• But I ain't doing that either.

    £30 to get wet and muddy, I can do that here for feck all.
  • DB - if you enter now it doesn't get any more expensive
  • Worth every penny! There's really nothing like it....anywhere!
  • Oh that's OK then, as long as my money is going to pay for old horses to get shot I don't mind. £30 and the price rises if you don't take advantage of this bargain.
  • You are all cordially invited to come and get muddy with me next weekend. Only one fatality on the route last weekend, entry fee £50, proceeds to help an old nag.
  • TwoDogs is having a refusal and throwing his toys out


    Monsters of Cock 2005

    Fat Buddha
    RichM (if not signing autographs)
    Stevo (fast boy)
    Gavo (wavering at moment though)
    Snoop (?)
    Crash Hamster (?)
    Slide (has entry form)
    Cedric (Tostaky's pardner)
    Jon (definitely not wavering)
    Mmmm Twinkler (if fit)
    Scooter Boy
    Mike (Babs nephew)
  • If you've got 40 foot tall Climbing frames with lots of splashy things, and girls in the shower, I might be interested......
  • you're on there cougie you prat
  • The owner of the bunkhouse has called to say if we can get a hundred people in there he'll knock a quid off the price.
  • That's generosity for ya.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I think a window in the bathroom may be necessary next year.
  • Make sure he keeps the piccy of Dipsy up. I know that's all that got the Count through the ordeal rich.
  • The guy at the curryhouse has said that he'll ignore our booking regardless of how many people we bring because they are tw@s!
  • How does the entry work? Is it the earkier you enter, you get to be in front squad?
  • Why? What happened???
  • Meant earlier not earkier!
  • Foggo

    The earlier you enter - the less you pay.
    The more you pay - the farther forward you start. Bribes are accepted.
  • Are we really not having a team with the ladeeez? I wanna be on Wolfy's team!!!
  • Why, in God's name, why?
  • But if you're a first timer you enter as a Wetneck and start behind the Front Squad and Tough Guys unless you're prepared to pay a huge bribe.
  • So i can see her expression when she comes out of the tunnel.
  • and into the light!

  • (or should that read shite?)
  • SB - makes no can go around with who you want...that way when one of you gets hypothermia...the other can laugh...I mean help you!
  • scoots - I think the plan is we'll all run together anyway but we'll have T-shits with different names as per

    URWFRC "Iron Maiden" for the girlies
    URWFRC "Monsters of Cock" for the lads
  • So if I enter under a mates name who has done one in the past its cheaper again ?
  • T-shits = the colour after TG!!!
  • Is his name Nicko as well though otherwise your results will be in the wrong name?
  • Plus im not "R"ing at all so I might give this guy 40 notes and not be able to run HMMMMMMM
  • Helps the horses though.
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