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  • Dannirr - that is crazy! Even if they couldn't give him a net time they could have at least looked at the start and finish photos and listed him as finishing.

    It just seems like these big races have this strict "no bib no time" policy and basically if something happens, too bad no matter what. They must deal with so many potential cheaters and bandits that they put everyone without a bib into the same category, and for the handful of people who are honest and just made one stupid mistake, there's nothing they can do. I'd have to imagine that with tens of thousands of runners at these big races, there have to be at least a few every year that somehow lose their bib between expo closing and race start. You would think that there would be a system in place race morning - like a special tent where people could go and prove themselves, and have a race official there to verify they're not trying to cheat. Then have a small supply of replacement bibs that they charge extra for. I'm sure most people in that situation wouldn't think twice about paying extra to be able to run as a legitimate runner and get a time, even if they have to start in the back of the pack. I guess for the mega races that sell out every year no matter what, that wouldn't be worth the trouble.
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    The smaller races like Chester would have sorted this on the morning ... these have about 8000 participants rather than 40000 but Youd only have a few exceptions to manage really
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    I think your suggestion of an emergency tent is a good one, however that would encourage people to falsely claim a lost bib - get a replacement and the hand either the original or replacement to a friend to run too. 
  • Good point, didn't think of that. Maybe they could invalidate the original race number's chip, but that wouldn't stop the friend from being able to use the bib to get into the race, and just run it and not get a time.
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    Hello list fairy could you remove Leeds 10k on 16th July as I got the dates mixed up and will he on holiday when it's on (9th July).  Fortunately they're letting me change to Hull 10k on 18th June (can you add that one please)
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    My running club organises a local 10K every year - this year was our biggest ever, with 1400 entries, so just a small race run by the local running club. We set aside a small number of spare bibs to cover exactly this sort of thing. Yes, in theory someone could get their bib and then blag another one for their mate, and maybe this has happened, but if so, it's single figures and makes no difference to us. Doesn't take much effort to check that someone has entered legitimately. Suppose it depends on whether the priority is preventing illegitimate entry to the race or providing help and support to entrants? But if we can make this work for a small race, don't see why it couldn't be scaled up, regardless of numbers involved. How hard is it to have a "help" desk to assist runners where things have gotten complicated?
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