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  • Practice and pace yourself
  • Hi all, if you are looking for some good 10k training plans try this site:
    They also have 5k training plans as well with good results.
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  • I am doing my first ever half marathon in September and will be started serious training this weekend hopefully getting in 4-5 runs a week including intervals, fartlek and long runs. I am a 25 year old man and had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle in the last 7-8 years and looking for a change, in general I am quite active. I am using the sub 1:30 training plan on the website however I am a litte confused about something if people can help. The speedwork sessions are confusing me for example:

    Tue Speedwork 6 x 800m, 100m jog (7M total) 5K 60 mins 8/10

    6 x 800m = 3 miles... the says 100m, is that a 100m sprint or jog and do I do it straight after my 800m? Also all in all that only equals 4 miles, where do I get the other 3 miles from?

    Another example: 8 x 500m, 200m jog (7M total) is not 7 miles in total.

    Also, how long should my intervals be between eash fartlek run, should it be more if Im doing 5 x 1200m v 8 x 200m?
    marc - I'm assuming that using a race predictor from your 5k and 10k race times that you are predicted a 1:30 half marathon time?

    Re the speedwork 7 miles, I expect the other 3 miles is warm up and warm down.   There's no way you would go and do intervals without a good warm up and cool down.   Once warmed up you would run each interval of 800m at the right interval pace for you followed by 100m at jog recovery pace then straight into your next interval and so on.

    I don't understand your question about fartlek runs.  Fartlek is ad hoc running and means 'speedplay' .  so usually a fartlek run would be a warm up run and then running a bit faster for a while then easing off for a bit then speed up again, they're not intervals and the run can be done on a normal running route.  Some runners might select a tree/lamppost in the distance and run fast to there then slow to recover and then choose another target.

  • Hi Shades, Thanks for youre response. My 1:30 is a target rather than a prediction, when I was in school I was a really good cross country runner so Im assuming with some good training that would be a realistic target. I really appreciate your'e feedback, one other question I have is when I am foing interval training for example 6 x 800m with small rests in between, how long do you recommend interval rests? I am thinking around 3 minutes
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    Marc - normally it would say in the training plan how long the rest/recovery time or distance would be.  Such as the other intervals you mentioned where the recovery is to jog for 100m.  I think 3 minutes is a bit too long you don't run these intervals flat out.

    To run a successful half marathon really depends on the endurance base that you build, not the speed training. This means that 80% of your training should be at your easy and long run pace.

    If you go to the website this will give you paces for all your training sessions. 
  • Shades - Thank you so much
  • Shades - I have checked out the website but unfortunetely you have to pay, I think the runners world sub 1:30 plan is good enough do you not? - It wont let me attach a link but you can see it on training
    Marco -- I managed to get the training paces after 5 attempts.

    Put in your target time  and current fitness, I put in a 40 minute 10k for you, and it will come up with your race times.  Then go back to the top and there's an orange drop down box and select training paces. I've done this on my phone, might be easier on PC/laptop.
  • Do you not think the runners world half marathon plans are good enough?
    Marc - I've never looked at RW plans, they are often designed on a set finish time which is wrong as really the training paces should be calculated by a runner's ability.   These forums are littered with runners that followed plans to finish an event in a certain time and most of them fail.   But RW does have a training pace calculator so if you use that then you should be OK.
  • As I have not trained yet I have a lot of training to do before I will hit my peak, so I dont want to use my current time I would run in as I know with lots of training it will be significantly better
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    Marc - that's the wrong way to train. You train according to your current ability. By doing that you will improve quickly, then run a short race such as a 10k and recalculate your training paces with each new PB you achieve.  Throwing yourself into a training plan beyond your current capabilities and you will get injured.  If you're starting from zero running fitness then you really need to do a good few weeks of base training to strengthen your muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments etc to get used to the workload and develop your aerobic system.  A half marathon is an endurance event. 

    I haven't looked at the RW plan for sub 1:30 but I'm sure it's not intended for someone that isn't yet doing any running.
  • ok makes sense thank you
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    <div class="QuoteAuthor"><a href="/profile/RunningFastr">RunningFastr</a> said:</div>
    <div class="QuoteText">Hi all, if you are looking for some good 10k training plans try this site: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>;

    They also have 5k training plans as well with good results.

    I'll second that, got my 5K PR following advice on there!</div>
  • I find doing shorter runs mid week at a fast pace have improved my times
  • How did you get on in the half marathon?
  • I found the perfect pair of shoes- the Nike Zoom KD 9! This post was extremely helpful!
  • I'd definitely include speed work, combined with midweek 10k's then extend slowly to around 10-11 miles at the weekend gradually. Don't forget the 10% rule although that needs a certain amount of time if you stick to it
  • My best direction is to endeavor gels, water, stimulated beverages in getting ready - do an arrangement run repeating the timings you are doing on your race-day -
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