very blobby club 19th Oct

Sorry but i feel fat
Feel free to start another positive thread
Shall run tomorrow, or shuold that be later today


  • I feel bad too.

    I've just got up pretty early to get my run in because I had a terible day yesterday.

    The "London Pride" beer devil took me for a couple of pints and then my eating pattern went to pieces. I was shuffling round the fridge like a squirrel. Ate all sorts of bits and pieces including a "chunky Kit - Kat" ( Oh the guilt,)

    Even worse I didn't eat a proper meal.

  • me too maccy,.
    Have hangover though, and fancy going back to bed
  • Okay 30 min crap run/walk
    Better than nothing
    its got rid of the thick head, anyway
    Is everyone else still in bed?
  • You ok this morning Pix?
  • Yo Benz and fit fiends

    you fitties should not feel down on yourselves - please stop beating yourselves up for being human and eating and drinking things that are advertised to the hilt and designed to make us want them - chocs ccrisps and booze etc - you can still be good people and eat and drink nice things!

    Anyway from reading the threads I know you guys all run and enter races so i think you have earned the right to a little bit of pleasure!

    Enjoy your weekend - you all work hard for them
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone, I'm having a fat few days too. Too many curries, too much booze, hangovers 2 days on the trot - not conducive to running. Will try to do longish run (sorry, I mean waddle!) tomorrow.

    EP, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Sadly, cancer doesn't just take the bad people, it also claims the beautiful souls who enrich our lives whenever we meet them. I'll add your friend to my list of people I run for. After my own scare I decided that I would keep raising funds for Cancer Research UK each time I race. Too many people suffer and I want to help find a cure. In your grief, try to remember all the good things about your friend. It sounds as if he was an inspiration to everyone. Thinking of you.
  • Quiet day on this thread today: still it was the same last week.

    Feeling lots better after my run this morning and spent rest of the day labouring heavily in the garden. So made up for yesterday.

    Thanks for the encouragement Bune. It's just when you have a bad day after a few good ones you feel a bit guilty and that's what this thread is all about, I think.

    A bad day shared is a bad day halved I reckon.


  • yo fitties!

    not a bad day - we won 5-0 and thats another clean sheet for me so -so far so good - feel fitter as well so all the walking IS helping

    but I didnt eat enough before playing and after an intense warmup and then nervy 1st half was desperate for something sweet at 1/2 time and i'd forgotten my banana - oops but did have some juice which stabilised things!

    so I'm making up for it tonight - loads of sweetcorn chowder yum yum and why have I never had chocolate muller rice before - great for recarbing !
    got 10k stride for life tomorrow - will be good to check out the distance and see how fast i can get round - for the future running days next summer!

  • Youre sounding frighteningly energetic tonight
  • just trying to think positive - and winning always helps - im a right miserable bug when we lose (even though the glorious gooners lost!)
    also reading through all the threads and seeing other people fighting their own little fitness battles is inspiring!

    cheers for the messages on the thyroid thread - whats your specialism?
  • Kidneys, and its scary hoe you lose track of the other specialties
    The Gooners will shine thruogh
  • can you specialise in kidneys - just kidneys?
  • Dialysis, transplant, other kidney diseases
    oh yes, and im doubly qualified in gemeral medicine too, which is everything that doesnt need an operation until it becomes too specialised
  • ooer missus

    is that renal medicine?

    no connection with GU medicine?
  • Yeah renal
    GU is scary
  • worked in HIV - community voluntary sector so got to know GU clinic staff quite well - npot ajob i'd fancy!
  • nite benz
    got to go and soak my porridge!
  • nite bune
    Did 2 months n HIV meself, interesting job
    Sleep well
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all, still slobbing around in my dressing gown trying to get my a**e into gear and go for a run. Looks cold and univiting out there so thought I'd just pop on here for a while.

    Bune, hope the SFL goes well.

    Benz - keep meaning to say 'respect' to you for your work. Mike's mum had kidney failure and was on dialysis for over 20 years. Received excellent care from the doctors and nurses in her last few years (she died 5 years ago) but it was a huge pressure on the family because they had the machine at home for most of the time and Mike's dad had to give up his job so he could put her on and take her off the machine when required. Even if your peers don't always appreciate the work you do, the families of the patients involved do. Thanks.

    Right, I've got 1/2 hour on here then I've got to get out there!
  • Im off to the gym later, weathers put me off too
    Yippee, my sister is off the Atkins diet
    Food shopping today, will probably be tempted by stuff, havent had brekkie
  • Good Morning,

    Went out early and ran 13.5k. Very pleasant coditions although run was a bit of a mess - water bottle too heavy, belt loose, MP3 player stopped after 10mins and dog attack (twice). I am amazed it ended up so enjoyable after writing that little lot.

    Glad to get out early - Whole day ahead.

    See you all later

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I did it.....made myself get out there in the drizzle and ran for 40 minutes. Hoorah. Feeling virtuous now. I don't need chocolate, I don't need chocolate, I don't ned chocolate............
  • Hi All

    After disaterous night last night, Beer wine,takeaway and chocolate. I managed to do my 10 mile long run. averaged just under 10min miles so very happy. Knees giving me a bit of gip tho.

    Still haven't broken the 11st barrier. I am stating here and now that I am giving up the booze next week to break the dead lock. I will report on my progress and give full permision for scorn and derision if I fail in my mission.

    Support and encouragement desperatly needed :-)
  • Good luck, JJ
    did 8.4 km on treadmill, 11min on stepper and 5 min on bike
    But bloody tired
    Still feeling below par, oh well
    !0 miles is brilliant JJ, and in the rain too
  • Hi guys. Been frantically busy so not around for a couple of days. Brilliant run yesterday morning - 5.4 miles, 12 mins a mile. VERY HAPPY! See you in Brighton!
  • Benz
    something to scare your patients with....
    The N.K.R.F. has used a piccy of moi for an advert in the marathon magazine to help persuade other runners to sign up for FLM with them.
    Now they are talking of making a version of it and distributing it to all renal units (maybe dox surgeries too) with my web address on it to drum up sponsorship for my attempt to be the first dialysis patient to run a marathon.
    Just think of it... me smiling down, beatifically, upon your patients!
  • Robo, youre not gloating about your ability to glug fluid as well are you?
    Where can i get a copy
    (To p''s off my consultants, none of whom have done a marathon, and who think me running is a joke)
    Hope you training is going well
  • This weekend, I have mostly been training with a sofa and a six pack of stella.
    Seriously, training going well.
    On the down side - had to go up to 4.5 hours last week (clearance in the 60's for 4 months straight), time to invest in a copy of War and Peace?
  • Stella, now youre talking
    Do they do home dialysis in your unit?
    Im assuming youre already on a high flux dialyser
    Actually youre probably eating well too, so try to see the 4.5 hours as a posistive health investment for the future
    (who am i kidding, its a bloody pain, sorry about it)
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