FLM 2003

I have sent off my entry form for the FLM and I'm sitting in my office thinking what have I done!?!

Don't get me wrong, I want to do it, but at the same time I'm thinking what a complete idiot I must be, wanting to run around London when there's a PERFECTLY GOOD PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM (?)


  • Which one's that then? Last time I was there, that wasn't what I would have said.
  • Nah, best way to see a city is on yer feet!

    And probably the fastest too: it takes me an hour-and-ten to run from White City where I work, home to Camberwell. It takes an hour-and-a-half by tube & bus.

    Good luck with your entry, Jon.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I'd argue about there being a good public transport system in SE London on Sunday mornings. Jon, just think of y'self as a British eccentric.
  • Yep, transport sarf of the River is pants.
  • Know what you mean Jon. I'll be dissapointed if I don't get in and doing what you did in the Darkside room if I do
  • Jon - idiot
  • Thanks Si.. Knew you'd have something nice to say!!!
  • If it makes it any better, I'm an idiot in this respect too
    (see, I can be nice)
  • Ta Simon!

    T&TM: The tube system in saff is quite good, especially my trusty Northern Line! (When they can be arsed to work and not arguing about wanting £90,000 per annum!!!)
  • Hear hear!

    I'm is Sarf-east London, in the transport black hole that is Camberwll. No Tube here for me - boooo!

    Still, there's some okay running to be had round these here parts, so mustn't really grumble...
  • Slightly off topic but it's Friday - if you want to moan or have a laugh about the tube check out my website goingunderground.net.

    Otherwise I'm better known in the London Marathon Forum for the site below - I try to use a similar tone for writing about getting into the marathon as I when writing about the tube. Acutally they are similar in their own way - confusing, difficult to get on top of and slightly Victorian ;-)

    My Guide to entering the London Marathon.
  • Nowt wrong with the misery line!!
    None of us will get into London anyway, whats the alternative forum plan??
  • Good question Benz!

    BK.. ideas please
  • Those who get into the race, run;
    those who don't, come and spectate!
  • No!!!
    We rejects shall be elsewhere
    RW, how about organising the alternative??
  • Good luck Jon ! Hope you make it in !

    And c'mon Benz - come along and join the fun regardless. The atmosphere is out of this world even just spectating (which can be pretty demanding itself !)

  • I would be gutted to watch in real life, having been rejected x3
    At least I can get buglered at home
  • Hi Cougie, fancy a bit of the Darkside
  • I also seem to be known for posting broken links......ooops

    My signoff should have read:

    My Guide to entering the London Marathon.
  • I think if I dont get in .. I shall come down & spectate, cheap Ryanair from Prestwick... then a nice hotel... and the whole weekend drinking ... oh and spectating of course ... come on Benz ... join us rejects in the pub ...
  • OK.. who's from London and knows the route ?? where are the best pubs ??
    oh and I'm forgeting this is Engerlund .. land of funny drinking hours .. ie .. not enough ...
  • Dont think I could bear it
    You never know, I might get in this time
    So might we all
  • My entry's in too, but there's a complication - hubby, brother, and sister-in-law all submitted too, we all entered for this year too and I was the only lucky one. But in a rash moment I promised sister-in-law if she got in I'd run it with her (she's the type that needs support). Got away with it this year 'cos she didn't get in. But if she makes it in 2003 and I don't - it's going to cost me a lot! I can get in anyway by booking a sports tour, done that twice, but it means paying for a scheduled flight and a hotel stay. That sticks in my craw when I can fly Ryanair for peanuts and stay with the family. Ho hum, the things we do for family!
  • ps - If neither of us get in, then Paris or Rotterdam is on the cards instead.

    Or the forumites could think about joining me, and hubby, and brother, in Berlin next September! We've already booked our hotel.
  • Daisy - there are loadsa pubs en-route and open when the race is on. I think they have a competition to see which is the best.
    I think the next issue of Marathon News (when we find out if we are in or not) gives some details.

    BK - can't handle the Dark Side - way too confusing ! Glad to see the Monkey got his head back again though !
  • If you don't get in, theres always the one at Stratford on Avon. I think it's the week after.

    Come on cougie, try the dark side..
  • Ratbag - Cougie's right!About the day shift anyway. You guys all know each other so well the rest of us can't keep up.
  • Theres an alternative to FLM but probably fully booked for 2003, its the Tresco Marathon, same day as London. 7.5 laps of the island, max 150 runners, totally traffic free (well the island is escept for 1 tractor!)

    From memory it was set up by someone who couldn't get in to London last year or the year before and its just continued. Its limited to 150 or so because thats how many people the hotel holds.

  • Daisy - when I ran last year, my wife came out to support me. She was around the 13 mile mark, where the route goes to the Isle of Dogs on one side of the road, and away from the Isle on the other side, so it's quite useful for seeing people on the way out and the way back (about the 18 mile mark). She found a pub just by where she was, and it was a proper "East End" pub with proper locals (are you local???), and was quite happy there. Then she crossed the road to see me coming back (before I collapsed).

    And she'll be doing the same thing again next year, since I'm being foolish enough to run again and have a Gold Bond place...

  • I'm IN!!!!!!!!!
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