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I am currently training for a Half Marathon. In the past, I used to print out a calendar with my training schedule and scrawl notes all over it - runs I had completed/missed, distances etc.

Rather than doing this, I would prefer to be able to upload my run to a website/app and then print a calendar out showing me everything I have done.

I have had a  look around but not really been able to find anything. Does anybody have any ideas?

Thank you


  • I use a variety of tools. Garmin, sportstracks. I use the snip function to copy from the calendar and paste into office. Its a bit more fiddly that pressing print but better that settling for something just so you can save a bit of time.

  • just create a plan then modify it to be what you want and export? 

  • PWT10PWT10 ✭✭✭

    I have found the best set up for me is Google Calendar.


    For training I have two Google calendars, “Runs Planned” (in blue) and “Runs Completed” (in green). I plot my week / month / training plan out under the “Runs Planned” calendar so there are blue all-day events and a header like “5m @ 7:00 Pace”. If needs be, I can add additional notes within the entry before or after the run. When I have actually completed the session I reassign it to the “Run Completed” calendar, which turns it green so I can instantly tell what I have done.


    I also have another Google Calendar in another colour for “Races”.


    Works for me and seems easy to print out if you want to.


    I’ve probably not explained this very well, but give me a shout if you think this is for you.


    It also has the advantage that I can view everything on my phone.

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