Runny nose on my bike

Every time I go out on my bike my nose runs un-controllably, its not exactly cold (around 6 – 10 degrees for most of my rides). Does any one else suffer from this, are there any suggestions / tips to prevent it?


  • Yes it happens to me, it's just the wind!

    And loo roll!!

    Or the sleeve of your cycling jersey!

  • Mitts with a towelling strip.
  • a good snort out of each individual nostril with quick flick of head over shoulder (s'long as you've nobody else riding behind you) (if it's snortable)
  • Sniff! Lots
  • deffo on the close one nostril and 'blow'
  • Ugh - I hate that
  • I hate feeling 'full' of snot in my stomach so I prefer to evacuate nose..!!
  • Or your mates jersey!!
  • me too - i'm no lady! just watch a long transparent stream of it blow away in the wind ....
  • yeah well, its all in the 'direction' and who's about you and where at the time don't it...!!!
  • grab schnoz with 2 fingers, blow, pull and flick - but be careful with the flicking!!!
  • the nostril blow

    i usually manage to get my legs a few times though

    er indoors hasn't yet noticed that i've been using the same solution when using the turbo trainer in the conservatory, but i expect to find myself in hot water when she does
  • oh you horrid, horrid boys!

  • I carry a pack of kleenex on the tri bars and put the used tissues in my pockets, just like what mummy said I should!
  • that's my boy.

  • I'm afraid I do the nostril blow...always the left one though! Sometimes I'm too puffed to get enough power in the snort and it's a very messy job I can tell you...trying to get it off my cheek!

    Does anyone recall Paula at the Sydney olympics with all that really sticky stuff on her arm and shoulder? I think it was her own spit...hope it was her own - yuk ;)
  • (Dr Nic wanders in innocently)

    Oh MM! *grimace*

    I can never do the nostril thing, just can't work out how to do it!

    Not that I'd want to, of course.
  • Dr Nic...think tumble turn! Hold one shut and blow hard down the other - easy and very efficient...I just don't do it in company! Could be embarrassing ;)

    In fact it only goes pear shaped when I forget to just blow out my nose and grunt at the same time - not enough force and hence a right mess....
  • A friend had to remove something? once from his shorts whilst in the middle of the world marathon champs, so i guess removing a bit of snot from your nose whilst cycling now seems quite tame?!!!
  • [goes white and falls over]
  • I were'nt white!!!

  • didn't chikken legs radcliffe once win a race with brown sticky stuff smeared all over her, er, chikken legs?
  • barbecue sauce?
  • it was more like massala sauce, with extra onions and sweetcorn
  • I think it was lunch of some sort though the exact recipe im not to sure?!

    Nice though im sure!!

  • If you really wanna learn how to clear your nasal passage, play a season of football over at Hackney Marshes, you'll soon learn to clear accurately!

    Forward: <nasal clearance>
    Defender: That got me you know?
    Forward: Yeah, and so?
    Defender: <rushes off the pitch .... and returns with kitchen knife, machette, baseball bat, Uzi ....>
  • I think after that lot you wont need to worry about nasal clearance!

    Or your nose!


  • SeelaSeela ✭✭✭
    Nostril blow. Mind you with a beard it gets horribly messy if you get it wrong
  • Good to know im not the only one, and yes my sleeves got a new go faster stripe on it.
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