Use of Pro Plus

I'm so tired today and with the prospect of training tonight (last session before Sunday's race, so can't get out of it) I'm seriously considering taking some Pro Plus before hand.

Anyone ever tried this before running and do you think it's a bad idea?




  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I've only ever taken it once, and it's ok if you never want to sleep again!

    If you are really tired, I would drop the session - you're not going to lose any fitness between now and Sunday, and the tiredness is probably your body's way of asking for a rest. If you feel better tomorrow, do half of today's session.
  • Hi Nessie, did you take it before running? If so, was it like a fuel injection?
  • Hello Caz,

    There's been a whole debate about the use of caffeine with running. There is research to say that a shot of caffeine before you run actually has some benefit. Apparently it is supposed to make fat burning for energy more efficient leaving more glycogen for use later ion the run. Or something like that. Anyway, personally I don't believe it will hurt at all.

    All the best,

  • Haven't taken it for years, but soem of my OFSTED chums regularly use Red Bull, or similar before long evening meetings to stay sharp and focussed. I find they give me a sore throat, personally. They swear by them, I swear at them.
  • Caz, Nessie is right drop the session if you're tired. Pro Plus can keep you awake and make you irritable and it doesn't suddenly make you feel awake and up for it as it usually starts to work just as your head hits the pillow!
  • I find that if I am feeling down or just plain tired then the best thing I can do is get out, it wakes me up and makes feel better! Just run as you feel, take it easy to start and see if the body wants to go, if not don't force it.

    Never taken anything before hand as I find the run is enough to get me going.
  • OOPS! Looks like I'm in a minority of one!!

    I'm not advocating drugs or anything... honest!!!

    Maybe just do the sensible thing Caz. Duck the session or do less.

    All the best,

  • Caz,

    I wouldn't use Pro Plus - even if you're only doing a short session, which is where you might get the best performance benefit.
    If you're that knackered, Nessie's suggestion is the best in the circumstances.
  • Maybe I should call this thread, abuse of Pro Plus because the prospect of trying it out on a run has sort of woken me up and now I'm all keen to see it it enhances performance!

    Hmmm, shall have to see how I feel when I get home. But I take on board all of your advice.
  • I forgot to say cheers.

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Never used Pro Plus or Red Bull or any other 'energy' drink. I agree with RB on the use of caffeine, though I think that the best results in that survey were with basic filter coffee, rather than anything else. I often find that running from work is easier as getting home can just sap the energy even more. Fruit & water work for me before a midweek run.

  • Thanks Gavo.

    I've just been doing some reading on Caffeine and found the following levels in drinks etc in mg.

    Filter coffee 80-150

    Two Pro Plus tablets 100

    Instant coffee 40-108

    Espresso coffee 100

    Tea 20-90

    Cocoa 7

    Cola drinks 30-46

    Small bar of chocolate 5-35

    1 x Aqua Ban 100

    Anadin Extra (2 tablets) 90

    Red Bull 80

    Lemsip (2 tablets) 50

    Boost 80

    I might just nip out and get an espresso.
  • Hi there, I use Red bull too (without the vodka) but only when needed. Drink a can before you go out and you will be fine.

    I also do this before races quite often as they are usually on Sunday which means that I may have a slight hangover, lacking in sleep and may not be feeling up for it. A can of Red Bull or something similar usually sorts me out.
  • Jonathan, I've just had a double espresso, although I may peak too early, as I won't get to the gym before 8.

    Maybe a Red Bull too just before. Oh I'll never get any sleep tonight at this rate. Oh well plenty of housework to do after the gym :)

    Anyway, night all!
  • Hope the gym work goes well, if you are still wide eyed after your gym session I am sure there is a local night club to bounce around, ha, ha!
  • used to use pro plus before gym sessions but don't know if it did anything

    I use/take a coffee before I play hockey and sometimes think it percs (sic) me up but mostly make me sweat a lot and its a diuretic

    interestly the 'banned' list is equivalent to 6-7 cups of strong coffee before an event

    Now benelyn flu capsules are a different matter! I had really heavy cold -honest!
  • DONT use Pro Plus!!
    I abused it for years at medical school(worked till 3am each night, cos Im not clever), along with two others
    Would take up to 20 a time
    Makes you irritable, gives you palpitations, and my two colleagues ended up with ulcers
    Not worth it, I still stay up till 3 , but without stimulants
  • I'm always irritable, do you think Mrs Barkles is feeding them to me in my sandwiches?

    without stimulants, does this not include Gin?
  • You obviously arent drinking enough
    Gin makes me mellow
    How lovely of mrs B to make you sandwiches!
  • Actually she doesn't I made that bit up.
  • Probably puts them in your morning coffee then
  • No thats the bromide.
  • Well its not working is it?
    Poor little Badger, she must be exhausted
  • We've only just begun....!
  • For god's sake don't prescribe anything Benz!
  • Im worn out just reading about it
    At least 200 E mails worth of not so subtle references to the affair in 24 hours
  • Wow! famous!

  • God I need a gin
    Off to do thesis now, see you later?
  • Yup off for beer intake.
  • JezJez ✭✭✭
    Hi Caz, So what happened? Did you try anything else after the coffee? how was the session? did it improve the housework? did you get any sleep? Is it time to get an unofficial research project going on the effects of various supposed stimulants? Most of my training is done on the commute between the office and home, so the stimulant is the desire to get there!

    Let us know how it went.

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