ok.

    feeling a bit better with lifeimage

    Nice session Steve!!!

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    I'd love to comment but I'm banned.....image

  • Nice DS2!  Interesting what u say about treadmill being easier on ur joints... I tend to find it harder as the impacts are pretty much the Same each foot strike..  Nice session though.  I definitely want to incorporate the yasso 800s into my training.  Perhaps I'll swap out one of my mid week runs for them frommtime to time.  Have u used them before?  Does the theory hold true?

  • I did 4*800 for last night (decided to swap yesterday and today's sessions due to work commitments today).  I based my target pace on the Yasso theory, which seems to approximate 5k pace for me, but ran them slightly quick: 3:04, 3:01, 3:1, 3:04.  Felt comfortable enough though on a nice flat section of road.

    I spend far too much time gazing longingly at lightweight racers and will probably treat myself for summer season.  At the moment I do all my road miles in asics ds trainer, which are semi lightweight but quite robust.  Unfortunately they are plain white, so no extra pace from bright colours or sparkly bits.

    Easy 3 in the morning then 30 min tempo on thurs.  Will be very interested to read some opinions on tempo sessions as there is a wide range of advice out there.

  • I think the theory does work Angela. I used them a bit last year and it was a regular session for me years ago when I was faster. It's good fun. Try them

  • Thanks image I'll give them a shot next week.  This week is a step back for me- I'm following an 18 week plan (after a 9 week build up image )

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    SupermanRuns - have a good one! 

    Millsy - I didn't like to sayimage Thanks for another great tip!

    EastEndJogger -

    DS2 - nice speed there! It's taken me an hour to convert that all to min/mile pace equivalents. 6:48 - 6:40 pace is pretty damn good. Good to hear it's left you smiling!

    Angela - I've not done the 800s before but heard good things. I really liked this session today.

    Your 27 week programme is immense. I don't think I could stay focused for that long image

    PD - holy moly, slightly quick you say? Sure you shouldn't be hanging out on Roger's thread? image

    Minni - alright, alright, you can come back but only if you promise not to use the 'A' word!image 

  • What? Asics?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    lol - I think you know the word! I can see you're going to be a trouble maker image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I promise never to use the Asics word again.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I mean Adidas. image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    It's like bleedin' St Trinians round here now! image

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    Who's in your TR24 team Minni? (cunning change of subject)

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Ooh its going to be great.  5 of us - Lightening Ladies.  We're going to be super fast. image   Brolish is in the team plus 3 others.

    Isn't it great when something is so far away that you can imagine its going to be a doddle then as it gets closer reality sets in....

    Very much looking forward to it though I might need help with my tent. image

  • You'll never get me in the Adidas thunder run!

    Rest day today, medium long run tomorrow, it'll be a quite short one though at this stage!


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    Ha ha, I give up! image

    Mr P - enjoy your short medium long run tomorrowimage

    Minni - ooh excellent,be sure to wave at me when you whizz past. Apparently I'll be the one in the dress image

    Tent will be no problem so long as you show up in daylight. It was most amusing watching RRR & husband put their marriage to the test trying to erect their two man tent in the dark (there are no street lamps in fields) 

  • Thanks for the calcs Malcs (see what I did there?)image. Just picked my daughter up from the leisure centre where she works and was about to work them out. No need now!

    some people on here are very quick - PDimage

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