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    Doncaster Half Marathon, I remember it as a kid, think the start/finish was at the racecourse. The place is flat as a pancake too so must have been a fast course. surprised Doncaster athletics club at the keepmoat stadium haven't given it a re birth even just as a one off. Great transport links too!  

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    Leek  half marathon is  returning  this  year  7th August  at 10am   it is a must  for me as i remember the route and stunning views  from the top part of course

  • So how did the marathon go? image

  • The Tatsfield 5 mile race used to be one of my favourites and which I have great childhood memories of.

    It was one of my first races (I think I did the 2.5k fun run) and I came away with a medal for finishing, a medal for 1st junior, a team medal, as well as about 2 or 3 easter eggs!

    It had a great atmosphere and finished on the village green where the prize giving too place along with a random raffle!

    I believe it was cancelled due to costs.


  • The Swanley Christmas Caper (4.2m) still exists but it's now a 5k XC in Swanley Park with interest dwindling. Only a few years ago it was a very popular 4.2m road race on the roads of Swanley, sponsored by ASDA with the winning getting a turkey and each finisher getting an Xmas pudding.

    The race also used to attract some quality athletes with the first  mile usually run in around 4.40. (Slightly downhill).

    I've not had a proper Xmas dinner for years now!image

    I believe the venue was changed due to Policing costs for road closures etc.

  • The Southampton Marathon which was held in the eighties and named "Mr Mayors Southampton Marathon," is returning on 23rd April 2017, as ABP Southampton Marathon. The route will, however, be completely different.

  • OH HELL YES! THE LOCHABER MARATHON, fort William- come back. We miss you!!!

    ... Ahem... Apparently the old Glasgow marathon was good too. Talks of it being resurrected. Maybe it has.
  • Just before my eighteenth I ran the Grantham 33 mile canal race ( I lied about my age ) that s gone. That was nice. Some football stadium to g town centre. 1994. Oh to be young again
  • Yateley 10k series in Surrey: 3 10k races over 3 months. Great way to track improvements.

  • i would   like   to see   the stainland 7  mile race  return   that was should a  good race to run

  • Have done the Tatsfield and Swanley previously and agree they were both good races. The loss of course due to Police costs etc is an increasing feature. It tends to mean we see less smaller club organized events and bigger company organized ones with a related price tag. I almost said professionally organized which in the strict definition of the word (i.e. done for money) was true nowadays tends to be used to mean well organized and club ones usually are even though nobody is getting paid.

  • when  the  Huddersfield marathon was brough back a few years back  they  could not use the old course as most of it was main roads   the course  use now  is better and goes in the countryside  and quiet roads

  • MrM2 said:

    I can remember being taken down to the Gt West Road, in Brentford, by my parents, in the 50s, to watch some runners go by. Had no idea what it was all about, but they were running the Polytechnic Marathon. Then it was known as the Windsor to Chiswick run.

    So in the 90s, when I considered running my first marathon, I thought it would be great to run the same race. Sadly, the last running was in 1996 (started in 1909). But it had ceased to be the Windsor to Chiswick back in the 70s.

    Jim Peters featured in the 50s. This Marathon is worth an article on its own.

    Agree that with all its histroty it's a real shame the Poly Marathon is no longer run in some shape or form. Polytechnic Harriers are now part of Kingston & Poly AC and I see that Kingston now has a marathon. I wonder if they've considered a route that starts in Windsor and ends in Kingston?

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    Marlow duathlon.  Been gone a couple of years.  I did it 4 years in a row and got faster each time.  It was a great benchmark.
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    would  like  to  see   Sheffield marathon  return  now  RUN FOR ALL   put the half  on there
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    another   one   is  Leeds marathon would like to see 
  • Just read a couple of these recent posts. I was fortunate to take part in the 1996 Polytechnic marathon, just before the plug was pulled.
    Sheffield was the venue for my marathon PB, a bit weird considering that the course was (i) out-and-back, (ii) a two-lap affair (the half was also run, one lap) and (iii) quite undulating. None of these were tailored for me to run well but, somehow, I knocked almost four minutes off my previous best.
    I recall running the Slough marathon once, between night shifts. Think that one is long gone as well.
  • My first every Marathon was the Luton Marathon in 2005. Did it a couple of times but I think it has been defunct for a few years (I know they had to cancel it a few times due to weather as it was usually early December). Never too many marathons on at that time of year and would love to go back for a return visit - easy access from Northern Ireland via Luton Aiport.
  • Now that Edinburgh Council has decided to turn part of the run to housing, how about one last shot at the Scottish Gas 10k?
  • Cabbage Patch 10 :(
  • Sorry this is not connected to the thread but I have searched and searched on this forum but cannot find out how to post a new post? Can anyone help?
  • Llandudno 10 miler  great race 
  • Bristol to bath marathon would be nice.  Seems the constant roadworks have put paid to that.
  • Nike We Own The Night was a surprisingly enjoyable race. I ran it in 2014 and would run it again in a heartbeat if they brought it back! Great atmosphere and fantastic goodybag!
  • Having worked in the events industry I know the majority of bespoke medals are still made in China and shipped thousands of miles to the UK despite the industry's attempts to push for greater sustainability.

    I would really like to know what fellow runners think about this. Is there a need for medals to be produced more sustainably in the UK? Do we need medals at all anymore for events?
    Medals are very popular, look at those that have done virtual events so they can get a medal.   What's the point in having a medal for a virtual, it's not a race.  They're just buying the bling.

    I like a medal too as a memento of a race, not really bothered if it's a short race, but for a marathon or ultra I do, but it's not the reason I do the race.   Would be good if they could be produced at a reasonable cost in the UK.
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