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  • It was the L50 that got me into ultra's too. I have always loved the Lakes and after a successfull Snowdonia Marathon we were having a few beers and someone suggested the Lakeland 50 After much persuation I agreed to give the 50 ago! I have never looked back . I love running in the dark, the views, Camping at the school. The finish into Coniston and the check points with their different themes .

    It is tough, I have cramped, fallen and I went the wrong way first time around. But I still love the event. If you like off road you should give this ago Jan .
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    The talk of the L50 has me tempted.... i've contacted the organisers to volunteer on this years event (the volunteer rosta is currently full, but if anyone drops out they will let me know)

  • Me too, Patricia sold it to me in Durban so I'll be waiting on the morning of Sept1 at 9am.
  • Have you heard anything regarding your time yet from CMA JAR? At least you don't need a chip for shoe for the Lakeland just a Bracelet to dip at each check point!
  • Yes spoke to a couple of people now, they seem open to it and are having to refer it to the race referee. Doesn't sound too bad but don't want to get my hopes up either.

    What a mission though as if the race isn't hard enough.
  • I agree it is such a tough race. I still don't know why I felt so terrible . I think it may have been my nutrition? It is so hard to get it right in Ultra's . I mean't to thank you for coming and chatting to me during the race I'm sorry I couldn't run at your pace at that moment . You really deserve your time for continuing when feeling low.
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    jar - glad things are looking positive image

    Patricia - it might be different for someone like yourself churning out a much higher mile rate than me - I tend to exist on fluids mostly - mainly coke, hmm coke, I don't drink it on any other day than Comrades, nectar for the engines! Water comes second, and then later in the day I recall taking a few orange segments, less banana pieces, fewer salty potatoes (that I mainly spat out after salt absorption), a few crackers that were annoyingly dry and lung threatening as I almost breathed in their dust and then a couple of massively frustrating small pieces of chocolate which were almost impossible to break out of their shrink wrapping. In all I probably ate less than side plate full of solids over the whole run.

    I have been looking up temperatures and found stats that say 31st May 2015 hit 25C/77F and 29th May 2016 hit 24C/75F:-

    2015 - 25C/77F - Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Hillcrest, Pinetown
    2016 - 24C/75F - Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Hillcrest, Pinetown

  • I don't like Coke very much . So I stuck with the Enegade and. Used Salt tablets every hour after the first 2 hours of running - sometimes I didn't quite get this right. I did take baby food with me but found I couldn't open the top on one so instead of asking for help I give up also tried to eat some 9 bar but found it difficult to swallow!! So really had very little solid good. My body just wanted to drink! Thanks for letting me know what you eat and drank Lowrez it is useful to get different ideas .The temperature differences were interesting as last year I suffered more with cramping .
  • It was nice chatting Patricia - i do enjoy talking if both are up for it and if there's someone I know then all the better.   Often a chat and some high-fives with supporters helps break you out of a long period of introspection.  

    CMA have got my pictures today, I patiently await a verdict.



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