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    Correction. last post should show 10:00 in the Plan.

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    Obviously doesn't like the 'greater than' symbol...?

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    Ablation + 85 days.

    Tough choice this morning: Parkrun in the cold, or an afternoon, longer run in the excellent conditions?  Ankle decided that Parkrun was a good call. Long run can wait for tomorrow? Wondered if overnight rain would create more muddy sections than when I ran it three weeks ago.

    Results: 25:58 ( 66 seconds better than three weeks ago, and new pb for this run.) Fairly steady pace; not sure that I could have done better today. By the first km the heart-rate was up to 140, and climbed steadily to high 150s, and hit a max. of 163 at the finish line. (last week's test gave a max of 162, so looks good). Only checked my Garmin at the end of the run, so only running by perceived effort.

    Conditions were good, with slippery mud in a few areas, but nothing that needed to be avoided. Some frosty patches near the route, but no ice to negotiate.

    Very pleased with the relatively quick progress, and gives some encouragement that a sub 25 will come back if I can continue to keep a mixture of speed-work and longer, slower runs each week. Plan to persevere with some SLOW runs, and want to start including a hill session every other week.

    There was only one other male in the 70-74 group, and the results show that he finished three seconds, and two places, ahead of me!        Happy day.

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    Ablation + 86 days.

    Decided on a morning run today. Just getting light, and good running conditions. Wanted to enjoy a comfortable pace for 8 miles, and see how the legs reacted to yesterday's 5km effort. Also wanted to check what that 'comfortable pace' would be, and what the heart rate would look like.

    Running without looking at Garmin. Easy 3-3 breathing throughout.

    The 8 miles were all between 9:37 and 9:07 with a run average of 9:20. Had wondered if they might have been about 9:15. So not far out. Again, plenty of sand on the promenade, and double layer of clothing.

    Heart rate averages: 122, 140, 140, 141, 141, 144, 148, 148. (There were other runners ahead of me for the last two or three miles, who shouldn't have been ahead of me, so a slight increase in effort!)

    Happy with the legs and ankle, although they will get a rest day or two before the next run. The pace was almost what I expected. But the heart rate still seems too high. Will plan to do some longer, slower runs as well as working on hills and some faster intervals. Still buzzing from yesterday's parkrun.

    Hope you got some good running, over the week-end.

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    Ablation + 88 days.

    Physio appointment this morning. Nothing to worry about, but have some more stretches and foot manipulation to do.   Good to go.

    This afternoon's run was very simple, at the planning stage; a thirteen mile run, to include six slow miles (slower than 10:00) and six steady miles ( about 9:15).

    All went well for three miles, then I was about to be passed by a lady with a buggy, and baby. So I decided to run alongside. Very interesting conversation. Adjusted the plan, and extended the slow run to seven miles.

    On the return run decided to mix it up, and ran something of an extended Fartlek with a couple of faster miles.

    Results:  (Still a lot of sand to negotiate, and wearing too much clothing.)

    Mile  1     9:59   117/132   (av. and max. h.r.)

    Mile  2   10:26   131/134

    Mile  3   10:12   132/144

    Mile  4     9:02   148/153   (Lady with buggy)

    Mile  5   10:09   139/145

    Mile  6   10:43   135/139

    Mile  7   10:50   133/137

    Mile  8     9:16   143/154

    Mile  9     8:51   151/155

    Mile 10    8:30   155/158

    Mile 11   11:28   138/157   (Slow miles becoming easier? or getting tired?)

    Mile 12     8:44   153/157

    Mile 13   11:08   141/157

    Average pace: 10:03  Average h.r. 139.

    Well, it was good to start with a plan...and it would probably have been better to have kept to it. Put it down to 'post physio elation'.

    Tbh, feeling a little weary by the end, and will scrap the intended hill reps for this week, and do some shorter runs, giving more time to stretches...

    Finding the slow running to be as demanding as the faster runs, so will have to reconsider how I mix the different sessions in the future.   Still happy!









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    I had a few missed beats yesterday just sitting around which was a bit worrying seems back to normal this morning thank God.

    I'm thinking it may be down to stress as I've had a few things jamming up my brain which I really shouldn't be overly bothered with as it's not really my problem. Need to let go of it which is where running helps but I've been out of action for 10 days with a calf injury and a bit of ITB.
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    Hi Jugula Thanks for dropping in again. Sorry to hear that you've not been able to get out for a while. Are the calf and ITB problems new? or have you had to deal with them before? Glad that the ticker is back to normal again today.

    It's good to know when to drop the issues that you don't really have to carry. I certainly find that running helps me to put the rest of life into perspective, so I thank God for every running day.

    Hope you'll soon be able to get going again.

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    Ablation + 13 weeks (3 months).

    Hard to believe that it really is three months since my successful catheter ablation.

    Have taken two rest days, as haven't been totally happy with the ankle. Going to need some patience this time, but doesn't seem to keep me from running. It's the usual dilemma of whether to run the recovery or rest it. Today I tested it with a run.

    Decided on an easy 6 mile run, and determined not to chase anyone!

    We have not seen any snow down here, on the south coast, and the temp. this morning was +3 or 4 . The sun was a real tonic. Ran on road, to Hengistbury Hd..

    Mile 1     9:33     112/144  (av / max h.r.)

    Mile 2     9:46     129/136

    Mile 3     9:59     132/136

    Mile 4    10:02    136/141

    Mile 5    10:10    137/141

    Mile 6    10:40    138/142

    Run Av. 10:02    131

    As on some other runs, the heart rate continued rising for the first 9 mins (to 144) then dropped down to about 128. Apart from that I'm very happy with the results. Ankle didn't complain, but still has an inner awkwardness. Will work on it. 

    This out-and-back run takes me from cliff top, down to sea level, then back up.

    Tempted to do Parkrun tomorrow, but will take a rest day and hope to run longer on Sunday.   Looking forward to a hill session next week, and another track session soon. Want to check out my mile time in early Feb. and work on some faster reps..  This depends on ankle, and everything else, being fit.     Happy.

    Hope that you are able to get out and enjoy some week-end running.

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    Ablation + 93 days.

    What a great day for a run along the seafront! Feeling good after an extra recovery day earlier in the week, and the slow six miles, two days ago. Have been nursing the ankle, and actually ran with an old support on today. Probably didn't do much to help.

    Plan: A ten mile, out and back run. Going out at a slowish pace; probably between 10:00 and 9:45. Then returning at a comfortable, sustainable pace; probably around  9:00, and keeping the breathing at 3-3 throughout.

    Results: Feeling so comfortable today, that pace turned out 15 secs/mile faster.

    Mile   1   8:57   128/137 ( av. and max. h.r.)

    Mile   2   9:34   138/141

    Mile   3   9:31   138/141

    Mile   4   9:45   139/143

    Mile   5   9:42   139/141

    Mile   6   8:50   145/148

    Mile   7   8:41   149/151

    Mile   8   8:48   151/153

    Mile   9   8:50   152/154

    Mile  10  8:45   154/156

    Run Av.  9:08   144

    Breathing and running were comfortable throughout. Ankle didn't complain, but will continue to give it some extra attention for the next week.   Very Happy.

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    Ablation + 95 days.

    Some days have to go down as 'learning' days, rather than 'achievement' days.  Today was one of those days. As soon as I got under way I could tell that it was going to be a struggle.

    It slowly dawned on me that my recovery day (yesterday) had been my 'determination' day; to get started on all manner of exercises; press-ups, planks, clams, bridges, single leg name it! And I also re-started my dumb-bell work. Add to that my extra layer, and a northerly wind.....surprise.

    Plan: Two mile warm-up, to the track, a fast mile, and a set of 400s, 2 mile rtn.

    Result: Warm-up miles at 10:00. Stretches and strides for five minutes before the 1600m. Disappointed that it was 7:56 (no improvement on the previous effort) but fighting the fresh N'ly wind each lap probably explains it. Decided to give the 400s a go, but cut my losses after the fourth one. Lap times averaged 1:52; that's 4 secs. slower than the last time. 

    OK the effort still had a value, but I wanted this session to be a 'progress-report'. That will have to wait for another day.

    Having cut short my track time I decided to run back and try a few hill reps.. This would be my first taste of hills for almost three years. I ran a set of four, and look forward to an opportunity to run a 'normal' set of ten. My average time was 74 secs. Three years ago my average was 69 secs. So, not too far off.

    Heart rate max, at the end of the track mile was 160, and on the 400s, av 152. The hills also gave 152 average.

    Positives? I'm fit to run, and the ankle is not complaining. Also great to see the heart rate making sense, and recovering well.

    Lessons? Take proper rest days, and keep other exercises to run days. Happy! 

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    Ablation + 97 days.

    After the aborted track session, two days ago, today would be my main effort for this week. Toyed with the idea of a LSR, or a GA, but decided to go with the FGF (the Feel Good Factor).

    Really wanted to run the way I used to run, pre-Garmin, pre-HR monitor, and just go by perceived effort for the best sustainable pace, for the half marathon distance. Not racing but 'brisk' and comfortable. i.e. feeling good!

    Ankle was feeling 95%, and body was feeling up for it. Weather was 95% good.

    Plan: Maintain 3-3 breathing throughout, and expect the outward miles to be approx. 9:00-9:15 pace, then slightly increase effort to achieve 8:45-9:00 pace on the return miles. (Average about 9:00.)


    Mile   1   8:37   127/140   (av. and max. hr)   Included a 150m down hill.

    Mile   2   9:03   141/144

    Mile   3   8:57   142/146

    Mile   4   9:02   143/145

    Mile   5   8:55   144/145

    Mile   6   8:55   145/148

    Mile   7   8:55   146/150

    Mile   8   9:01   148/150

    Mile   9   9:00   148/150

    Mile  10  8:56   148/150

    Mile  11  8:54   149/152

    Mile  12  8:54   151/153

    Mile  13  8:46   152/155

    Run Av.  8:54   145

    Half Marathon time: 01:56:45

    As it turned out, the slight wind was favourable going out, and adverse returning. Nothing really significant. Just enough to level out the mile times.

    Really comfortable the whole way, and kept to 3-3 breathing throughout. No stops or walks. Took a 500ml sports drink, and had a squirt or two every two miles. Improved time by more than two minutes, from one month ago. Very Happy.

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    Ablation + 99 days.

    Today's run was similar to the slow one, eight days ago. Just extended slightly to 6.2 miles.

    Plan:  Reinforce SLOW running, with an easy 10k. Resist going faster than 10m/m.

    Results:  Very easy running, with 3-3 breathing throughout.

    Mile   1     9:31    121/128   (pace and av./ max. h.r.)  mainly downhill.

    Mile   2    10:00   129/132

    Mile   3    10:03   130/136

    Mile   4    10:27   129/136

    Mile   5    10:09   130/133

    Mile   6    10:31   132/138

    Last 0.2   10:20   133/136

    Run av.   10:07   129

    Pleased with the small h.r. range, and low average.  Happy.

    May be tempted out for a longer, slow run tomorrow. Next week there will be another attempt at a track session, with a 1600, and a set of 400s.

    Hope that you are enjoying your week-end running.

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    Ablation + 100 days.

    Decided against the lsr for today, but ran 10 miles, with first four slow, then transition mile, and 5 acceleration miles. The idea being that, with a physio visit tomorrow, I wanted to test the ankle through a varied run.

    Seemed like everyone else (and their dogs) wanted to use the promenade today. Well, it was sunny, but I didn't expect 'summer' crowds. Almost impossible to keep moving at times. So the intended acceleration is not apparent in the results.

     Results:  Slow miles:  9:30, 10:11, 10:09, 10:42. Transition mile: 9:36.

    Return miles: 9:01, 9:04, 9:12, 8:55, 8:45.

    Average Heart Rate on slow miles was 131. Then climbed from 138 to 149 max.

    Average pace for the ten miles was 9:30.

    Had hoped to have a couple of miles nearer 8:30, but conditions were difficult, and it is the end of a long week. Will cut back next week, but may do parkrun.   Happy. 

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    Ablation + 102 days.

    Physio this morning, to check out the unsettled ankle. Several little improvements, but it is still capable of reminding me of previous injury. Nothing that would suggest a long break, but must continue to give it the attention that it needs, through strengthening and stretching, and RICE as required.  Yes. We all know what we should be doing..... but don't always do it.( Like a friend said, It is easier to run for an hour than stretch for five minutes.)

    Decided that I would do the track session that I abandoned one week ago. i.e. Mile at best speed, followed by a set of ten 400s, with 200s for recovery. Rather than add the extra four miles, I drove to the track, and warmed-up there.

    Plan:  Warm-up 1600m, then stretches and strides for 800m. Remove extra layers. Hope to get closer to 7:30 for the 1600, and 1:45 for the 400s. Recoveries: 2mins.

    Results:  Mile (1600) in 7:29 (laps: 1:50, 1:57, 1:58, 1:41)

    400s: 1:45, 1:46, 1:47, 1:45, 1:46, 1:47, 1:47, 1:45, 1:47, 1:41.  Average time:1:46.

    Had five minute recovery time between the mile and the set of 400s.

    Heart rate down to 105 before the mile, and before the 400s.

    Max h.r at the end of the mile was 160, and on last 400 a max h.r. of 161. The other 400s had a max h.r. from 154 to 157. Recoveries lowered h.r. to about 117.

    Very pleased with progress on the mile time (25 secs. better than 5 weeks ago.)   Also, the 400s showed good progress. The heart rate looked good, and the recoveries looked healthy.

    Plan to have an easy week; probably a slow run on Thurs, and parkrun.  Happy.

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    Ablation + 104 days.

    Went ahead with my slow run this morning. Ten miles, with the expected pace about 10:15, mainly because I have found it very uncomfortable to run any slower.

    Well, I'm either getting better, or worse, depends on your perspective, but found that my slow running was around 10:30 pace this morning! Not easy to keep warm at that pace, even when double wrapped. Tried increasing cadence, but tops was 166, and average was 163!


    Mile   1      10:22   109/128  (time and av/max heart rate)

    Mile   2      10:39   119/125

    Mile   3      10:37   122/127

    Mile   4      10:48   123/128

    Mile   5      10:35   123/126

    Mile   6      10:34   125/127

    Mile   7      10:27   126/129

    Mile   8      10:41   126/129

    Mile   9      10:36   126/130

    Mile  10     10:28   128/131

    10 mile av:10:35   123bpm   (Maximum h.r. 163, resting h.r. 53)

    Certainly my lowest, sustained heart rate since records started. Have to believe that it is worthwhile, as I have never chosen to run this slow before.

    Parkrun on Saturday, if all is well with the ankle. It complained a little today. Nothing that would suggest calling off the run, but just letting me know that it needs a bit of respect. Happy.


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    Ablation + 106 days.

    Parkrun this morning. Ankle was 98% happy, and so I had high expectations of an improved time on this course. Weather was good, a few degrees above freezing.

    Result:  Improved time by just 2 seconds! Now 25:54  so still some way to go. (Thought that today's effort would have been worth at least ten seconds.)

    Looking at it from an Age Graded view, this morning's 68% would move up to 70%, by shaving off another 15 seconds by May (next birthday) .Target is 70%+

    If the conditions are right I would like to run next Saturday at my previous Parkrun venue, to have a direct comparison with previous times. Trouble is that the numbers are now up over 500 runners, and so that is another factor.

    Today's run was very slippery in parts, due to rain in last 24 hours. And quite congested in some sections, with over 300 runners.

    Could be tempted out tomorrow, for something not too demanding (easy week). Then on Tuesday I plan to run six miles easy, with a partially-sighted runner, who also does the local parkrun. We don't need to be attached; he wants to follow.    That will be a new experience for me. Also want to do one run on grass? some hills, and another set of Yasso 800s. One of those will have to wait another week.

    In the next week or so, I will want to come to some 'initial conclusions' to the questions that I posed in my opening post. This is partly due to the fact that I will have given 8 weeks to 'heart rate watching' and 8 weeks to 'pace improvement'.

    Also partly due to the fact that I will be flying out to Singapore at the end of this month, to be involved in voluntary work, preparing young people to work on a ship (Logos Hope), and taking them through their Basic Safety Training, and also, for some of them, their Navigational Watch Rating Special Training. Expecting to be away for two months, and don't know how much running I'll be able to do, and don't know what internet access will be available. But looking forward to some warmth!

    Hope that you get some good running in, over this week-end.  Still Happy.

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    (correction to above: improved by 4seconds! Important detail.)

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    Ablation + 107 days.

    Yes, I know that yesterday I said that I could be tempted out for a run, 'for something not too demanding', but some days you've just got to run!

    So, at 7:30 I'd had my sip of water, and headed out for an 8 mile run. Thought about being technical, with 5 or 6 miles at marathon pace, (hopefully close to 9:00 m/m), but in the end decided to run like I used to run, on this out and back route. Justified this run, as it would give me a good comparison with data from 2, 3, 4 years back. And I am trying to assess my progress in returning to where I left off, pre-AF.

    'Plan':  A steady/brisk 8 miles, with even pace/effort, and 3-3 breathing.


    Mile   1   8:20   119/140   (pace and av/max heart rate)   includes 150m downhill.

    Mile   2   8:40   141/144

    Mile   3   8:42   141/144

    Mile   4   8:46   141/144

    Mile   5   8:52   142/144

    Mile   6   9:05   143/145

    Mile   7   8:54   143/147

    Mile   8   9:23   146/153   (includes 150m uphill)

    Run Av.  8:50   140

    Breathing kept to a comfortable 3-3 pattern. Perceived effort was consistent. On the return half I realised that there was a slight adverse breeze, which clearly I'd had on my back for the first four miles.

    Still trying to work on running form and cadence (managed 173 for the second mile, but average was 171).

    The time taken for this run was about 4 or 5 minutes more than I would have taken three years ago, i.e. approx. 30/35 secs/mile. Allowing a few seconds for age difference, leaves me thinking that I can work to improve by another 20 secs/mile.

    So, the work continues. Ankle is happy. Pleased with today's h.r..  Happy.

    Hope you've had a good week-end.  

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    Ablation + 111 days.

    Two days ago I ran with a friend from parkrun, who is visually impaired. He had wanted to run with me, on a route that he would not have been able to do on his own.

    This was a real learning experience for me, and I started to realise all the little adjustments that we make in our normal running; avoiding manhole covers, little potholes, allowing for the places where there have been uneven tarmac repairs, etc., etc... And my friend could not see any of these. Also, knowing when I could adjust pace, or direction to avoid people, dogs, puddles, etc..

    We managed six miles, at an average of 10 minute miling. I was more tired from the 'guiding' than from the running. (Heart rate max was 139, with average 123.)

    Today I ran with my daughter in Chipping Norton. A 6.5 mile run in 65 minutes. It included some very muddy farm trails, and some hilly roads. Not a run that was easy to quantify, in terms of training achievement, but I guess that running with your daughter doesn't need any analysis. Just be thankful for the good times!

    Apart from a 'spike' in the second mile, this morning, which saw my heart rate go up to 168 before dropping down to 130, everything was fine, and average heart rate was 135.   Happy.

    Only one week before I fly out to Singapore, and wonder if I'll be able to fit in the hill session, and the Yassos, that I had hoped to do.

    Hope that you are enjoying your running.

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    Ablation + 113 days.

    Decided to return to my previous Parkrun venue this morning. This was so that I could make some direct comparisons with what I was achieving two and a half years ago. Nothing is ever quite that simple.

    My result in Aug.2012, was 24:17, with Age Grading 71.03% (Posn. 120 out of 302)

    Today's result was 25:39, with A.G. 68.75% (position 259 out of 584 runners!)

    To achieve the same A.G. now, my time would need to be 24:49, and in ten weeks' time, when I notch up another year, it would need to be 25:07. Whichever way I look at it, I would like to improve my pace, and get back to 8 minute miles for the 5k. This morning the average pace was 8:15.

    First mile was very congested, and then slowly improved for the next two miles.

    Mile times: 8:25, 8:15 and 8:09 plus 50 seconds.

    Mile av. h.r. 131, 152, and 156. Maximum was again 163, at the finish.

    This was a good work-out, with some useful data, and was my best 5k time for two and a half years. (Pre AF)   Very Happy.     Enjoy the rest of your week-end.

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    Ablation + 114 days.

    Justified my consecutive days running today, on the grounds that yesterday's run was only a 5k parkrun. But once I got going I realised how hard the legs had worked, to secure my improved time.

    Plan:  Run half marathon distance, with a little more effort than last time (17 days ago) to achieve an improved time, and gauge progress. Set off at 07:00 with just a couple of squirts of my sports drink, and then drink at two mile intervals.


    Mile     1   8:40   120/139   (time and av./max. h.r.)

    Mile     2   9:04   137/140

    Mile     3   9:00   138/140

    Mile     4   8:58   140/144

    Mile     5   8:50   141/145

    Mile     6   8:57   143/146

    Mile     7   8:56   143/146

    Mile     8   8:52   144/146

    Mile     9   8:58   142/145

    Mile   10   8:49   145/147

    Mile   11   8:43   148/150

    Mile   12   8:38   150/152

    Mile   13   8:29   153/156

    Half Mar. time: 01:55:42    Av. pace: 8:50 mile    Av. h.r.: 142 (max. 156)

    This is a minute quicker than last time, but three minutes slower than my last race, in July 2012, which was the Swanage Half, and quite hilly. (Now discontinued)

    I maintained 3-3 breathing until the last four miles. A slightly faster runner passed me, and I checked the pace; just a bit too fast to stay with him, but I did slip into a mainly 2-2 breathing rhythm. All my improvement was made in the last six miles.

    Heart rate was well behaved, and was slightly lower than last time, even with the increased effort.  Happy with the time, and with the heart rate.

    The drinking worked well, with no stops or walks.  

    Will continue to work towards a minimum 15 sec/mile improvement in basic speed, and will then feel that I could train for a sub 4hr marathon again. (Last one was in Dec.2011; 3:57 at Portsmouth)

    Hope you got your run completed before the weather deteriorated (S. England). 

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    Ablation + 117 days.

    Trying to fit in runs this week was always going to be a challenge. So settled for a 'direct comparison run' of 5 miles this morning. Well, I guess nothing is really 'direct' due to fitness levels, weather conditions, hydration, recovery, etc.. But as close as I could determine, I ran a regular five mile route, with a normal 'feel-good' effort.

    Result:   5 miles in 43:33  Av.pace 8:42/mile, and Av.h.r.140, Av.cadence 171.

    Approximately 2 minutes slower than two and a half years ago. But allowing for age difference, a 15/20 sec./mile improvement in pace should bring me back to a similar 'performance' level. This lines up fairly well with previous post. Happy.

    Need to take the packing seriously today, and be ready to fly tomorrow. Will try to make time for an evening post, to summarise what has been learned through this experience of Atrial Flutter, heart procedure, recovery and  training.

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    OK, I'll try to keep it brief. A summary of progress over almost 4 months.

    After being in constant Atrial Flutter for 20 months, I had a catheter ablation at the end of October.

    November and December were spent testing my heart rate and breathing, through a range of distances and paces. And the first real 'effort' was a 10k on Dec 26th.

    Through those weeks I was encouraged by the heart rates, even though there were occasional highs (mainly in the first 8-10 minutes) . In the main they were below 160, which I used as an approximate maximum.

    Without pushing the pace, I found myself running faster than I expected. With alternate day running I recovered well.

    In January and February I have worked more on pace, and have not worried about the heart rate, although it continues to be of interest, and generally seems to be getting lower on training runs.

    Maximum heart rate tests gave 163, and this is what I have recorded at the end of two hard runs. The formula that produces the same result is 202-(0.55xAge). All the others that I listed on 25-11-2014 produce lower figures. It may not work for you.

    Pace judgement continues to be poor, but is improving.

    Running distances up to 17 miles has not been a problem, but I did continue running throughout my flutter months, including two marathons just weeks before my procedure, and that has probably helped.

    So the main work has been to get the pace back to somewhere near where it was before. Considering that I've only been working at this for two months, I'm pleased with the progress. There would appear to be a further 5% improvement required if I am to see the same Age-graded results. And I'm planning to achieve that by later this year.

    My health isn't taken for granted, and I'm backing up the running with a general fitness and strengthening regime. Normally I run 3 or 4 times per week, and I have a reduced mileage week, or an easy week, each month. Average week this year has been 30 miles, with a low of 20 and one high of 38.

    Hoping to work towards a 4 hr marathon later this year, but not ready yet.

    Expect to be out of the country for two months, and not sure if I'll be able to up-date the thread. Thanks for following my journey. Hope it encourages others with AF.

  • Thanks MrM2 - I'm looking forward to your return!! Just read through this and it sounds like a very well-planned return, which I have found very encouraging. I'm waiting on an ablation procedure for AF in the next few weeks and hope I can return to regular exercise. 

    Cheers Alan

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    alanj  glad that this has been of interest. I have been able to check on the forums to some extent, and actually got an email notification regarding your post. We are still in Singapore where the weather is challenging; some days heavy rain, but always so hot.

    I hope that your procedure turns out as well as mine did. Has your condition kept you from running? or are you just experiencing what I did; insufficient puff to run at your 'normal' pace?

    Yesterday I did a tough eleven miles; up to Mount Faber Park, and beyond, then returning to the ship in Keppel Marina. My average heart rate was 130, with a max of 147, so I was well pleased. Have to add that my average pace was well over ten minute miling, with my fastest 9:11. But I did enjoy the scenery, and running through Hort Park.

    Tomorrow morning I plan to get out at about 6 am, when it is still dark, and do some shorter, faster reps, just to reassure myself that my recovery is still on track.

    All the best. Michael.


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Two months have passed since my last post. Only got back one week ago, having been ten weeks away in Singapore, Malaysia (Sarawak), and Philippines. Fortunately I've been able to fit in an average of three runs each week, with a weekly mileage averaging around twenty, but as high as thirty. Running in temperatures of 30+ would not be my first choice, but I didn't have a choice.

    Maximum distance run was 13 miles, but more often it was what I could fit into one hour. Have been monitoring my heart rate on almost every run, and only once saw it go above the 163 max that I was working with back in February. At the end of a five mile run, pushing to the finish, my heart rate touched 165. Not sure if this can be accounted for by climate/temperature. Any ideas?

    During my first week at home I've been trying to gauge my fitness (seem to have lost 3 or 4kg)  Ran an easy half marathon (2:04; approx. 9:30 miling), a steady 8 miles at 9:00 miling, a Yasso session on the track; 8 x 800s averaging 3:53, with a three minute, 400m recovery, and this morning an easy 5 miles, with a fast fourth mile (8:10).  Probably not quite recovered from the travel, but not far off.

    Heart rate seems to be coming down on most of my runs. e.g. only reached 151 on my 'fast' mile this morning, and have to say that the catheter ablation appears to have been a complete success. Very Happy.

    This week I'll work on mainly easy running, but may include a set of hills. Will probably leave parkrun for end of the month, and I have two 10k events in June. So although I need to work on speed for the shorter distances will be following the main components of a sub-4 marathon training schedule.

    Still too early to be confident of getting back to a four hour marathon, but have been looking at possibly running Gdansk, Poland, on the 15th August. Would have entered already but the site is not very friendly, even though it is partly in English.

    Would be good to hear from anyone else who is coming back after heart procedures. And anyone with Gdansk experience. Enjoy your running this week! 

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Out at 7o'clock this morning, to avoid the worst of the weather. There was already a fresh westerly wind to make sure that my outward run was slow! but appreciated the wind assist on the return. Glad to have avoided the rain and hail!

    Plan was to run 14 miles, with six out no faster than ten minute miling, and six return at about 9min miling. (First and final miles include a significant hill, so not included.)

    Result was satisfactory: the outward six miles averaged 10:28, and the return six miles averaged 8:51 (Thank you, west wind). In the first half my heart rate averaged 127, with a high of 131, and in the second half the average was 141, with a high of 147. Cadence doesn't seem to get any 'better', average 166, highest 170.

    Average pace for the twelve miles was 9:39, and for the fourteen 9:41.

    Conclusions: always difficult to assess progress and potential from one windy run, but happy that after running into the wind for almost 73 minutes I could stick to a good pace for the return (9:11, 9:00, 8:44, 8:40, 8:51, 8:38) and still feel comfortable at the end.  Happy.  Also good to see the heart rate staying steady, even if a little high(?)  Double Happy.

    Indicates to me that 9 minute miling for the marathon, is some way off, but 9:30 is more realistic. I've just stepped into the 4th week of a 16 week schedule, and will attempt to pick out the essentials. But, most importantly, will try to avoid injury.

    Successfully entered the Gdansk marathon yesterday (15th August) and two 10k events (12th and 19th June). Happy Running everyone.

  • Hi

    I have just read through your complete list of postings. Thank you... 

    I would like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind. First a bit of background about myself. I am 70 next birthday and like you have had atrial flutter (AF) diagnosed. I had a cardioversion in August 2013 and have not suffered any AF symptoms since. However I had a follow up appointment with a Cardiologist this week and still show an "eptopic" beat on my ECG. I was given 3 options on what I could do 1. take medication to subdue the problem 2. have an ablation 3. carry on has normal (with warfarin) until it gets worse !!. I chose the third option.  I have been running for 45 years with some very good times when younger (33:21 10k). My last competitve 10k a couple of years ago was 50:50. However I cannot run sub 30 mins in the local ParkRun and it is very hard work at that pace.

    I would like to ask you about your experience when running with AF, you mentioned that your times were down about 5 mins on a 5k. what exactly did you experience to make you slow down so much.

    Sorry to drone on so much but I have found it difficult to find any information on the subject.

    Keep up the running.....



  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    ronhar  Thanks for dropping by. You've got an impressive running history. I can only look back on 25 years of running, and my best 10k was about 10 minutes slower than yours! So I can understand why you are frustrated with a 30 minute 5k.

    During my Atrial Flutter period (20 months) I only once scraped under 30 minutes for the 5k. Yet, before that, I was working on improving my speed, and got down close to 24 minutes. At the moment I'd be glad to get down to 25 minutes (initially!) but was still some 40secs adrift in February, when I last did a parkrun. Hope to do one later this month, to see where I'm at now.

    The problem I had was all about oxygen supply, as I understand it, due to the 'flutter circuit'. The cardiologist told me that I would experience about a 20% loss of efficiency in oxygen distribution. This meant that if I tried to run at my normal pace I would not be able to sustain it, and often had to walk for a minute or two. On a 5k run this would happen up to five times. The more efficient way was to run about two minutes/mile slower, and then sometimes I could keep running- even up to half marathon distance. But it didn't always work, and at times I'd still need to walk a bit.

    I cannot tell you how thankful I am to be running again, without that problem. For me, the catheter ablation was a success from day one. And I continue to see progress towards my former level of running. Now I am not on any medication; the Warfarin was stopped 12 weeks after my procedure, when I had my follow-up consultation.

    I hope that answers your question. Not sure that it will help you, as each case, however similar, can actually be quite different. What other running are you doing? Do you still need to have regular blood tests?  Regards, Michael.

  • Hello again MrM2.

    Thanks for your swift reply.

    I am running 5-6 days a week but cannot manage more than 6 miles at a time. If I run at 10:30 - 11:15 mile pace I do not have to walk. I have another anomaly that the cardiologist did not clearly explain. My heart rate does no go over 133 bpm, if I run at 11 min mile pace my heart rate is 129 bpm if I run at 9 min mile pace for a mile it goes up to 132 and no higher !!! very perplexing. I am still having regular INR blood tests (warfarin) but have been discharged from the cardiologist, with the provisor that I come back when the symptoms worsen. On reflection, I should have gone down the ablation route that was offered.

    To top it al,l I am getting discomfort in my right hip area which I suspect might be the joint on its way out.

    Regards Ron

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