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  • 43640 Green.  Also running Loch Ness this September image

    This is a fantastic support group - thank you so much for your companionship at my 1st in Paris this year.  Roll on 2017!

  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Assume our races are still logged?
  • Hi All,

    Not sure if I am running Paris next year will wait and see but will be popping in and out of this forum as the advice and encouragement in here is fantastic.

  • Just logging in to the new thread so that I get all of the updates via email and don't miss out on anything that you guys are up to image

    Probably won't be doing Paris next year, but I will certainly run it again sometime soon I think.  Have had no joy yet with Air France and the courteous offer of a flight voucher which may have just persuaded me to trust them again and book in for Paris next year is unlikely to prevail.

    Possibly Berlin (if I can secure a place) with an earlier run out at the Liverpool Marathon in May next year for me, although undecided yet.

    Karen and Andrew - Will look forwards to hearing about your runs around the Loch and up to Inverness. That is a Marathon that is on my to do list one day too.


  • I'd better post this here and respond to it here, so that the Paris 2016 thread can RIP.

    Quick update from myself.  I ran Bungay Black Dog Half on Sunday and it was a great race. My worst time in a Half for a long while at 1:42:11 but I thought that it was a superb event. Nice medals and merchandise, very friendly, a testing course and a great goody bag with a can of Adnams Ghost Ship in it.

    Now planning some shorter distance stuff over the coming weeks/months.

    Chris Field - I was checking out the Black Country Half again online last night. Very tempted by it, as I see that it is a Saturday run. May look in to coming down, staying close to the Start in Wolverhampton on the Friday, then having a few beers in Birmingham post race, before maybe heading back and staying in London on Saturday evening.  I will probably look at going at a fairly steady pace, as I probably will not have run further than 10 miles for about 10 weeks.  I'll send you a direct message with some contact details on for myself.

    Steve Duffy - Well done on your Brighton Marathon. A very good time! I saw some of the Brighton Medals at our club meet tonight and they were very nice indeed. Almost tempting me to run Brighton one year.

    With regards the engraving - I took mine in to a local engravers/shirt printers the other week and got the days temperature, "WHERE THE FOCH IS THE FINISH?" and my race time engraved on a plate for my medal. Cost me £9.00 to have that done plus something printed on both arms of one of my running shirts.

    Baldstan - They just laughed, I don't think that they knew that I was a Norwich fan, although I did try to point out the "Smudgerncfc" on my shirt to them.  I'll get around to sending you a message and would be good to meet up sometime when I am down in London. I'll keep in touch.

    Bandito27 - Are you planning on heading to London to watch the Marathon this Sunday? I'll be there on Saturday evening and will probably be out and about early to get a good spot somewhere for the race on Sunday. Looking forwards to sitting on the side of the road with a beer or two, watching others do the hard work!

  • Yes unfortunately all the races that we've entered are going to follow us over from the previous thread Andy-W, we'll never be allowed to forget!! image

    Karen B - Noooooo, not Edinburgh!! Don't do it!! I haven't done it so I shouldn't really comment but I've not heard a single good thing about it I'm afraid! Loch Ness is absolutely fabulous though, I wish I was doing it but this year it's a boy's trip with just my husband and father-in-law going. Just don't make the mistake of thinking that there will be toilets on the busses on the way to the start - there won't be. Make sure you do your PRP (pre-race poo!!) before you get on, then there's loads of toilets there once you've got to the start.

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭
    Andy-W- wrote (see)
    Assume our races are still logged?

    As Heroine says Andy, the list will continue on here... I'm the current stand in list fairy, so will be posting every Monday (if I remember!) as usual. If anyone would like to add their name or event to the list, just mention it in your post and it will be there the next Monday. There's quite a crowd coming to the London 10k on the second May bank holiday I think - anyone else fancy coming along for a post race beer or two?

  • Nells - please put me down for the Vitality 10k and the Lyon Half on 2nd Oct.
  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭

    Hi Nells

    Thanks for continuining with the list and pls add me for London 10k and 'Harry Hawks 10'  26th June.

    ..may be a late Paris entry again (as usual giving the London Ballott a go)

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Nells - Bristol Half on 25th September for me please image

  • just done the London expo .... bought the jacket .... couldn't help meself ... I was with Pottermoss and I we decided we liked them so took the plunge

  • 43794 Green for me if you could add me to the list

  • NodsterNodster ✭✭✭
    If I ever get caught out in the rain I'll know who to call ! Don't suppose you've got a Boston one have you ?!

    Good luck to all running on Sunday, hope to see you at the finish image

    I will definitely be aiming for London next year and not Paris, but I might come over to Paris and support image

    Am back running now and feel so much stronger for having had a full two weeks off. Realise now how run down I was feeling before in the weeks before Paris. 

    This wonderful weather makes running so much fun image 

  • Funnily enough Nodster I do have a couple of Boston jackets from last year's race .... The London jacket is the same. It's green though so doesn't go with a blue t shirt which is what I am currently wearing
  • RoddyMacRoddyMac ✭✭✭

    Hi thought I would introduce myself I have singed up for my first marathon 68965 Pink looking forward to the advice and encouragement on here. I do a bit of running 10K max at moment  so hopefully gave myself plenty of time to train 

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    RoddyMac, welcome. 

    Post your bib number and pen and the list fairy will add you to the runners list. 

    Youve got plenty of time to build up your mileage, so take your time and don't push yourself too hard too soon and you'll be fine. 

    Advice and encouragement will be found by the bucket load. Any questions, ask away

  • Nells could you add Florence November 27th on the list for me please. 


  • Hi All,

    Is anyone still waiting for the engraving for there medal to arrive as I have not received mine yet?

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Christopher Field. Mine arrived today. I'd forgotten I'd even ordered it image

  • Orbutt. At least I know they are still sending them out. Thanks. Will see you hopefully in Liverpool at the end of May, was tempted to go from the half to the full marathon but the Mrs has reminded me I have to move all my sons stuff out and fill the car as he moves out the following week and then will be house sharing from September when I will have to move all his stuff again!!

  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Christopher, one week is plenty of time to recover for moving stuff. You get an extra hour in bed for the full marathon, plus more bands and thirstier for the free pint later
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    And the queues for the free pint are shorter image

  • Andy-w, Orbutt, He does move out a week later but I am taking nearly all his stuff home after the run on the 29th, sorry for any confusion.

    I will probably enter the full marathon next year all being well as well as trying Berlin and London again and if no joy possibly do Paris again.

    Hopefully will meet up with you both on the Sunday. Me and the Mrs are also doing the 5k on the Saturday and going the expo on the Friday.

  • Kirsten BKirsten B ✭✭✭
    Ooooo, I'd forgotten about the list fairy!!

    May 22, St.Annes triathlon

    May 29, Liverpool half

    July 17, Windmill half (Lytham)
  • Kirsten BKirsten B ✭✭✭
    Oh, and Great North, Sept 11

    Lytham windmill 10k, 13 Nov
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Welcome to the thread RoddyMac.

    Plenty of time to build up for next year. You'll love Paris.

  • Kirsten BKirsten B ✭✭✭
    Also Manchester half 16 Oct. Just managed to bagsy a free place, which was nice. So far my renewed marathon motivation has led to me buying a new book on marathon running, borrowing a library book on foam rolling and spending lots of money entering events. Also managed a run or 3.
  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Got my Itab fingy!
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