What time should I aim for?



  • ps: are you a manchester person Fluffa? I ask because I recognised you from your photo - I saw you running near Kingsway when I went to have a quick look-see at the route!! (I live nearby).

    pps: I recommend some fluffy Armin van Buuren stuff to start, followed by Astral Projection for the "meat" of the run, followed then by me hard NRG from Weirdo to finish :D

    ppps: Plea to Forum moderators: please re-code Forum to include edit function. thank you.
  • hiya...i'm not from manchester anymore....was born there, and moved back to go to music school...now live in cambridge ...i moved here to go to uni, and just stayed...
    i wanted to go to manchester 'cause it's a bit of an old stomping ground.....we went up for the weekend and had a pretty cool time....ahhh i really forgot how good chips and curry were ;)
    i like the music plan.... i normally have underworld or some chilled trance for the first 2.5 hours, and then some of my favourite r.e.m tracks (usually reckoning and out of time) to finish...bit of a change of scene.... used to be dire straits but i'm getting sick of them....i thing a total change of music is a bit like a new race....
    so you recognise me from the marathon? which bit was kingsway? i was a bit lost in electronica ;)
    minnie....def. up for that sing song....might piss a few people off but worth it!
  • Not a chetham's girl!!!
  • fluffa, you're on.

    i will give some thought to what we could sing. currently listening to highway to hell (ACDC - don't ask!!) which, by mile 24, it could be...

    m x
  • Er, Kingsway is the street name of an A-road near Levenshulme and Fallowfield. I forget which A-road it is, but it's fairly major. It's about 3 miles from the city centre as the crow flies, but I have almost no idea of the rest of the Marathon route so I don't know how far you'll have run. I don't even remember if you were actually running down it - I was in a hurry and my brain processed the following information: "Want to go across road. Can't. Blocked cos of marathon? Yes - see girl in red shorts and Camelbak like I use for bike. She wears race number. Must be marathon. Have to go elsewhere." :D

    Ironically enough, my best friend is moving to Cambridge fairly soon.

    Possibly see you at FLM (you can borrow one of my minidiscs if i remember them! :) )
  • don't think there were any other girls in red shorts and camelbaks....nice to have met you ;)

    afraid i did go to chethams...what a weird place ;)
  • minnie, acdc....hmmm never heard any....it can't be that bad...i have been known to listen to status quo....when i was little (ahhh) my mum used to come back in the evenings from her 3 miler singing an asthmatic rendition of "rocking all over the world" ...naturally, when i started running i just thought quo was the stuff to run to....and it's not all that bad for once in a while....you just have to be careful not to sing along ;)
  • Yup! Only ever known weirdos come from there! (Not that you're weird!)
  • acdc aren't too bad, their stuff does all sound the same, but highway to hell isn't a bad track, and quite relevant!

    status quo...never considered them, but it might just work

    had a bad run yesterday (grr) so i'm trying not to think about running too much (despite being on the forum) and any associated songs

  • hey, sorry you had a bad run....that's horrid when that happens....i'll be thinking of you for your next one ;)

    jon, who have you known from chethams....i left in 97....maybe we have some commom acquaintances...
  • fluffa!

    I knew a load from Chets who'd have left in 96? Yup 96

    Studied in London (RCM) so know a fair few who knock around this neck of the woods
  • small world...
    i was never much of a musician, though...i was ok when i started, but didn't do much in the way of practice...then totally let the side down by doing maths at uni ;)
    since leaving chets i didn't really play until a few months ago when i bought myself a piano....now i'm just trying to get some technique back....slowly.... ;)
    what with running, work and study there's not too much time...
    what do you play, then?
  • Argh. Stop it! ;)

    I have to tackle the immense task of writing a piece of fairly lively music for full orchestra, which I ususally try to avoid. You lot aren't helping. ;)
  • Viola! Psi: bet THAT doesn't help!!!!!!!
  • Jon: It did, I started to laugh uncontrollably!
  • jon, i think you're safe admitting that here ;)
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