Monday session (14/10/2002)

Seem to have managed to 'run around' the tight hamstring I acquired last week, by stretching, massage and gentle running. Managed to get in two runs over the weekend including a run over an hour yesterday.

What: Probably 4-5 easy
Why: Bit tired after weekend plus still harbouring thoughts of Franfurt marathon.
Last hard day: over a week ago
Last rest: Friday

Its taken over a week for my legs to start feeling 'normal' again after the marathon, and still my left calf is tight. But seem to have a spring back in my step and will look maybe to do one and a half to 2 hours next weekend, if I can do that comfortably then I might still decide to do Frankfurt.


  • Morning !
    What : 7 miles easy
    Why : 10 hard miles yesterday
    Last hard day : yesterday
    Last Rest day: Saturday
  • A very good morning to one and all; the sky is bright, the birds are singing and all around children are playing happily....

    What: rest
    Why: ran Denstone half yesterday in 1:39:36.
    Very pleased as I thought that 1:40 would be optimistic on this "challenging" course. At the start of the summer I ran a flat 5K in just over 24 mins so there's something to be said for this training!

    P.S. Yesterday's run may have influenced my opening paragraph. In the afternoon I watched Paula and found myself irrationally thinking "I know just how you feel".
  • What: swim
    Why : 9 miles yesterday
    Last hard day : Thursday
    Last rest day : Saturday (swim)
  • Well done, DavidB - brilliant time. Martin, I am glad you are starting to feel better after your self-inflicted ordeal. Gillian, you are a serious endorphin addict. Respect, all.

    What: rest day.
    Why: I'm due one. Also cossetting my immune system - "start" of a cold yesterday hasn't progressed beyond my nose so I'll probably be OK (It's not a random thing - husband has a real snorter - and if I were a supplement-taker I'd be crediting the powdered octopus snot or whatever for "nipping it in the bud"). And do feel as if a little muscle repair-work is needed here and there after yesterday's race.
    Last hard day: yesterday.
    Last rest day: Friday.
  • Morning all – could of sworn I spotted an arc being built by a bloke with a beard this morning ;o)

    What : Swim Drills (This afternoon)
    Why : I take it easy over the last 3 weeks of October

    Last Hard Day : Thursday
    Last Rest Day : Saturday

  • Greetings

    What: nowt, knackered.
    Why: see here for explanation.
    Last hard run: Definitely yesterday
    Last rest day: Today
  • What: rest - bad neck again
    why: Building arc over weekend
    where: Animal gathering
    why: God moves in mysterious ways

    (mind you - so do I with the stiff neck)
  • How do you do that thing with blue link MM?

    Glad you're recovering Martin.

    What: club speed session tonight. Am happy to remain in blissful ignorance as to the exact nature of this until I get there.
    Why: Going to club to make myself do regular speed sessions this autumn.
    Last hard: Fri.
    Last rest: Sat.
  • good morning

    What: a rest
    Why: because I can't run and pout sulkily at the same time!
    Last hard run: Saturday in the Hampshire Cross Country league - 5k in 23:22 and thoroughly beaten by 99 supremely fit young women in their serious kit - although I didn't come last, I'm glad to say. Also thoroughly beaten yesterday (Sunday) in a cyclo-cross (off road bike) race yesterday and came 34th out of 35 finishers (40 starters) mostly men but it never made a difference in previous years. (quietly suppresses sob)
    Last rest day: well maybe I've been having too many!!!!
  • Damn wet what!

    What - 4 steady
    Why - 9 yesterday so need an easy today
    last hard day - Sunday
    last rest - Sat
  • Hi all! I also had a good run at Merrill College yesterday, MM and got a PB. (61 mins...okay, I know that's laughable to the rest of you but I felt good about it.)

    What: rest day.
    Why: see above
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: saturday
  • Morning all,

    What: Rest
    Why: Amsterdam marathon this Sunday
    Last hard run: Last Tuesday
    Last rest: Today


  • Best of luck for Amsterdam - what's your time goal?
  • What: undecided yet. Possibly nothing, possibly might accompany elder son on a v short outing (his XC training at school is off tonight), might even try a 20-30 minute thrash on the bike by way of a change.

    Why: a) yesterday evening, chest felt like it was finally succumbing to a bug (haven't had a respiratory bug or cold now for 6 months - a long time for me). Fortunately (a couple of Echinaceas later), that feeling has gone this morning (but still feel that a cold might be lurking round the corner).

    aside - Sorry Vrap, but given that I started taking Echinacea just after the last bug I do perceive a cause-and-effect here! If this run continues much further into autumn, I'm going to start using terms like "statistically significant"

    b) After yesterday's 10K, got an invite from one of the Wirral runners who beat me to accompany them on their session on Hoylake prom on Tuesday night. From what I've seen, many of the runners who beat me yesterday will be there - also it'll be the first time since schooldays that I've done a group training session! So that's something to look forward to - want to make sure I'm OK for that.

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat
  • Yippee my two weeks of rest are up. I've been really grumpy because I thought 'No don't train - take it easy', and its been driving me up the wall. So....

    what : gentle 5 mile at lunch time round the banks of the Thames

    why : first day back in training.

    last hard day : two weeks ago on Sunday - Berlin marathon
    last rest day : yesterday

  • Mike, in a trial involving one person, you'd have to be free of respiratory bugs for about 15,000 years before being able to claim statistical significance even at p=0.5 level.

    I have had one respiratory bug a year for several years without taking echinacea and despite daily occupational exposure to viruses, which could possibly be used, equally spuriously, to "prove" that echinacea INCREASES susceptibility to respiratory infections (I seem to remember offering the same suggestion about vitamin C on the old forums, and the thread degenerating cheerfully into looking for evidence that a daily pot of Muller Rice is the best way to ward off colds).

    But statistics are flexible and deeply held beliefs are rarely altered by scientific evidence.
  • Martin,

    Don't know what to expect in Amsterdam. Flat,fast course so I will set out with the intention of running a sub-3 and see how it goes! Well, you have to dream :o)

  • What: either rest or 5 mile recovery
    Why: training is completely without structure at the moment
    last hard day: does yesterday's 60min fartlek at 80% whr on a treadmill count as hard
    last rest day : sat

    Yesterday was meant to be a 2hr long run but weather so foul I opted out and did the treadmill session above. This means I will be doing 2 1/2m's a month apart with no long run (> 90 mins) between them. This leaves me concerned as I worry about the endurance base.

    Anyone aware of good guidance on how to sustain a half M training capability? All guides are framed around a build-up to race, not "how to tick over".
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Laid low the last day or so by a similar stomach problem that knocked me pre Windsor.
    Didn't get out at all yesterday (although having watched Paula I was desperate for a run).

    Today : maybe 30 mins easy
    Last Rest : Yesterday
    Last Hard : Thursday

    Next race on Sunday (fleet) then a couple of weeks off (cyprus for half term - yippee!) before clocking up the miles again in preparation for next springs marathon!

    Well done all with the weekend racing performances.I seem to spend hours on a Monday reading the 'events' forum!
  • Hey V-rap my wife has just bought some echinacae stuff as the kids got colds when they went back to school (shock horror). I have told her its a waste of money but she will not believe me - any good words of advice?

    The last purchase she made was Loofer in a liquid form for my hay fever - tasted disgusting - went back to Beconaze - that works.
  • Can't help much, Mij. I think attitudes to taking pills and potions are formed in infancy and are difficult to change later. My kids moan that OTHER people's children get taken to the doctor and/or given medicine when they get colds and suchlike things. I keep a bottle of generic pseudoephedrine in the cupboard so that if they want medicine for their cold they know that it's going to have to be "red snotty-nose medicine", which they all hate but which may - perhaps - make a slight difference to the symptoms by a biologically plausible mechanism.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: weights this morning, 40 minute recovery run tonight.
    Why: race yesterday
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Friday

    Taking it easy for the next two weeks in preparation for starting my training programme for my 2:45 goal at London.

    Off to Florida for 2 weeks on Wednesday morning. Don't intend doing much running when I'm there, maybe every other day.
  • Vrap,
    This could get heavy - in a technical sense! Particularly if I dig out my old stats books and remind myself about the minutiae of significance testing.
    Bear in mind I'm not interested in making a statistical case for the population at large - just for me! Given that I reckon over the last few years, I've averaged four (possibly more - must check my diaries) respiratory bugs a year (up to April), you could model the situation crudely as follows:
    In any given month, I have a probability of 1/3 of picking up a bug. On which basis, the probability of going 6 months without doing so (as I have done since I starting taking echinacea) is (2/3)**6 = 64/729 or in other words, under 9%.
    Not a particularly striking figure as yet - particularly as the 6 month period covered includes the summer months, when I'm probably less vulnerable. However, if I get through the next 6 months and pick up at most one bug, then I'll have had at most one in a 12 month period. Probability of doing that is:
    (2/3)**12 + 12 * 1/3 * (2/3)**11
    - which works out at about 5.4% - somewhat more convincing....
    ...but having done the calculation for 2 or fewer bugs in a 2 year period, the probability of that appears to be under the magic 0.5%...
    I'll firm up the figures above (i.e. the "4 bugs a year") and we might return to this subject a few months down the line!

    I'm aware that statistics and the interpretation thereof is a notoriously "soft" science, but with each month that passes.....
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: 5 miles steasy to the health club, then steam/jacuzzi/swim
    Why: Lazy weekend (Mr Nessie had stressful week, so we vegged out)

    Marathon + 2 weeks and fully back to normal. "Never again" has now morphed into "I could do London if I get in, or maybe Paris....."

    Drew - how did the race go on Sunday?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Nessie, check the Merril & Shelton thread on events! Not too bad, although not what a I wanted.
  • Laura L,
    the hyperlinks are added using HTML tags. Probably the easiest way to explain it is if you go to the first page of this thread which has my link on it, then go to the top of your browser window and select View - Source, you'll see in a new window all of the tags used to make the page. If you then search for 'What: nowt, knackered.' you should see the first part of my post. If you scan along that line you'll then come to the 'Why: see' part of my response. OK, now we're getting there, so to add the link you then write an opening angled bracket (less than sign for the maths types) then 'a' then a space, then 'href=' then open a set of double quotes and paste in the web address/URL of the page you want to link to (in this case I just pasted the URL from the Shelton 10K page into here. Then close the double quotes and the angled bracket (greater than sign). Then add the text that you want to be highlighted as the link. Then open another angled bracket, add /a and then close the angled bracket. That should do it. Let me know how you get on.

    Probably the easiest thing to do is just copy and paste that section from the View-Source and experiment with different URLs.

    CONGRATS on your PB, don't be hard on yourself regarding the time. A personal best is a great achievement. Well done.

    have a great time in Florida, you definitely deserve a rest.
  • Today’s swimming drills were dropped in favour of intervals due to the pool being free of obstacles of the ‘blue rinse’ variety

    Actual: 6x250m @ 1000m pace with 30 second rests

  • Dear god,as if life wasn't complicated enough without having to digest Mike's cold statistics and MM's crash course in HTML! I thought you'd direct me to some little box on the screen I'd missed which simply says 'add blue link here' .

    Thanks anyway :)
  • I find HTML needs a child standing at my elbow to explain it. (My children are about 20ish). Statistics are best cold.

    What: 4 miles steady. Just keeping things ticking over til sunday, very exciting, saw the kingfisher.
    Did try to swim this morning, but the pool was definitely knees to noses full, and I decided I didn't kneed that.

    IF I finish writing tomorrow's lecture at a reasonable hour, I too shall settle down with the race reports and indulge.

    Still in a flutter over Paula.

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