Hill session on bike

I've been using the bikes in the gym for cross-training recently and was wondering if the hills programme in any way replicates a hill-session for running. Would it have the same effect as running hills? I heard that cycling is the best cross-training for runners and would be interested in hearing how other people use bikes.


  • I use my bike for cycling to work three days a week, plus I like to get out and do a long one on a Sunday. As for cycling improving my running I can't really say. But one thing for sure the best way to improve your hill running, is to simply practice running up hills. Cross-training in my opinion is just another stimulus for shocking the muscles into action, but there's no substitute for sports specific training.
  • I agree running rewards running.
  • Totaly agree with the above, but I do use the bike in the gym on the hills programe.

    I only use it when i'm injured or want to rest my running muscles. This is my session. it's a real toughie.

    Hills level 10
    60 mins (it'll give you a 10 min warm up)
    When on the "hill" I aim to keep the revolutions to 130 plus & revs at 100 in recovery.

    I don't think it makes me better at running up hill but it's a good CV work out. You can also do the samre on the stepper.

  • Hill cycling does actually have a benefit to your running uphill, in that it gives your quads a good old workout - a muscle group that's particularly tested on difficult hills. Of course, the law of specificity dictates that one week of uphill running will be more effective for a runner than one week of uphill cycling, but there's still a definite benefit in my experience.
  • I admit I really enjoy spinning classes, sweat buckets and have legs like jelly after but it has to be as well as running not instead of.
  • I have been doing bike work for 6 months after reading an article by Denis Quinlan on Bingley Harriers web site (www.bingleyharriers.co.uk). It compliments my running well and enables me to train twice a day without overdoing it on my joints. And, being a Dad, I can train whilst looking after 2 kiddies in the comfort of my own home.
  • The article re bike work is not available on the Bingley site as far as I can see; have you a copy of it you could post?
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