A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • I've toyed with gettin getting involved with the Epping forest running club. but
    my problem with running with other people is that i have 2 babies and kind of run when i get windows, so i'm pretty unreliable when it comes to arrangments.

    I guess I could find maps if i wasn't so lazy
  • Donna, I'll tell you that from a man's point of you at least you wouldn't want to be as thin as some of the female runners you see around the place - some of them are so skinny they look positively unhealthy (same goes for male runners too).

    If non-exercisers moan to me about diets not working I have little patience and always suggest they change their lifestyle by starting regular exercise (preferably running - apparently it's just about the best way to lose weight). When I started I weighed a stone more than I do now. The weight fell off me and at one point I was a stone lighter than i am now. I felt fine but people kept saying I looked ill! Anyway, it all levelled off and now I'm happy at about 11.5 stone.
  • Puggers - glad to hear you're happy with the way you are now and thank you very much for the kind words.

  • Is anybody here going to Bramley this Sunday? 20 mile "race" is on my programme, but will take it easy, make it a long slow distance run. After that I really start training.

    Saying this, I am changing from Tuesday to Thursday for the track session, so I can see Donna fying past me. Tuesdays will be cross training day for the next 8 weeks, doing some swimming there.
  • been working all aft so missed the threads. Most of my runing is off raod maybe 65/35 split with onroad. I'm lucky in that the long one is round a reservior with dirt/gravel paths which is not bad. If i do too much on road i start to pick up aches and pains. I do use a sports massage every 4-6 weeks, he absolutly kills my legs but i feel so much better the next day, highly recommended if you know a good one.

    Must admit I'm amazed that you got such good times in your 3 FLM's without any long runs, as you say every one is different.

    Anyway looking forward to my long run tomorrow, depending on the snow. will chat again on monday, have a good riunning weekend


  • If my triathlon is off on Sunday I'm tempted to do a 20 Miler round and round a 600 metre field near me. No that will be repetitive but it would be done to protect my knees. Thankfully I have a MP3 player to keep me going.
  • 20 miles round and round a field - mad! how on earth will you keep count? Will you stop half way and change direction?
  • I will be doing Bramley if the ankle holds out. Tuesdays will be very peaceful at Paddington track without you Lars :-)
  • I'm in the middle of setting up my MP3 player with 3 hours of music. Higs - I agree there's no way I can possibly keep count of the laps for 20 miles so I'll just run until the music runs out. That should be about 3 hours which would normally be at least 20 miles for me. Even more snow last night. Will it never end.....
  • Hi everyone. Arrgghh, I wimped out of the Terminator race - when I checked my road map I discovered it was about 2 hrs drive away and I just couldn't face all that distance. So then I was going to go for a 3hr run, but not having geared myself up for it and planned a route I couldn't face that either.

    So I went for an hour containing 50 mins tempo running, and I'm going to run the 15 miles into work on Tuesday morning. Best I can do - sorry!

    Tried the cold shower on the legs today - painful but beneficial!

    Yours ashamedly,
  • Just back from the Bramley 20. Did a 8 mile long run pace run with a friend followed by a 12 mile tempo run in faster than my half marathon pace so far. Finished the whole thing in 2:47, 8 minutes negative splits. Looking at the last 13 miles I would habe smashed my half marathon pb by 6 minutes. Additionally I collected BigBob on the way. I am looking forward to the Milton Keynes half now, making a official half marathon PB.
    A good confidence run and my second really long run in the bank!
  • Feeling slightly stiff today after Bramley. Started off well finishing the first 10 miles in 1h21, Lars came steaming past me at mile 15 where I had an amazing blow up and just couldn't get back to 8.15 min/mile pace. Finished in 2:52 which was a PB anyway so very happy.

    Lars - You took 6 mins out of me over the last 5 miles, good running, you should be well on target now for sub 3:45 at London!!
  • Hi Lars

    Wow that sounds pretty fast to me, if you kept that pace up for the FLM you would hit just under 3.40, looking good !

    I did a 21.6 mile slow run sat, 13 laps of the res plus runing back to my house to get some more drink. It was a lovely day, cold but sunny with only a litte wind, could see for miles, also saw a pair of swans that have been coming every spring for 5 years which always gives me boost .Path was very muddy, slushy and slippery so not too concerned that my time was 3.21, over 10 mins slower that the same run in December. Hopefully it's time on my feet that counts, had a cold shower after and legs felt fine, no aches at all. Day off on sunday so feeling ready for a speed session today

    How did everyones weekend running go ?

  • I'm feeling a bit guilty as well Puggers. The triathlon I was due to do yesterday was changed to only a run/swim due to ice on roads. Very annoying as I'd rested for two days beforehand. So I completed that race but just couldn't be bothered getting out later the same day for a long run.

    This week I'll fit in 20-25 miles Monday to Friday then I'm aiming for a Long 21 Mile run on Saturday. Well done Lars & Big Bob that's good running. I think you both should be on course for 3:45, I'll know better after next weekend. Just 5 days of work before I get there.....
  • hi guys - so i bit the bullet yesterday and ventured out for my first ever run over 17 miles. I was out for a 3hrs 4mins and covered 20 miles exactly which i'm very peased with. Energy levels were great al the way but my legs after 2 hours felt like led boots and began to REALLY hurt towards the end (around the hips). I worked out that this is 4 hour 2 min pace. I'm not sure where to go from here - Is it best that i stick to this distance and try to run faster - if so should i be trying to run it every week now ? - By the way, i took that crazy cold bath afterwards, WOW !! what a cure..
  • Good morning.

    Feel masses better after my low mileage week, my legs don't even hurt today!

    Did the pacing run yesterday in Richmond Park with the 8:30 minute miling group. It was very, very cold. We actually ended up doing about 8:21 minute miling and it's surprising the difference that makes to your comfort levels. Hoping that 10 second difference, the hills, rougher ground and the cold and early start made all the difference and it will all seem much easier on the 18th April. Feeling a little nervous about the pacing run in Birmingham in a fortnight now!

    Anyone else going to be there?

    Lars and BigBob - well done, both fantastic times. Must have given you both a massive confidence boost. No chance of you flying by me Lars at Battersea! I won't be there this week sadly - it's my big fundraising event - the grand quiz night.

    Adam - my tachnique for increasing my runs was run the same route for 2 weeks (to bed down the distance) and then increase time by 10-15 minutes. You should find the second time you run the same distance it becomes a bit easier.

    PPB - sounds like you at least saved your sanity but not having to run round a field 50 times! And it's not like you didn't do anything!

    Rest will probably have done you good Puggers. It is getting harder to get out and do the training now isn't it?

  • Nice going Lars, Big Bob, Peter and Adam - that's very impressive running from you all. And really encouraging that you felt pretty strong. The training is clearly paying off!

    Good luck with the quiz night Donna.

    While on my run yesterday I got chatting to a guy also training for the FLM. He was aiming for a sub 3hr time - he was on a 2hr 20 long run, and despressingly his "slow" pace matched very closely with my "tempo" pace. Ho hum...

  • Hi Adam

    well done on the long run, for your first one over 17 miles it was spot on. You'll find that when you do it again (next week ?) your legs feel a lot better at the end. I would be looking to do 3-4 more runs of 20+ miles up to 3rd/4th of April before starting to taper.

    Because I find it hard to fit in medium distance tempo runs I'll try and throw in 10-12 miles at marathon pace in my long runs to try and get used to the pace. I think it shows that the long runs are essential, it would not have been much fun to have lead boots for legs in the last 8 miles of the FLM. I should know cos it happened to me my first time as I did only one run at 20 miles and on the day I nearly died. I kept running all the way but was overtaken by people walking!!

    I'm off now for a speed session, I'm gonna make myself have a speed and fartlek/hill session every week to get my speed up as I've never run them consistently before, hope it helps

  • is the idea of the speed work that it increases your comfortable cruising speed ?
  • hi puggers

    I'm used to that feeling, just did 5 x 2 laps of ilkley lido (just over 1K i think) with a running mate who's a lot younger and faster than me. My fast was his jog, so I just listened while he chatted then I gasped at him during the one lap recoveries.

    Stll I managed to knock out sets of 4.05, 4.16, 4.26, 4.19 and 4.10 cos I had him to pull me along. I might use some of you for the same reason onn the day !!

    Adam the theory is that the fast sessions will improve my cruising spped. I've always been a bit lazy on speed work, it hurts too much and it's easier to do a long slow session and kid myself I'm still working on endurance. This time however I'm determined to go faster so if you don't see me telling I've done my 2 speed/fartlek /hill sessions each week tell me off !!

    ps doing my second session on wed/thurs

    hows your monday runs going

  • Just managed to sneak in a lunchtime run. Lovely. Sun was shining (well a little bit), didn't have time to do more than 5ish miles and even the tourists weren't too obstructive (running by the Thames!)

    Just remember that our slow speed is also the tempo speed for many other runners out there. We're not the fastest but then we're defintely not the slowest either. We're all just doing the best with what nature's provided us with!
  • Well said Donna. Let's not forget that if we finish London in 3 Hours 45 we'll still be in the top 25% of finishers. We're not really that slow. It's a fabulous clear day for running today. I'm itching to get out and do it, just a couple of hours of time wasting till then.
  • Cheers guys - time for a group hug I think ;-)

    Running into work tomorrow - leave house at 7am, 15 miles in so should be in the shower by about 9.15 if I take it nice and slow.

    Hope it's another nice day - the session might just be enjoyable if it is!
  • Puggers

    Go easy on the fried eggs in the morning.

  • Pat's on the back all round deserved

    Was at Richmond on Sunday on a run hosted by the Stragglers club,really enjoyed it, nice people and did the 18 miles in 2hr 30 dead.First time I've been in the park at Richmond, I thought it was great, not really used to so many recreational runners about at one time (All after the RW Event)it was good fun and I hope to go back in the Summer

    Massage today, so day off, feeling mellow

    Have a good week everyone
  • morning all

    it's another lovely day here so I'm gonna try and sneak in a few miles even though I'm up to my ears in it (doesn't it annoy you when work gets in the way of running )

    Puggers that sounds like a nice run into work, I take it you have have showers and a change of clothes !! I'm 25 miles away from work so I think thats a bit too much before a hard days work.

    I'm pretty lucky in my choice of runs during the week, Ilkley must be one of the most picturesque places in Yorkshire. It's a bit of a killer getting up the hills, but once you're up on the moors you've got some spectacular views. Does anyone else have some rave runs ?

  • Morning Folks, it's another fantastic day here in London!! Track tonight, 6x1K, hopefully I should be able to manage this although I am still very stiff from the Bramley 20 miler!!

    Peter, you could avoid the killer hills and run down Denton Road to Otley and back, this is a run I uesd to do many times when I worked in Ilkley. I agree, it is very picturesque but I still prefer the Chevin Chase circuit over in Guiseley.... This is my favourite, although I am bias in that my father was the founder of this race.... Stunning views over the Washburn valley, rumour has it you can see York Minster on a clear day although in the 26 years I lived there, I never saw this once.

  • Morning all. Good to hear the long mileage is being churned out ruthlessly.

    I had a 'step-back' weekend, with a mere 10 miles on Sunday, racing from Ostend to Bruges. Much liver abuse went on, I am ashamed to say, but the Wymondham 20 this weekend should help me tell if long-term harm was done.

    Keep it up, everyone, you're doing fab.
  • Morning all.

    Well, I made it safely into work this morning. I wasn't really looking forward to the prospect of leaving home at 6.45am into the freezing weather, and didn't sleep very well because of it...oh, and feeding my gorgeous baby girl at 4am didn't help matters either!

    But despite everything the run felt fairly easy - it's about 15 miles and I completed it in 2hrs 10, so that's an average pace of 8m 40s per mile, which I was fairly pleased with given the time of day, the hills, and the lack of sleep!

    Peter, there are no showers in work - I just sit at my desk in my smelly kit all day - it's a great way of deterring people from pestering me!! (Joking of course!).

    Freddo, that's really good going at Richmond - well done.

    Rave Runs? I live in South Wales near lots of amazing mountains and there are many footpaths around which go around or over them, so I am never stuck for a route, although they are never easy either!
  • Rave runs, hmnnn. That's where I'm going wrong. Just grateful in London to run relatively traffic free. I have a lot of affection for the Regents Canal, although really it isn't very scenic for the most part.

    I'm going to California three days after FLM and I'm really looking forward to running in the valley in Yosemite National Park. The more scenic runs are when we visit James' parents in Sheffield, although as Puggers said with South Wales, they're never easy!

    Question for you all. Is it worth paying out to stay in a hotel to do the RW pacing run in Sutton Park the weekend after next (20 miles at 8:30 pace, if the pacers stick to it that is) or should I just wait until the weekend after and enter a 20 mile race and do that at 8:30 minute miling?

    Reading half this weekend, feeling a little apprehensive of running faster than 8:30 minute miles. Can I still do it?
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