5k times for slow beginner

Can anybody give me an idea what a half-decent 5k time for a beginner is? I've seen another thread about good times but people responded with race-winning times. I just want to know I'm not completely useless!


  • er
    im a slow plodder
    my best time is 29.47
    that should make you feel better
  • Even slower plodder. 45 mins. I'll get me coat....
  • is there such a thing as a "good time" for a beginner?

    surely there can only be a good time for you?

    people start running from such different backgrounds. some are already fit, thin and scarily fast - normally because they are already very competitive in another sport.

    others start unable to run more than 100 metres or so.

    some smoke, some don't, some are overweight, some aren't.

    if i were you i'd go and do your first 5k and not worry about whether its "good" or not. by running 5k its already better than the vast majority of the population!

    you should have some idea from training what time you might expect to run? (ie do you train at 8 min miles or 15 min miles?)

    make sure the race you are going to start in has some other people of the same standard and go for it

    and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  • hear hear M
  • Yes!! I go t a good time!!

    >>cartwheels round thread<<
  • my 5k at r4l last year was about 33 mins if i remember correctly?

    remember weather conditions, race conditions, how you feel on the day etc all play a part in how you race.
  • Do any of you run-walk on those times? Is it normal (or frowned upon by the better runners) if you keep stopping every few minutes?
  • i walked a bit in my first race (also r4l - and also about 33 mins!)

    since then i've improved to most recently just over 26 mins. people wont mind you run walking so long as you start towards the back and don't get in anyones way. and its no different from us slower runners. i always start virtually right at the back - otherwise you only get trampled in the first few seconds anyway!!!
  • first 5k with walking a couple of times 40 mins

    Then a 35 mins but still with a bit of walking

    I'm 38 and 3 stone overweight btw but am quite pleased with progress so far as I've only been plodding for 7 months

    No pressure Dave, just enjoy it! :o)
  • I run walk a lot, but tell myself to run the first 2 miles at least. That way, I convince myself that i have run more than I have walked. I am 2 stone overweight.

    It depends on how you feel that day though.
  • ok - run/walk race for life 2002 = 43 mins
    run/walk race for life 2003 = 38 mins
    Brum 5k = 33 mins

    Any of those suit you?

    My mum completed her 5k in 48 mins.

    anytime is a good time.

    I work on the principle "how long would it take me to walk it?" If I come out quicker than that time (in my case 1 hour) i'm happy.

    remember it's about your personal bests and no-one elses
  • I'm a 26 year old male, with no history of long distance running, but was always physically able in my school/college days. I'm the usual story of putting on an extra 4/5 stone that I could do without. I rate my self as a beginner, only running for 6 months.

    I've recently clocked a 23:30 at 5k, which I regard as a pretty decent time for someone with my history. But, if you're not a big bloater like me, or you've been doing other sports so you've got a good level of fitness, then you might be quicker. But at the same time, if you're 30 yrs older than me, or heavier, it could be slower. As M said, it all depends.

  • Basically, I'm an overweight 29yr old, I have really just started and not been doing too well lately, very disheartening, but I cover 5k of ground on my little run/walk starter schedule, and it seems to take me just under 30mins to complete.

    I'm doing 8 reps of 2min run 90sec walk. It just seems too slow for me (in my mind) to be able to go for a "real" 5k, I can't even run a full 1km non-stop yet (but getting there)?

  • Looks like I'm heading for about 30 min for my first 5k which i suppose isn't bad for a 26 y/o beginner.

    By the way how much should i spend on a stopwatch (I'm thinking cheap end of the scale!)
  • I've got a Timex Ironman Triathlon Flix 100 Lap for £39.99. Does everything I need and more. The best feature for me is the Flix, ie quick flick of the wrist and the indiglo light comes on, so no fiddling around for buttons.
  • and thats just over 9:30 min/miles, which is great for a beginner. As others have said, its only good relative to how well you think you have done. Thats why once you start racing, the PB bug will hit you.
  • I did my first 5k on sunday in derby and got round in 25.20 and felt like i could have gone round again at the end (bizarre yet true...). I'm 23, a stone or so over ideal weight and only been running since january so it is obviously very individual!

    Just go run and see how you do! Thats all i did. I think wanting to do well powers you on though.

    Good luck!!

    H x
  • Doing my first race ever tomorrow, 5K so wish me luck but my last time over 5K was 30.59.
  • Go for it dustboy, post yer time when yer done :o)
  • Good luck for tomorrow!!

    Am sure you'll be fine. My best pre-race time was 27mins - i think having people to beat is a good insentive to carry on!

    Good luck again and let us know how you get on.

    H xx
  • Actually, having just read the blurb, its a fraction short of 5K. Am running with a mate, it's his first too and although I have a faster finish, will stay together for solidarity.

    I can't believe I can actually run a solid mile let alone 5K, given that at school, I couldn't run 400 yards.

    Cheers all. It's the Woking 5K. Taken a day off work as it's my birthday too.
  • Hi

    I ran a 5k run in 20 mins and want to have a go at 10k does anybody have any idea of what pace or tips for running it at a decent time?

  • Crikey thats fast, way above where I could advise on. Good luck though, and errr, ....well done!
  • I am currently training for this years race for life. I am trying to beat my time of 2 years ago, and wondered if anyone had any tips for me? I am trying to slowly work my way up to running the 5k's on the treadmill, and so far have done 4k but it was in 27 minutes so i'm way off what I did a few years ago for the actual race!
    Any ideas?
  • some thoughts that might help.....

    rather than running as far as you can and then stopping try aiming for a longer distance (eg 6 or 7km) and doing this as a run/walk. maybe run a km then walk for 30 seconds or whatever it takes to get you there. going further than the distance will make you stronger.

    also once every couple of weeks try running faster. so only do maybe 3kms but do them as run 500m faster than normal then walk for a minute and repeat until you've done 3km. you'll get used to running at a faster pace and also get used to the feeling of pushing yourself harder.
  • Thanks for that! I ran today so i'll try that next time.

    It just gets difficult to run furthur as i'm usually on my lunch hour, so time is limited! I'll try to go after work instead!

    6 or 7k seems rather daunting tho!
  • just try and fit them in when you can - you wouldn't want to do a longer or faster session more than once a week probably.

    also as you get closer to the race try and do some of your running outside. i know its hard when its cold and dark like now but it really does feel different and should prepare you better for the race

    and good luck!

  • I do regular 5k runs in training and the fastest upto now was 23m15s. I've been running for 6 weeks probably about 2 stone overwaight & I'm 39 years young :)
  • Emm, I think you're looking at a potential 10k time around 41 minutes (2 x 5k +1 minute)to give you an idea of what your potential race pace should be.
  • Thanks Timothy that is a big help I want to push myself quite hard on the treadmill to get a good time for 10k what do you reckon my pace should be?
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