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Hi all.

Just wondering how long people out there actually spend time on there turbo trainers in a session or what distance would you cover?

What would you say is too long on a turbo trainer, I mean surly you couldnt and wouldnt want to do your long weekly cycle on there because of boredom and the fact it cant be good for the tyres!

I know it all depends on what you are doing within the session but just would like to know what time limit people normally do?

Thanks for any advice


  • You need to get Pete Reads Blue Book. I think you can google for it.

    You don't replicate your Sunday run on the turbo as you say - would drive you mad !

    If I couldn't get out - I'd do something like warm up, then about 40mins at 80% of MHR, and then some intervals on top of that.

    But I'd rather go out. The 40 min session is always a good one and helps build your base, and when you are fit, the intervals are brilliant.
  • I use my Turbo for 'intervals' only i.e 45mins. Trainners give you a very good workout as you cant realy hide when it gets hard.

    They are also good for an hour spin session to give your legs a good stretch.

    As far as what it does to your bike, it wrecks tyres and wheels. It puts a lot of pressure on the bearings so it would be an idea to have a wheel just for the Turbo.
    Its also worth avoiding using a Race bike on there especialy if its Aluminium.
  • i have an aluminium race bike on mine, and i go on it for hours if I can't get out(pedalling along to my mega-memory MP3)

    what's the problem, given that i use some crappy old wheels?

  • Thank s folks!

    Jeffery, why avoid a race bike and whats wrong with using an Aluminium bike?

    I only have the one bike ( Bianchi ) and have to use it for both training and racing in triathlons, but have actually been thinking about using a spare wheel for training!

    Also while im thinking, anyone know of good tyres that can be used for both road and turbo trainers?
  • Aluminium as a metal does'nt have a memory, meaning over a time of being flexed it becomes sloppy and looses its rigidity.

    Race frames being even lighter will suffer from this more.

    When i say 'memory' for an example Titanium frames always return to their former shape, so over time it will still be as rigid as it was when you bought it.
  • Specialized Armadillos are the tyres to have if you want them to last!!
  • Jeffrey - so you mean that leaving it clamped in the trainer, and therefore under stress, will kn*cker the bike?

    (fortunately i have a new carbon fibre baby on the way so i'm not that bothered about having potentially ruined my current one!)

    i take it the new arrival should never be fastened in the turbo then?
  • Over time it will weaken the frame causing it to flap a bit when putting the power down!

    Carbon's the dog's. I have a carbon Giant with Hed Stingers for when the road is flat!!!
  • I use my steel winter hack on the turbo.

    Pete Read recommends getting an old frame and old wheel and using that on the turbo, but I think that's more of a corrosion thing with sweat. And the bike gets a hell of a lot of sweat !

  • How much is a carbon giant frame. I'm getting very tempted.....
  • Peter Reid is the man!

    If only i could swim 50mins then i join him for the bike!

    And the run! Maybe???!
  • Giant Carbon frames are £1100 and they come with forks and headset!
  • Hmmmmm. Ta for that !
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    noticed there's an ad in 220, p15. bonthrone bikes(fulham, london) are offloading the frame and fork for £800

    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    i think they have discounted frames in climb on bikes hereford too. maybe there is a backlog of these frames in stock out there.....might be worth checking out TCR next week??
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Yeah they are last years ones which is ok if you require a small?

    Though if you are a small i know someone who can do them cheaper than that!!
  • OOh. Darn - not a small. Can't remember what frame my TT TCR is. Prob a Medium.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    you da man/woman jeffery!
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Man!

    And that was just a coment Daaaaaaaaaaaazzz
    not a boast!!
  • Jeffery...
    mail me! How much 'cheaper'...?!! I could fit a small I reckon..!!!
  • Oh nooo - the lure of more carbon was too much !
  • And what price a medium. I think mines a medium.
  • hee hee...!!!

    well, one 'has' to enquire about these things eh!!!
  • boys, boys, boys.....

    its not the chassis - its the engine that matters
  • Cougie, there are no last years Carbon's left in a Medium.

    You may find a shop that has some stock left!!
  • Andy, but my engine seems to go lots better when it rides my mates carbon bike ! ;-)

    Might have to look round then Jeffrey. Ta.

    <shakes piggybank>
  • If the piggybank allows and you cant find last years model then this years are now
    around £1100.00?!!!!!!!!!!
  • andy,
    yes.. but the chassis has to be able to handle all this power too ya' know!!
  • Immense power. Legs like tree trunks me.

    Oh p**h, MMmm has seen me. :-(

    Can get the Hybrid (?) frame cheap, but the Compact (25% lighter !) is around the £1100 mark.

    I might have to wait til next year methinks.
  • yes but only 100-200gms lighter... have a poo before ya' ride and you've equalled it!!!
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