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  • Forefeet Good - interesting point. When you say correct foot plant do you mean that I should try and plant using more of the mid foot region rather than the forefoot area (5th MT Head)?
  • I slightly mis-read your post, but it doesn't change the gist of what I was suggesting - that the landing foot should be essentially stationary as it reaches the ground, rather than still moving forwards and scuffing to a stop on landing.

    Barefoot running is a quick way to correct this (bare feet won't let themselves be scuffed along!) - but this wouldn't be advisable with inflammed sesamoids. The pose brigade may have some appropriate drills - or may be able to make a better suggestion of what might be causing the problem.
  • Forefeet Good - do you think that complete rest is the best method of recovery for this tendon / sasamoid injury? I have had a week off here and there and then I go back to running and the pain comes back after 4 miles. It is really frustrating as a few weeks ago I was doing upto 60 mins on a treadmill with no pain - then out of the blue after 5 miles the pain came back.
  • I don't have personal experience, but web sites say "strict rest" and appropriate pads to relieve the pressure.
  • Thanks for the info- I will look into appropriate pads etc. Hate being injured and really frustrated as I have never had this problem before and have kept to the same make and model of shoes - only difference was using the black 2080 instead of normal white one for a hard half marathon race and thats when the injury came! Thanks again for your views and info - much appreciated.
  • Andre
    Have picked up a similar sounding injury (pain beneath the 1st and 2nd metatarsal heads) and had also been using black 2080s for my faster runs (ie forefoot striking).

    I'm sure strict rest is the ideal but I've been able to carry on running by slowing down, using the usual ice treatment and abandoning the 2080s for one of my old shoes (some adidas equilibriums) which dont seem to have forefoot pressure in the same place.

    I've got a Marathon in 4 weeks and this approach seems to be working at the moment.
  • Pathman - very interesting - I have been told that the black 2080's are different to the standard 2080's!! very annoying. I have just been surfing the net and found alot of info on sesamoid injuries which sounds like exactly what I have. It also says that if it is not a fracture then rest is key with maybe pads to protect the area. I have ran slowly and it does help but sometimes the pain will come back again. I found running on treadmills OK for it - they are softer I guess than road running.
    I am planning on trying a slow run tonight, if pain persists then strict rest for 2-3 weeks and I may look for some pads or something similar. Luckily my next marathon is not until October. I am just really annoyed about the black 2080's. Obviously, with a marathon 4 weeks away you must still be able to run for 2 hours with this injury?
  • Andre,
    I bought the black ones as they didn't have the regular in my size. I suppose 2 similar injuries is just a coincidence but it does make you wonder.

    I am currently able to run the required distance but it does get a bit sore after about 13 miles. I take some Ibuprofen and use lots of icing in the evening (my wife thinks I'm mad - "Isn't it meant to be fun")

    THe shoes that seem best seem to be ones with less cushioning. I assume this is because they are keeping my foot in a more rigid position - almost acting like a splint, whereas softer shoes are allowing more movement and the foot hurts much sooner.
  • Pathman - definately makes you wonder. I went out in my new 2090's last night and did just over 4 miles with no discomfort. I did ice before and after and so far so good.
    Your point about the better shoes being those with less cushioning is something I think a lot of the guys on this thread were discussing at first - using racing flats with less cushioning are better than the "commercially" designed gel / cushioned shoes.
    Good luck with the rest of your training.
  • Thanks SVT, on page 4 but must get some work done now. Will read later.
  • Having read all that I am now cross eyed, but will persevere with my attempts at forefoot running.

    Fair play to Mizuno for their comments.

    My enquiry to Nike earlier today got this reply,

    We appreciate your interest in Nike. We recommend that you check out a
    more racing specific shoe. Models like the Air Streak Vapor IV, Zoom
    Streak XC, Air Zoom Katana Cage, and the Air Zoom Pegasus Racer may
    offer the lower profile heel that you are looking for. Please visit our
    website at and click on the Runners Library tab,
    located at the top of the page. Here you will be able to find more
    information regarding running tips and training.

    They fobbed me off I think.
  • Pegasus Racer? Low profile? They're 'avin a larrrf.

    (Remember, this is the company that puts a built-up heel on a shoe that's meant to replicate barefoot running...)
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