T-30 weeks for IMW

Been training well for the last couple of months but just had two easy weeks before starting on Fink.

Now T-30 is here and I have a huge dose of CBA... feeling frustrated image 



  • Hills, hills and more hills...that's what awaits you, so if that doesn't motivate you to train then it is going to be a very long day in Wales.

  • Yep, CBA comes and goes, just need to hope it doesn't stay long, but that's what rest periods are for
  • I made it to the pool last nigh and managed a decent session left me feeling a little more positive as swimming in my weakest discipline. Hoping I can get my mojo back this week. A bit of out door training would help as I am getting sick of treadmilll and turbo sessions.

  • Its very hard to keep motivated for such a long time. Have you not got a shorter distance tri in the nearer future to keep your interest up ?
  • I have am booked on to the Titan middle distance on the 5th July. Maybe I should use that to try and motivate me.


  • Thats still 5 months off - I don't think it would work for me.

    Get a standard in the diary maybe ? I've a duathlon next month that's kept me going all winter.
  • Im in the same boat Dunda. but asw of tomorrow its hard work all the way to September. Just get out there and do it, thats my thinking. Once the training really picks up and you are out of your comfort zone it will spur you on. Tjhats what i am hoping anyway ha ha ha good luck mate

  • I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow, I think the key is if it's your first IM (which it was for me last year) it's all new and the fear factor drives you, this time round it's all about goal setting and improving, going further, faster for longer.

    Swimming bores me, it's an hour of tedium, but I learned to enjoy it, even silly little goals in a session just help get through those first 10 weeks, even better, a faster swimmer joins the lane, tag onto them and do plenty of drills.  It's the most technical thing we do so there's always things to focus on or improve on.

  • RV starting mine on Thurday as I work most weekend but often have time of at the beginning of the week. So I am having my rest day on Wednesday.

    I have tried a few of the Fink swim sessions in the competitive plan and it takes me about 1 hr 30 to finish them image but hopefully that will improve.


  • Yeh I think your right Final RV, I am thinking about nothing else but Ironman at the min, what to wear? will i be ok on the bike? its all i thnk about.

    But I need to stop overthinking and start training. Roll on tomorow


  • If it's taking you 90 minutes to do the 2500m sessions, have some lessons, it will improve you, best money I spent last year was on 6 one to one coached lessons.

  • Day one - rest day.  Good luck everyone, it's going to be a fun 30 weeks.  Hit those hills!  I'm signed up for Tour of Pembrokeshire, Outlaw Half, LCW, and a few others to keep things fresh through the year.

  • I've been reading the last couple of years Wales threads over the last week or so. Not ashamed to admit that a few race reports have left me with a lump in my throat thinking how its gonna feel coming down the red carpet.

    I will bump them forward for all the other first timers to read the build up and race reports.

    That should cure any motivational problems.

  • 11th may.   blaenavon tri .......between sprint and olympic distance.....and hills that will really help with IMW image


  • 'At this stage it is consistent exercising and not training' .... said a person a lot wiser than me

  • Seren, I am working on the 11th May. I did look at that one.

    Final RV, I looked at lessons but to be honest I can't afford them right now. I joined a masters club 4 weeks ago and they have got me from not being able to do 25 mtrs freestyle to at least being able to complete the 2500mtr work out in 90 mins. I think that decent progress and hope that it will only get better.





  • Seren I'll be there again.  Blaenavon is so tough it give you an 'If I can do that, I can do anything' outlook.

  • Duda, an alternative view would be that you are flogging a bad technique and that time would be better spent at this stage on more frequent shorter sessions to perfect the technique ??
    What feedback does the Masers class give you on technique ?

  • Meldy, the feed back I have had is that my technique is improving with each session and that It will continue to do so.I am currently swimming 3 times a week. Personally I think  my progress has been good. I will see how things go over the next couple of weeks and re evaluate things.


    I really appreciate the advise thanks guys image

  • Duda, nothing to 2500m in four weeks is BRILLIANT improvement, well done.  

  • IronScribe, thank you I was starting to get a little down hearted at some of the other feedback I have had. ( Guess I need to HTFUimage) Still it did make me do some more resarch and I found some drop in group lessons for £8.00 per 45 mins that I might check out after half term.

    To be fair I have been at this swimming lark since early December but until mid Jan I messed up something on just about every length. Then I joined the master and on the second session I complete the whole session in 25mtr lengths and actual felt like I was swimming rather than just surviving. Maybe one day I will even enjoy it rather than endure it. image

  • Dudda you will get there, just keep plodding away. I hit the pool this morning and i was ready to go, did the 2500 and felt good so lets hope it stays this way for the run tonight.


  • Good work Trotter. I started this thread due to a dose of CBA but now the 30 weeks is upon is I am suddenly feeling that I need to get out and get training or the Hills are gonna s kill me.

    Luckily enough I managed to take the other half into taking out 2 week camping trip with the kids in Tenby and it falls on the two weeks before the taper starts. Hoping will be a real boon as I should have plenty of experience of the course at peak fitness.

  • Sessions done today, so that's 1 down and 179 to go, little victories!

  • I know what you mean duda, i need to get me arse out on the bike as i think this is where i might be lacking a bit but there is plenty of time as long as we put the effort in we will see the benifits.

    Final RV- It does not sound that much when you put it like that does it, in reality we know whats to come.

    I am buzzing for it now, bring it on.

  • Have you done Fink before trotter?  I didn't find it too bad last year, I stuck with the Competitive plan for 30 weeks and only missed 1 session, a Sunday run & ride through food poisonimg the entire time.  I thought if I start with Competitive I can always drop down a notch but I never felt the need.

    I did say that this year I was going to adjust Fink in the latter weeks, I felt I arrived a bit tired to Wales if I'm honest and could maybe have tapered earlier for longer or just reduced some of the volume in the latter weeks.  I'm doing the competitive plan again this year, again will see how it goes, work travel may impede this year, I also managed to palm off lots of foreign travel to colleagues last year, dont think I'll get away with it this time round.  Amazing the iPhone Apps you find when you train for an Ironman, Swim Finder is genius, finds swimming pools nearby anywhere in the world, opening times, directions, costs and reviews.  Luckily I do the US a lot so the Y is usually where I head for a swim to avoid the overheated granny infested hotel pools.

  • RV- I have never even done a triathlon before never mind the fink plan but I am looking forward to the challenge of it all. I am lucky enough that I can follow the plan to the letter as my work and life fits around it perfectly.

    i am thinking of wearing tri shorts and a bike jersey for the bike then changing my top for the run, what would you recommend ?

  • Trotter, I a am complete noobie too so we can both wander round in transition going "errm!! what do we do next" image


  • I'd wait and see what the weathers doing!  Last year I was hailed on, rained on and sun shined before I got to the first feed station at Angle.  I'd recommend a short sleeved Castelli Gabba jersey and Castelli Nanotech arm warmers, lumpy but worth every single penny.

  • If i see someone at the start looking as baffaled as me then i will know its you Duda ha ha ha .

    Cheers RV I will have a look at those items you mentioned, would you take some sort of jacket? ( any recomendatioins for that too)

    Managed an hour of muscle work this morning with a bike tonight aswell so things are going great apart from this pain in the butt that keeps running down my leg and in my knee. well iuts not a pain as such but its doing me head in coz i think its going to develop into a pain. Any ideas people?

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